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PU Club Pants Women's Gold Glitter Sexy Slim Fit Club Bottom Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

PU Club Pants Women's Gold Glitter Sexy Slim Fit Club Bottom Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $11.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Silver, Gold, Black, True Red Fabric Polyurethane / PU
Design Shaping Style Punk
Note Clothes could be stretched. Pattern Solid Color
Waist(inch) One Size :22¾ Weight 0.15kg

April 26, 2017
I'm 6'1 190lbs and I wear a 33-34 waist size and the Medium fits me great. The waist has an elastic in the back so even if you have a 35inch waist you will be ok. I have pretty long legs and the length is also good, size wise I would say it's comparable to a 34x34 jean.The material is pretty thin and waterproof but not extremely confident it will hold up to the rugged terrain of Iceland which I'm going to use these for. I'm scared to use the zippers too as they also seem very basic. I honestly like the fit of the pants and that they are waterproof but feel like I could have gotten these at a Walmart for $20.
November 11, 2015
The size and fit were not as described. Also the color was far different than what was pictured. Overall the quality looks okay, but the fit was so bizzarre that I I have to score it low. Waist was too tight and length was too long. I am 5'11" and 200lbs and I would guess that there is an extra 4 inches in length. Also, where the pants seperate into shorts is down half way to your ankles......which is lame. I don't like the euro Capri shorts look myself. Proceed with caution on these! I am returning them as I write this.
May 25, 2017
Please look at the sizing chart for this one, it is fairly accurate. Pants have a slim fit to them if that's what you're after. Super light weight and the option to reduce it down to shorts is pretty awesome. The pants also come with a matching belt which is a nice touch.
July 2, 2017
Overall good pants, I wore them and one other pair of pants for 10 weeks on the CDT. I have more muscular thighs and a very small waist and sizing pants is always hard for me, they're pretty comfortable but instead of having a button there was an aluminum hook that, with the size of my hips, was constantly coming apart. If I wasn't wearing a belt this would have been an extremely annoying time, as I was constantly re-hooking my pants.

Definitely quick drying, though they allow almost all moisture to pass through them and won't be keeping in or out any water. As it is a thinner material, they tore fairly easily after sitting on some semi-jagged rocks. I don't know if I would recommend these for anyone with plans of going to strenuous terrain, but for everything up to that point they're a good buy.
November 21, 2016
I ordered this a size up (XL) because I was afraid that my long legs wouldn't fit in there, and I saw that it was sized a bit smaller then advertised. Gotta tell you, they were spot on - the XL was too big at the waist, but that's why the good lord invented belts for us, am I right?

The pants are brilliant, otherwise. All pockets - and there are a lot of them - have zippers included. For me, this is a HUGE plus, as now I don't have to worry about stuff falling out or going "missing" while I'm hiking about! They're a bit on the small side, but that's just because I've got enormous meat-claws. For those wondering, the pants themselves are water-resistant naturally, but not waterproof - if you read the desc, that's precisely what it says, but I feel like pointing it out again. That said, if you get them wet, they'll dry in 10-15 minutes, it's amazing really.

They're comfortable, they can be made into shorts on the fly, and they're windproof. They won't keep the chill out, but that's why you should wear longjohns under them - and there's plenty of room to do that, which is brilliant. Overall, my only complaint is that the belt that they ship with is weak, but I've instead packed it into my bag to keep my blanket all wrapped up, so that's not a worry at all.
May 14, 2017
Not much flexibility. These are labeled as hiking pants. I wore them through the jungles of Vietnam and needed 100% flexibility to climb the rocks. We spent 8 hours caving each day and I wore these. I was constantly pulling up the croth area before every big step. If I didn't then they would limit my mobility due to the froth going down to your middle thigh.

Suggestion : make the crotch area smaller to ride up closer to the pivot point of the legs.

Other then that they were okay.

Also don't wear them in the airport as all the zippers make you need to be patted down
December 12, 2015
When I was ordering these pants i saw several mixed reviews about sizing. The company recommended that you order a size or two larger due to the product running small, and some of the reviews said to order a size smaller, then some said larger. I decided to take the middle road and order one size larger which was a medium. I generally wear a small (I'm pretty short). That was a mistake. The Medium was much to big on me. If you order these i would suggest ordering the size you usually wear and going from there.

Now as for the quality of these paints, they seemed fairly well made, they look good, come with the adjustable belt. The material is thin and breathable and the pocket sizes are just fine.

Overall I give this product three stars due to the sizing issues. If you can figure out the size you need in these they would make a great pair of hiking pants.
August 26, 2017
I purchased these for a trip to Costa Rica and they were fine. A little bit cheaply made and finished for the high price. I have worn them 2 more times and the front zipper failed. It is not cool to have your zipper just split at the slightest twist. I'm petty lean and I need to use the belt to keep my pants up so it is not or the pants are too small. It is just a cheap plastic zipper. I would avoid these pants at all costs. I'm on vacation now and planned to have these as my go-to pants. Now I have to go out shopping and find something that doesn't leave me "exposed".
March 21, 2016
These pants are a pretty decent buy. They'd be more competitive if they were a bit cheaper as you can buy brand name and proven pants of similar style for the current asking price. I wanted to give these a shot because I liked the cover choices and schemes.

My main gripe is there is very little mobility in the crotch. They fit great everywhere but the groin. Anybody I crouch or lift a leg to step over something, I feel like they are going to split. They would benefit from an elastic section through the groin.

I was playing around in the water over the weekend and they do wick quickly and don't hold water. Great for hiking, kayaking, etc. I would not use these for anything require much rapid movement as they'll be uncomfortable in the groin and likely to split on you.
March 24, 2016
Really cool pants. They look cool and the material, although very light, seems well constructed.

THe only reason I gave 4 stars is that it's not very "forgiving". I.e. it fits very well and is nice and slim, but it's an "outdoor" pant, so it NEEDS to have some sort of mesh involved around the crotch area to make up for the waterproof, less moveable portion of the pant.

Good pant other than that!