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Red Lace Dress Long Sleeve Lace Midi Dress With Leather Belt March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

Red Lace Dress Long Sleeve Lace Midi Dress With Leather Belt March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

New price: 21.82 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length 3/4-Length Sleeve Sleeve Type Illusion
Neckline Crewneck Shown Color Burgundy
Season Summer Fabric Cotton Blend
Pattern Solid Color Style Chic & Modern
Embellishment Lace Design Shaping
Length Medium Note Belt included
Bust(inch) S :30¼, M :32, L :33½, XL :35¼ Waist(inch) S :25¼, M :26¾, L :28¼, XL :30
Length(inch) S :31½, M :32, L :32¼, XL :32¾ Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :14¼, M :15, L :15¾, XL :16½
Weight 0.50kg

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January 14, 2017
The buckle is great but the teeth that hold the belt eventually wears into the belt and you have to cut the belt.... Well over time the belt gets shorter and you have to buy a replacement belt which isnt available...
December 7, 2016
I've been using a mission belt now for the last year. I had a black one and finally decided to buy a brown one to go with it. This belt is just the same in quality, so nothing has changed in the last year. I wear the black one about 3-times per week and it has done a very good job.

I have heard some people complain about some other brands unclipping anytime the locking mechanism gets bumped. I haven't had that problem with the mission belt, which is why I bought the same brand again.

The brown is a nice color. I wish they had more options for the buckle, but this one will do. I wanted something more rustic looking in a brass-like color and this is about as close as I could find to what I wanted.

These belts are VERY easy to adjust to the size you want. Just be sure you measure the size you want before you cut it...you can always trim it a little shorter if it's the wrong size, but once you cut it, there's no going back.
December 14, 2015
Best belt I have even owned. The way this belt adjusts sizes is amazing. It has a little lever you slide to the right and it operates like a zip tie. It will slide tighter just by pulling on the end of the belt. To loosen slide the lever to the right and it pull the other way. No need for any holes in the belt (they always wear out no matter what you do). I have had this belt for over 2 years it works and looks just like the day I bought it. It seems like it will last a lifetime.

I love how stylish it looks. It took a little getting used to figure out how the adjuster functions. But after 1 or 2 uses I had it down. I could never go back to a belt with a buckle that did not adjust like this. It is so convenient. I can make it a tiny bit looser or tighter so easily. Way more specific tiny adjustments are possible with this type of belt than a standard belt.
June 8, 2016
Where have you been all my life????
Seriously though, after using this belt I believe that all other belts should be outlawed. This is so simple to operate and it really makes my wonder why all belts aren't made this way. I have chewed through a number of belts that have fallen apart and bent and just don't look good after using them for a while because of the constant bending motion that is required to put them on and take them off. Without that to muck up the process, I think this belt will last me a very long time. Now the only problem is resisting not buying more of them since they some in so many different cool color combinations and styles. I have stopped at 2 for the time being :). I will also say the quality of the leather is quite good. Now I am more of a grab a belt of the wrack at TJ Maxx kind of guy, so I am not into spending a couple hundred of dollars on hand crafted Italian leather, but this belt feels of FAR better quality than any of the previous belts I have purchased. I also love how easy it is to adjust the belt and get the perfect fit. Seems like with other belts I was always either too tight or too loose. Because you are able to make such small adjustments because of the way the belt is designed, I NEVER have a problem getting the perfect fit.

So here's a recap:

- Great looking
- High quality materials
- Perfect fit every time
- Easily adjustable
- Lifetime warranty

- I want to buy 4 more of them...
April 19, 2016
Yea, I love this thing. I forget who it was, but I accidentally stumbled onto a YouTube video review of these belts (it's very easy to get lost on YouTube) and was pretty impressed by the idea. I have always gone to somewhere like TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Target or somewhere like that to buy a $12-$15 belt & while they look nice enough at first, the holes always tend to get stretched & worn & eventually buckles come apart from the leather. With how often I wear a belt, these usually look nice for about 3-4 months before they start wearing down to the point that I think it's unprofessional & just not a clean look.

I've probably had my Mission Belt for about 3-4 months now & this thing shows no signs of wear. That's what got me in the aforementioned YouTube review (found here: [...] ) - the reviewer mentioned that he had been using it for 6 months & where most belts would be falling apart on him, this belt was still in excellent condition.

I'm very happy with the buckle & the whole ratcheting system. It took some getting used to but now it's honestly the greatest thing to me. Trips to the bathroom are quicker & easier now, & going through TSA at the airport is easier too because this thing just slides in & out so easily & quickly. Not to mention the fact that you can more accurately adjust this to your waist size than a normal belt since the ratchets are in quarter inch increments & there are so many.

I'm 5'11" 185 with an athletic build, I typically wear a size 32-33 waist depending on manufacturer. The medium belt was good for me because it was a bit long to start out, & it's very easy to take this down to a size that's better for you. If you're on the bubble at all between sizes, don't hesitate to go bigger. I say this because it's easy to remove the buckle from the strap, cut however much off you need to remove, & then re-attach the buckle to the strap. I've had to try & do this on cheaper belts in the past & those teeth that clip the strap into the buckle are never that good - not the case with this belt. I made that adjustment on day 1 & months later it hasn't budged at all, I've had no problems.

