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One Piece Swimsuit Two Tone Plunging Neckline Cross Back Printed Monokini Swimwear Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

One Piece Swimsuit Two Tone Plunging Neckline Cross Back Printed Monokini Swimwear Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $17.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color White Fabric Polyester
Style Beach Pattern Color Block
Embellishment Printed Design Backless
Note padded bra Components Bikini
Neckline Plunging Neckline Sleeve Length Sleeveless
Bust(inch) S :31½, M :33½, L :35½, XL :37½ Waist(inch) S :25¼, M :26¾, L :28¼, XL :30
Hips(inch) S :33½, M :35½, L :37½, XL :39¼ Weight 0.15kg

August 6, 2017
I like the design of this since it is not too revealing and also covers majority of the thighs and fits nicely as well. I really appreciate the thought that went behind in covering private parts by providing a cushion, so that it can be used freely in family swimming pools.
May 7, 2017
These have now stood the test of time. I've been using them at least three times a week for about four months. Still in top top shape. I've had many other fish compliment me on how they're still looking good and how the chlorine hasn't destroyed or degraded them.
May 31, 2017
fit as expected, guys these will be extremely tight, but this is for a reason. They swim really well and as of yet I have not seen any fade or degradation of the material from the chlorine.

Really, Really wish they had a better/ bigger string for cinching down to the waste.
November 14, 2017
Lost my last pair and used a pair of TYR jammers in between due to cost, however they've basically disintegrated from the pool's chlorine. Lost ~15lbs recently (5' 11.5", 181 lb) and am pretty much falling out of my size 32 pants, but the 32's I ordered barely fit my legs and I feel like my butt is going to be hanging out.

Can't really rate the longevity, yet.
April 2, 2017
This is a great swim suit! I had another pair of Speedos (not Endurance) but they basically disintegrated after about 6 months of chlorine pool workouts 3-4 days a week. These are much more durable. Still I recommend rinsing them in fresh water after every use. Chlorine will eventually destroy any swimsuit but these seem pretty tough. They should last at least a year.
September 5, 2017
While not as comfortable as speedo men's eco suit that I owned before, I can say this pair feels like they are more durable, thicker, and hopefully longer lived than my previous set of jammers. Additionally, I have to say I really appreciate that these do not give a form fitting shrink wrap-like cling around the groin so they are certainly more acceptable for use in family friendly pools.
November 26, 2017
I've been rocking this for a few months. It held up and I look good in it. I try to rinse it out most times, I'm in a rush a lot, so yeah maybe I mistreated it. No one said I have a shear spot, maybe they just laugh at me, I'm not sure, I hardly care, I carry 2 in my gym bag, I'll be OK.

I'm a 33 - 34 waist but do 36 in these. I bought when I was a 35. I may go down a size but for the most part I think its OK, I would error on the side of larger if in doubt.
December 21, 2017
This pair may be a bit over-tight at first, but that's just a reminder I need to lose some weight. All kidding aside, these are great jammers. They will hopefully last longer than my previous non-Endurance+ pair, which still lasted about six months before becoming completely loose and funny looking (they were the Tyr brand pair).

These fit well, and they will stretch out to your butt over time. Great price, too.
December 4, 2017
Great jammers. I swim about 3 times a week and these hammers are the perfect pit for the job. They have a solid construction built that won’t easily break down unlike other brands that I had that only last about 6 months. These hammers apply the right amount of compression but not enough to resorting your movements in the water. They are very breathable which is another aspect that I like. I just order another pair since I liked them so much
January 25, 2011
So far in 13 months I have gone through 3 Speedos (2 lycra and 1 polyester -- the "endurance"). My expectation was that I could find a jammer that lasts me a year since my old-style bathing suits lasted 2-3 years. My expectation was obviously flawed based on these Speedo jammers and unusally high number of miles I swim. Thus, I'll let you decide if these pass the test:

Swimming Obsession: 6-7 days per week, 2 miles minimum per day, up to 8 miles per day in December competition. Thus, in understandable terms, typically 1 to 1.5 hours per day with December sessions between 3-5 hours. So, in 13 months, an estimated 575 hours, I went through 3 suits. Probably I should have retired the lycra suits earlier, but since they were staying together (stitching), a towel over the suit to hide the bare areas where the suit deteriorated extended them a bit. However, the stitching on the endurance turned white and then disappeared and separated. Yes, I religiously rinse my suit after each session in lot of cold water.

Pros: The polyester suit had fabulous material for practice swims. Unlike the lycra jammers which practically dissolved or lost shape in a matter of a months, the endurance polyester only stretched a little after about 4 months. If you are built "nomally", heed the ordering size comments in other reviews. I am a 34 waist, but the first 34 suit was extremely iuncomfortable on thighs and butt. The 2nd and 3rd suits were both 36's and fit comfortably.

