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One Piece Swimsuit Black Strappy Plunging Neckline Sleeveless Semi-Sheer Monokini Swimwear Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

One Piece Swimsuit Black Strappy Plunging Neckline Sleeveless Semi-Sheer Monokini Swimwear Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $22.49 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Fabric Tulle
Style Beach Pattern Solid Color
Embellishment Nets Design Semi-Sheer
Neckline Straps, Plunging Neckline Sleeve Length Sleeveless
Bust(inch) M :32¾, L :34¾, XL :36½ Waist(inch) M :25½, L :27½, XL :29½
Hips(inch) M :36½, L :38½, XL :40½ Weight 0.13kg

April 9, 2015
UNIQUE VINTAGE: (Written by Kathy Huck)
I will NEVER AGAIN shop or recommend anyone to shop with Unique Vintage. I spent almost $400
I bought 3 dresses the exact same size 2 fit perfectly BUT one was so small that it could not come together in the back where it zips... it could not come together by 4 inches... which lets me know that it was a final sale because the merchant knew that the dress was 3-4 sizes smaller than advertised. Then I am supposed to be stuck with a tiny dress that I can do nothing with but look at. I gave it to my 11 yr old granddaughter in the hopes that one day she may be able to fit it. I will never recommend Unique Vintage! I will post this as a review on every clothing blog that mentions Unique Vintage. This policy is absolute greed and an excuse to get rid of stuff that you would otherwise not be able to get rid of! And FURTHERMORE I am finding many customers with this same complaint as I have began posting my reviews. At the prices charged the company should be ashamed and if not they should be put to shame until this outlandish policy is changed!
December 3, 2014
The top is completely too small. You would have to be an A cup to fit in the cups. Also, the seat of the bottoms digs into your butt. It's almost like the legholes are small, which is strange because the top band of the bottom is loose. Just a strange fit all around and a waste of money.

Sidenote: This didn't affect my rating, but buyer beware - you can find this exact same suit cheaper if you search around Amazon.
February 5, 2014
This bathing suit is adorable in the photo. I was so excited to purchase this for an upcoming trip. Having received the item, I didn't even try it on due to their grossly inaccurate sizing.

On their sizing chart it indicates that the bust size in inches is 41.5 to 43 inches for an XL. My bust size is exactly 40 inches so I thought I'd be safe with an XL size. While I can get it around my bust, they made the cup size a B cup. They need to mention the cup size. As a general rule, women with a 40 inch bust measurement wear a D cup or larger (unless your girth is a little wider). As soon as I took it out of the bag, I thought they'd sent the wrong order, as surely an XL top, which they indicate as being 16/18 sizing, wouldn't have a size 4/6 top. But it did. They definitely need to re-evaluate your sizing chart. Also, 41.5 to 43 inches should be the measurement when it's tied, not the entire length of the tie back...that's not a true bust measurement, but simply a measurement of the length of the tie. When it's actually tied, it's less than 39 inches and that's if you're tying as loosely as possible on a 40 inch bust. Hardly the 41.5 to 43 inches they boast.

In summary, you simply can't go by their sizing chart at all. These bathing suits in general are made for people who are perfectly proportioned. They'd do better to sell the top and bottom separately. I wear a size 8 pant size and the XL fit to a tee (the top was a joke it was so small, but the bottom fits?)...I'm certainly not a size 16/18 so someone who is and orders this in XL will be floored when they get a teeny tiny bathing suit in the mail.

It's becoming harder and harder to shop on Amazon for clothing because manufacturers/retailers have such skewed sizing charts. They'd save so much money in returns if they'd simply take the time and energy to size accurately. I gave this item two stars instead of one only because it's such a cute bathing suit. Fashionable? Yes. True to size? Nope.