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New Dreaming Trandy 78-Color Eye Shadow/ Blusher/Bronzers Make-Up Disc With Mirror Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New Dreaming Trandy 78-Color Eye Shadow/ Blusher/Bronzers Make-Up Disc With Mirror Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $13.79 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Multi color Type Eye Shadow
Occasion Party Length(inch) Specification:9¼
Height(inch) Specification:0½ Width(inch) Specification:6½
Weight 0.06kg

December 25, 2017
The app that controls it is no longer available in the app store. It can't work without it.
January 14, 2014
Purchased this item for my daughter as Christmas gift. When she opened it on Christimas morning there was NO application wand included which is needed to apply makeup...Called Mattel directly and one arrived free of charge within 3 days. When my daughter finally tried to play this you could hardly see the makeup on her face and in order for the mirror to recognize her face her nose practically had to touch the ipad screen. After a few days she didn't not pick it up again. My daughter is 11 and enjoys doing hair and makeup on dolls, so I thought this would be perfect for her.Even my younger nieces who are 6 and 7 did not enjoy this mirror. I am giving two stars because of the concept which I think is great. Mattel needs to tweek the app and/or mirror so its not frustrating for kids to use. The price is not worth the time and frustration. I returned for a refund and allowed my daughter to pick out something else.
December 15, 2016
My granddaughter is pleased so that pleases me. Hard for a 65 year old man to write a review for a pink Barbie mirror!
May 22, 2014
I bought this after accidentally downloading the iPad app that my daughter loved. It seemed like such a great idea! I thought she would have a blast being able to pretend putting makeup on however this thing didn't work! I ended up returning it after myself and some other adults tried to get it to work and we were as unsuccessful as my daughter was. You have to hold the applicator up in front of your face (inside an outline on the iPad which is your mirror) to get it to recognize your face outline and the applicator. Once you do that the theory is that you should be able to apply the "makeup" to your face. When trying to apply "eyeshadow" it actually put it on my cheek. I can't even imagine how frustrating this would be for any age child as I know how annoyed I was trying to get it to work like it is suppose to. As always however, Amazon was amazing with the return.
January 6, 2014
I bought this for my 7 year old daughter for Xmas. It was at the top of her list. She had downloaded the app prior to getting it because she wanted this so badly. The Bluetooth connected right away. I find that it works well after figuring out a few things first. I thought we kept running out of batteries quickly but the mirror was just losing Bluetooth. If the mirror is not lit, it is not connected and won't work properly. A slight ipad adjustment fixes the Bluetooth problem. You really do need to sit a bit still. My daughter has a little trouble lining her head up and it keeps trying to line it up so that's frustrating for her,but when I play with it myself it works like a charm. When my daughter is able to line up her head and the wand she has a blast. She has more fun putting her picture in the frame and adding stickers and accessories and then sending the pic to my phone via iMessage. The masks are pretty hilarious too. I purchased here for half of what it retails for in stores, so I would definitely wait for the price to drop. I don't think it's worth $80, but we are happy with it especially at the price I paid.
December 28, 2016
I am returning this. My daughter wiggles to much and you have to be perfectly still to get the face recognition to work and the wand to catch your face. I got annoyed of hearing the beeping sound signaling you to reposition your face. My poor baby girl, she is 5. She wanted to play so badly, but would get frustrated. Come to think of it, I don't know the recommended age for this as I am lying in bed, but even for me, it was hard enough to stay still and test this out....the preloaded "filters" seemed to work well, but overall, just don't think it was worth it so back it goes.
January 16, 2016
Horrible! We could not even use it because it would not work with the app. The app keeps shutting down every time you start the app. Very frustrating for the kids
I tried all kind of devices iPad 3rd generation and iPad 4th generation iPad mini and the new iPad mini 2 nothing work with this toy.
My worst buy ever because my kid was so excited when she saw the box and she really got disappointed because it does not work.
November 30, 2014
We got ours as a warehouse deal, box was a little damaged, so there's always the possibility that perhaps ours is a little off. But assuming ours is representative of the makeover mirrors in general here is our experience.

It readily pairs with bluetooth. No issue.

The app gets a lock on the person's face quickly. So far so good.

Getting a lock on the blue wand is a chore. Very difficult. Also, it loses track of the face often and sometimes we find ourselves getting a lock on the face then the wand over and over again. It can be really frustrating.

The app also inaccurately reports how much battery power is left in the mirror. Which reminds me, it takes 3 AA batteries which is unfortunate. If you happen to use rechargable batteries, you find yourself having to charge 2 while the 3rd sits idle. But back to the battery power. The app will say that the batteries are out of power but if you disconnect the mirror frame from the base then reconnect it will show that the batteries have a charge.

That being said, my daughter continues to enjoy playing with it which has been a shocker for me. I expected her to lose interest after 10 minutes. We've had it for over a month now. If you make this purchase, be prepared to be annoyed at it but your child will potentially have a lot of fun.
May 13, 2016
My daughter was very excited for this makeover mirror. It was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. Well, it sucks. I had to tape down the button that allowed it to be synced with the iPad causing the Bluetooth to remain on unless I removed the tape. The application is horrid as well. You have to keep your head and face as still as a picture in the wall the entire time you're using it. Imagine telling your daughter of 5 "you can play with it you just can't move while you're playing". I was just blessed my daughter has an incredible imagination and uses it as a prop instead of what is was "designed" for.
January 6, 2014
Never could get it paired via Bluetooth with either my iPad 3rd generation or iPad Air 1; without that step it's pretty close to worthless. No customer support phone number on printed manual or online. I've seen many instances in online reviews of other buyers having the same experience. $40 for a few pieces of plastic (doesn't even include the 3 AAA batteries) seemed outrageous especially with no support. Whoever was the clown Mattel product manager on this one should be fired with extreme prejudice as I'll never buy any Mattel product again based on this experience. My next step will be to contact Amazon and Apple and show them the reviews on both Amazon and iTunes - neither Amazon or iTunes should allow such a defective product to be sold on their respective sites. Mattel should stick to making physical Barbies and other things that kids of today don't care about because they obviously don't have a clue about making a software product.