Cons: Although the "endurance" main suit material was awesome, the seam stitching deterorated and finally parted! Thus, one must judge the endurance by the weakest link -- the seam stitching. Each lycra suit lasted about 4.5 months, whereas the endurance (marketed as lasting 20x longer!) lasted 4 months. However, based on hours, I the polyester endurance lasted more HOURS since my mileage per day was higher. Unfortunately though, you will NOT see a 20x longer life for the polyester endurance jammer unless Speedo fixes the weak threads stitching the seams! Another con some would consider, not me for I'm already too old to care "much", is that you will lose speed with the polyester vs. the lycra. Thus, make the polyester your practice suit if you are a competitive swimmer. Otherwise, the style is most fitting regardless.

Next Test: I have started breaking in my second Speedo Endurance, but have ordered a TYR polyester today from Amazon. Next review I'll compare both -- give me about 8-9 months please.

6/15/11 UPDATE:

7 Month update on 2nd Suit is 5 STAR so far. Do NOT try to swim in a suit that is equal to your waist; get the next avaiolabloe size! The first suit was a 34. Legs were TIGHT -- not snug, tight! The 2nd suit is a comfortable snug. Unless yo9u have pencil sized thighs, go with the nest size. It is obvious to me now that the stitching wore out BECAUSE I didn't order next size. Note: the TYR is more flexible and comfortable, but I only used that suit twice. Will let you know how this Speedo holds up in next review update. btw, this last 7 months equaled about 510+ miles and 272 hours in the pool. I rinse mine in cold shower water and squeeze (NOT wring). Hang on line to dry. This suit does NOT stretch like the lycra ones and keeps it's shape.

8/1/11 UPDATE:

Well, I made it another 1.5 months -- total of 8.5 months in the Endurance + Speedo. Near the end of June the white threads started to deteriorate. By 7/30 the suit started to separate on the one seam. Final assessment: 575-580 miles or around 314 hours in the chlorinated pool. I can probably live with that, but am now on my TYR polyester for the comaparison test. The TYR is much, much more comfortable at this moment. Much more giving -- feels like a 100% lycra suit and its not. Also more stylish -- patterned sides in different colors. But will it last longer? Stay tuned. As far as Speedo, the suit was very stiff and always tight. Maybe I need to go 2 sizes up so my legs fit right (34 to 38). Bottom line for the SPEEDO Endurance: determine how many HOURS you will spend in a pool and divide by 37 to get the expected months. Subtract time if the suit is overly tight. Hope this helps.

6/28/12 UPDATE:
Sorry for the delay with the TYR comparison, but my pool shut down for 4.5 months over the winter. The results are now in though. The TYR material, like the Speedo, is fine after 6.5 months of swimming, equal to about 283 miles and 157 hours in the pool. However, like the Speedo, the threads have just begun to deteriorate to the point where a separation started. Thus, the Speedo made it twice as long (hours and miles) than the TYR. Now I know what I can expect, and its no more than 8,5 months, or 575 miles, or 314 hours at the max before the better Speedo threads deteriorate. Although the TYR is more comfortable (material a lot more flexible and comfortable), I'll have to return to Speedo. But, before I do, a second TYR has been started today. If I come even close to the Speedo longevity, I'll report back.In any case, I find exception to the advertising of both companies that these suits are 10x better than less expensive ones -- material maybe, but NOT threads!

4/18/13 UPDATE:
More pool closures and summer slack, but my TYR update is as follows: At about 310 miles to date, this TYR is showing thread depreciation. On both Speedo and TYR the threads on a black suit will turn white as a first indication of what to expect shortly, namely the disappearance of the outside stitch (it appears that each seam is stitched, then stitched over to give you a belief that its industrucable -- Ha ha. Anyways, after going white, the broad stitch starts to vanish. First you'll see some threads disappear as though you have been rubbing them together for miles -- well, I was (inseam). Eventually, the entire broad outside stitch will be gone in smal sections, say 1/4 inch and increase from there. I am at that point already. Next I can expect the finally stitching to give and the suit to begin to separate. I will be lucky if I see 400 miles on this TYR.

Neither suit performs as advertised (20X better!). The threads give out and suit separates within the MILES stated in my review. I did get more miles out of the Speedo; but I enjoyed the comfort of the TYR.The 20x is a comparison to each vendor's Lycra suit. The Lycra suit MATERIAL deteriorates badly and before any stitching goes; whereas, the polyester suit material never weathers but the threads go quickly. Since I am buying a suit for best durability, I'll sacrifice the comfort and go again with speedo. Or maybe I'll just go down to Walmart and get a cheap one off the rack and swim less in each session before the thighs chap in those cheapo cloth suits. Last recommendation: Get the next size if you choose these jammers. If you swim like me, neither suit will keep it's good-fitting look after several 100 miles in the pool. Enjoy your swim.