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One Piece Swimsuits Red Strapless Monokini Bathing Suits For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

One Piece Swimsuits Red Strapless Monokini Bathing Suits For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $9.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color True Red, White, Black Fabric cotton fibers
Design Slim Fit Note Accessory excluded
Neckline Strapless Sleeve Length Sleeveless
Bust(inch) S :30¾-34¾, M :31½-35½, L :32¼-36¼, XL :33¼-37¼, XXL :33¾-37¾ Length(inch) S :23½, M :24¼, L :24½, XL :24¾, XXL :25¼
Weight 0.20kg

September 19, 2016
The shipping was great. Ordered Sunday night--arrived Wednesday the same week (with Amazon Prime). Very similar in quality and fit to the American Apparel version of this suit. I ordered a medium. For reference, I am about 170 pounds, large C cup with a very healthy bottom. I knew the large would be too big for me because of the open sides. If the suit is too big, the suit would shift too much which can cause some "nip slips". So that is why I went with the medium. The medium fit well in the torso area. The straps fit comfortably as well. However, the sides were kind of too big. Again, I knew there would be side boob action which I am okay with as long as the suit is fitted enough so that it does not move. I would like this suit more if the sides fit better on me. There is also very minimal coverage in the butt area. Not a thong back at all but it's very cheeky and super high cut in the front (think Baywatch, Saved by the Bell high cut). I expected the cheeky-ness but kind of thrown off but the high cut front---shows way more than just your bikini line. I would not recommend sizing up to get more coverage in the butt. The suit is supposed to be cheeky. Sizing up probably will not give you more coverage in the butt, in fact it may make the suit more revealing because the sides would be even more open--unless of course you can "fill out" the top. There is no lining or cups.

This is not a modest swimsuit. However, if it fits well, It can be flattering. I am keeping the suit, but most likley I will wear with denim shorts for added coverage.
November 15, 2016
So the red one I got from the third party seller was a fake (review below) and that one gets 0 stars.

But I just received the one from the actual Stripsky vendor and it's beautiful quality for such a low price! I'm returning the medium and ordered a large and an extra large because I have a long torso and the medium was just too short...causing the suit to ride up and become an insta-thong the second I took one step. I hope a bigger size works out because it is beautiful.

So, so bummed. I ordered this a few weeks ago and it finally came (red color wasn't available via Prime) and it was completely obvious that it was a knockoff. (Who even makes knockoffs of unheard of brands like "Stripsky"?)

You can see from the photos I posted that there is only one flimsy tag on the back of the suit, and it doesn't even say a brand name. The seller's display photos clearly have a photo of the suit showing the Stripsky tag, so I don't know how much more obvious it gets that this item is not the one being advertised.

Other things: this fake version is not high cut like the one in the description. In everyone else's reviewer photos, you can see the suit is cut high on the leg, showing off their hip bones. Same goes for the back side, where everyone else's photo (and on the model in the seller pics) shows a narrow, cheeky cut on the butt. Mine is full on granny panty bloomer status. Also, you can compare my pics to other people's/the seller's and tell that the side seam under the armpit on everyone else's suit is angular, but in the one I received, the underarm seam is rounded forming a U shape instead of a V. Additionally, the description says the suit is not padded, but there is padding in mine (reference the photos I posted). You can also see the stitching is coming undone in the area of the white lining. Lastly, the material is absolutely *horrendous*...like worse than you would expect in a crappy Party City Halloween costume. Everything about this item is wrong, wrong, wrong.

I did order a second color of this suit (the navy and white striped one) around the same time I ordered this one, but accidentally had it sent to my family's address instead of mine. I'm going home to visit this weekend, so I'll see if that one is a cheap knockoff and post another review with the details for that. For now, I put in a request with the seller a few hours ago asking to return it, so hopefully they'll see the issue is clear and issue a refund.

Seriously losing my faith in people. I don't get how anyone would try to sell this piece of junk/try to pass it off as the real version advertised.

FYI if anyone is still contemplating purchasing it after reading this (I can't blame you..it's so cute in the pics, I would also be tempted), I'm 5 foot 6, 140 lbs, 34DD and I wear a size 6 in tops and bottoms and I ordered a large in this suit. The top was loose like a bib for a baby (despite having a larger chest to fill it out) and the bottom was constricting (the cut is full coverage, but the material is weirdly not stretchy so my average sized butt feels very trapped). I guess if you love the look of the suit, you could try ordering it and see if you get this crappy version or the real one. I'm pretty sure amazon has a strict no counterfeit policy and has been cracking down on it, so you probably would be protected if you buy it and they scam you like they did me! Good luck and happy swimming, ladies!
April 24, 2017
I LOOOOVE this swimsuit. I had to order up and get an extra large, but I'm very glad I did. I'm 5'7", 160 lbs with wide hips and 36C. I have had two kids and sometimes I just don't want to mess with a bikini. That being said, I don't want a traditional one piece. This makes me feel sexy yet still covers my little mom pouch. There isn't really any padding up top, there is definite side boob action going on and if you aren't careful your girls may pop out. I wouldn't recommend heavy swimming in this swimsuit. I will be buying a red one if it comes back in stock!
June 13, 2016
LOVE this bathing suit. It's super comfortable and cute. It's definitely sexy and revealing, but at the same time very flattering and cuts you in all the right places. Great buy. Quality material, doesn't look cheap, and is sewn properly. I'm 5' 4", 120lbs, 32C bust, I'm usually size 2-4 and buy size smalls in clothing. I read product reviews and decided to order the medium and it fit GREAT, the straps would have been too long if i got a large, and the small would have probably been too tight.
July 31, 2016
5'6-7"ish, 160, long torso, big butt, small boobs, currently got a belly - love it. It makes my legs look longer, (color: black) smoothes over my stomach, makes my butt look excellent. I often can't wear one-piece anything because my torso is so long but this fits (size: large)! I could have maybe gone with medium, if I weren't so long. So if you're my weight/height and your torso is normal, go with medium.
May 11, 2016
I am 5'9, 145lbs, and I ordered a large. I recived lots of complimentss! I have a long torso and it was a little short for me but overall wonderful! Sexy and trendy. Worth the $!
October 3, 2016
My favorite swimsuit EVER! I put on a black pencil skirt over it and turned it into a very sexy black dress. I'm 5'2, about 125 pounds and I ordered a small.
May 28, 2016
Love love love this swimsuit. Great for curvy girls and not cheapy at all. I got floral and red. I order the US large size and I am 5'7 183. You will week this honey!!!!
September 13, 2016
This swimsuit is really sexy. Luckily it fits me like a glove and nothing pops out 😁
I'm 5'5, 150lbs (probably, I don't weigh myself), 34D and an average sized butt (average = more than a supermodel, less than a music video girl).
Garment tape can be helpful if I want more front cleavage, and it won't take away from any side boob cleavage because the swimsuit is built to fit that way for larger busts. Overall, this swimsuit makes me want to run in slow motion on Venice beach with my hair down and full makeup. Also happy with the black one, I think any other color might reveal its less-than-designer material. Thanks Amazon for giving me a reason to post these photos and not feel strange about it.
March 9, 2016
Order a size up! I am 5'3, 115 lbs, normally a xs/s but ordered a medium. Love this suit. Fits very well. If you are wanting more coverage in a suit this is not for you.