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Pole Dance Set Women's Black Halter Sleeveless Chains Backless PU Jumpsuit With Gloves Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Pole Dance Set Women's Black Halter Sleeveless Chains Backless PU Jumpsuit With Gloves Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $14.24 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color True Red, Black Fabric Polyurethane / PU
Neckline Halter Design Backless
Embellishment Chains Components Jumpsuit, Gloves
Style Sexy Pieces in Set 2-Piece
Pattern Solid Color Bust(inch) One Size :34¼
Waist(inch) One Size :30 Hips(inch) One Size :36¼
Weight 0.22kg

December 14, 2017
Had to return, but it was as described
October 21, 2017
love these gloves. awesome for everything
April 19, 2017
Good gloves as long as you don't intend on using them for real shooting and drills. The rubber like fabric on the pads of fingers came off within a week of running drills/shootin/ training. Fit was great and they breathe well. Just for looks though.
August 4, 2013
My initial impression upon opening the gloves new are that they're pretty good for what you're paying for. Out of the box they do not have very good dexterity; as several other people have said they need to be broken in. They do seem to have good protection both on the palms and the knuckles. The knuckle part is padded and the main points of contact for the fingers and palm seem to be durable. The joints do not have as much protection but that's to give better mobility I assume. The pull tabs with the grey area to write your initials or name on are a nice touch and make putting the gloves on easier.

Handling a knife or a gun is not very easy while wearing these. But again this is only my initial impression and I haven't broken in my gloves yet. I'll probably make an update after using the gloves for a while if I remember to.
May 28, 2014
I purchased these gloves because they were at the right price point for me and I was looking for an all purpose glove.

The gloves are made of a very solid material and are very durable. I have used these gloves on rocks, trees, and other rough areas and have had no issues with the palms or fingers.

The only complaint that I have with these gloves is that after the second use one of the elastic straps around the wrist pulled apart.

There are not additional knuckle supports or pads but the palms are made of very durable rough lining.

Good glove for tactical use, and general purpose but not the most high end of gloves. They are a firm glove and not the most flexible but still a good glove.
May 8, 2017
Very high quality product and more durable than I originally thought. My purpose for this purchase is for hunting/hiking for protecting my hands as I climb or move around rocks and trees. Arizona rocks and vegetation are not very forgiving. When I'm out in the back country I cannot afford annoying injuries that make my adventures more difficult.

December 6, 2017
I like the fit, I like the feel, I like the looks. They're good for hunting, shooting, riding, cold weather. Just damn good gloves.
April 14, 2016
Great pair of gloves. This is my 2nd pair in the last year. I normally blast thew gloves in an easy 2 months but these have been GREAT!
They fit very well and can take the punishment my job puts them threw! I'm even going to order a back up pair or two just in case I lose one... don't want to walk around with folks thinking i'm MJ.
July 2, 2015
These tactical gloves look and feel like a quality product. Sturdy feel overall. They're pretty stiff, but that's because they're so well put together. I've used tac gloves for shooting, moving and communicating as an SOF Operator for the last 15, these gloves just need to be broken in a bit. Very snug fit which is ideal if you're wearing welders gloves over the top for fast roping. Nice mesh feel on the top of the hand, I think these gloves would allow water to drain pretty easily. If you're just doing the usual "rap, tap, bang" along with mag changes and reloading mags these are perfect. If you're looking to construct a microboard or fine tune anything "these aren't the gloves your looking for.. move along".
February 8, 2015
I've only had these for a couple of weeks now but I've found the only fit problem with a 9 size hand is that the thumbs are just a little long for my build. That is my only complaint. Oh, don't get them wet and try and drive your vehicle, it's a little slippery due to the long lasting material used on the inside palms and fingers, not a driving glove, a shooting and outdoors glove yes and I find it so far, to satisfy my every need in that category. The touch screen index fingers work well on my Droid Maxx phone with no problems too. I want to take some space here to thank Amazon for replacing my order that the Post Office lost after a "Quote" delivery attempt, that I didn't get a notice for. After 3 weeks of trying to track down and find my item (still lost at this time of writing review) I called Amazon and they really stepped up with free one day shipping to boot! Thanks to all the people that work at Amazon, especially in customer service!