I will absolutely be buying another one of these in black to wear for work (I got brown with alloy buckle) & probably grab a cool Flyers one too. Great stuff guys.
March 12, 2015
I stumbled across this belt having never heard of mission belts or the shark tank episode. Funny because I was looking for this ratchet style belt as with traditional belts it always seems the fit is just off. It's either just a little too loose, or a little too tight. In any event I ordered this mainly for the ratchet system and when I got it, realized there were many more features. The belt come off of the buckle, so you can cut it back to your desired length...this also means you can interchange buckles/belts if you have multiple colors or buckle styles. The buckle is nice and heavy, not cheap...and the mechanisms are all straight forward and pretty easy to use. Belt itself is nice, soft leather. I got the 35mm and that's a pretty traditional size belt in my opinion. I just got it today so not sure on long term use but it looks and feels nicer than any belt in my closet. I usually spend $30 or less on belts at major department stores (Macy's, Marshals, etc...) so I'm not a luxury belt guy to begin with, but this is nice. Ordering another one or two today.
February 11, 2016
I've been seeing these around/online for a while and finally decided to grab one. I knew I was going to like it the moment I opened the package. So many things on Amazon come in the most basic of packaging but it seemed like Mission really wanted to impress you with their product. The little note when you open the box saying "Thanks for being part of the Mission" to the Handwritten "Enjoy your new Mission Belt - Stephy" was such a personal and amazing touch you don't see with many companies today.

As for the belt itself... quality is spot on and the technology is just fantastic. It's a wonder we have not had a belt like this before now. If you get a size too big... no worries! This is just one of the most intelligently made products I've seen in a long time. I bought one belt and already I have ordered 4 more (need all the color combos for my work clothes).

Extremely High Praise!
March 25, 2017
This belt works as advertised. Solid, good looking, made of good materials and built to last. I especially like that the buckle can be removed from the belt itself (via a pinch clasp that opens by lifting up on a levered clamp). This allows the belt to be shortened, or can be replaced later, on its own, without having to re-buy the buckle with it, if so desired. The only thing it doesn't do is tell you how much your belt has loosened since your last diet, haha. I can live with that. Great to get away from those belt 'holes', 1" (or more) apart that are truly ugly and look especially worn over time. I'm happy only with very few products and this is one of them.
February 7, 2017
The belt itself works well however I personally like the mechanism SlideBelt uses to unlock the ratchet better. That being said that’s not why I’m giving this belt such a low score. I purchased the “Light Brown” leather belt that’s similar to cognac in color. I have worn this belt twice with suit pants and the color is already rubbing off. I really like the ratchet belts functionality but there is still a long way to go as far as leather quality is concerned compared to even a mediocre traditional belt.
February 23, 2015
I've owned all three of the belts for about two years now. All of them are still working fine with reasonable wear. I saw people having issues with all three manufactures. But mine are still working great. I noticed some new great new top grade leather belts from Mooniva and jumped on the deal and got the following belt. Wow, unbelievable belt!
Mooniva Men's Leather Ratchet Belt Luxury Collection Small (20" - 32") Brown

I'm a huge fan of ratchet belts after I bought my first one from Mission belt website. Really love the adjustable ratchet buckle. I now owned this kind of belts from Mission, SlideBelt and a few from Mooniva. Here is my 2 cents comparing belts from these three vendors:

- Very Similar ratchet mechanism, which is the main reason I liked ratchet belts. So easy, so flexible!
- Great quality leather for a reasonable price

Here is the rough comparison of belts from the three brands:

Mission Belt (the earliest vendor selling ratchet belt):
- Its buckles are rather simple and plain. Not many other textures and designs. I liked its black on black basic version.
- Leather quality appears to be great. My first ratchet belt was a Mission bought from its website. It's still working fine.
- Mission offers different belt colors, but its leather texture is rather plain and traditional. Not much of choice even with the newer edition I purchased
- Width of the buckle and belts are slightly smaller. Most traditional men's buckles and belts are of same width as SlideBelt/Mooniva. I need a slimmer one for a few pants that I own. For others, I use SlideBelt/Mooniva.

Mooniva Belt:
- Mooniva is one of the best vendors that I bought from in terms of buckles. Its website also sells separate buckles that you can hookup with the belts you bought. Their choices of buckles are really amazing.
- Leather quality appears to be great. It also have premium leather option, which will cost more. So far, my Mooniva belts still look great.
- Different Mooniva belts has different leather texture. I picked the traditional ones. It has many other options.
- Mooniva's belt and buckles appears to be the same width as SlideBelt, but slightly wider than Mission.

- SlideBelt buckles are a little bit different from Mission and Mooniva. The switch is not using the small tab, but an flipper.
- Leather quality appears to be ok. Surface texture is a bit rough. Just bought it not long ago. Will see how long it will last.
- SlideBelt offers not only different belt colors, but it also has some texture variations that you can pick.
- Belt and buckle width is about the same as Mooniva, but slightly larger than Mission.

I've uploaded a picture showing the ones that I own, one from each vendor. The one on the top is Mooniva, middle belt is Mission, bottom one is SlideBelt.