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Pole Dancing Clothing Metallic High Collar Sleeveless Zipper Black Luminous Sexy Jumpsuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Pole Dancing Clothing Metallic High Collar Sleeveless Zipper Black Luminous Sexy Jumpsuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $28.49 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Fabric Shiny Metallic
Neckline High Collar Design Luminous
Embellishment Zipper Components Jumpsuit
Style Glamorous & Dramatic Pattern Solid Color
Bust(inch) M :33¼, XL :37¼, XXL :38½ Waist(inch) M :26¾, XL :30¾, XXL :32¼
Hips(inch) M :35½, XL :39¼, XXL :41 Weight 0.26kg

July 18, 2016
Works well...
June 22, 2016
Yes works great so far
February 5, 2017
Very happy with this product. we use it to help teach our dogs the boundrys of where they can and cannot go works fine for that purpose
May 17, 2017
Collars are great - and customer service is incredible. We had one collar stop working and they immediately replaced the receiver for me. Would buy again.
November 26, 2016
With so many dog collars like this out there I wanted to see if I could help others because I know what I went threw trying to figure out which one?
Owned this for two days.
Haven't tested the range yet, but has worked fine for couple hundred yards.
Things I don't like is when I switch from A to B, the collar switching to will vibrate.
So actually it eleiminates a step, so that's good.
Don't like the buckles on collars. I'm lazy and love the clips, although buckles are better.
Collars themselves are awesome! Won't hold dog smell or stink. And just have to cut off the extra.
So far with my Doberman and pit bull on couple acres, I haven't had to shock them yet!! They don't like the vibration at all.
In fact I felt bad this morning. Pit was on couch this morning with me
I switched my phone over to vibrate and she woke right up and jumped down.
Dogs are much happier
Dogs want to make their owners happy

I took away another star because the collars are 3/4 inch. Well if you have a large or bigger dog, you know that most collars are 1 inch.
So I'm trying to find a replacement collar that has the snap buckle because I don't like leaving collars on dogs. Who would like two metal prongs in their neck while sleeping?
Well, being the receiver can only fit a 3/4" collar, I'm having problems finding a 3/4" in the size needed.
Stated above the collars are awesome but the buckle sucks to put on and off
October 20, 2016
This setup has work amazing to give my dogs the opportunity to be off leash at the town park and in their unfenced yard.They respond to the tone and we never have to use shock.So glad o found this brand it has been great for the past 3months with EVERYDAY use.
I have a 6 year old Berniese mountain dog and a 2 year old Siberian husky mix.
November 6, 2016
Have had them for 2 months, so far the best collars I've purchased. I recently purchased the aetertek water proof system and and had 2 collars and a remote go out. Will let you know the outcome of this system, so far it's awesome!
August 25, 2016
Works great and has lived up to being waterproof so far. I wish you could control whether or not the unit sleeps though, or at least make it so hitting A/B/C instantly wakes it up.
April 12, 2017
Great collar! I bought this for my two puppies who are now over a year old. Both dogs love to swim and I have had no problems getting the collars wet. I also like that the default setting when you switch between collars (A and B) is the vibrate mode. After the initial training, I now mostly use the vibrate mode for corrections and to get the dogs attention. The battery in the collar itself lasts quite a while.
June 29, 2016
I've been through countless collars and spent way too much money on junk. I purchased this unit for my two dogs for hiking, fishing, camping, etcetera. We just returned from a camping trip by a lake. This unit stood the trial and won. WATERPROOF, rugged, and dependable. Did not had an issue with this unit. Worked great at half a mile in the woods and still worked after a day swimming. Plus, the batteries in the collars and the remote lasted all five days!