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Mini White Dress Women's Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Short Bodycon Cape Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Mini White Dress Women's Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Short Bodycon Cape Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Neckline Off-the-Shoulder Shown Color White
Season Summer Fabric Polyester
Pattern Solid Color Style Chic & Modern
Built-in Bra No Bust(inch) S :32¼, M :33¾, L :35½, XL :37¼, XXL :38½
Waist(inch) S :26¾, M :28¼, L :30, XL :31½, XXL :33¼ Hips(inch) S :35½, M :37¼, L :38½, XL :40¼, XXL :41¾
Length(inch) S :26¾, M :27¼, L :27½, XL :28, XXL :28¼ Weight 0.3kg

November 18, 2017
the barbell pair are great I have joined a gym and no longer need them. they are sturdy strong and great for arms and chest
August 29, 2017
easy to assemble, feel sturdy, comfortable on your hands, and get the job done.
really bring the extra burn to those push-ups!
November 11, 2016
I have some arthritis in my wrists and fingers so I can't really do push ups with good form anymore without something like this. It allows for an easy grip for varied muscle focus, is easy to assemble/disassemble, good traction/grip against the floor and well priced for how long I expect them to endure.

I'm not sure if it was intentionally designed to be portable/travel capable, between this and my TRX straps, I have a full gym literally anywhere I am. Try it out, chances are you'll love it.
September 18, 2016
I still use these as of today. Their self explanatory, but worth the price.
June 14, 2013
We bought 3 different push up bars from different suppliers for a summer conditioning program we're running. All of them are the "H" style like this model, Here's what I found:

The best by far is the Definity - I'd give it 5 stars - This is the one we will standardize on.

Link: Definity HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars

Why do we like it and think it's the best

- Very strong - this is very durable
- Does not have any "wiggle" or play at the joints.
- Supports "ballistic" style push-ups where you are pushing off with a lot of force
- Very good "fit and finish

Gofit Plastic Push Bar - 2 stars

Link: GoFit Push-Up Bars

- This is made of plastic
- It bends a bit when you do regular pushups
- Has good fit and finish, but the slight bending in the plastic is a problem

KAZE SPORTS Pair of Push Up Bars - 2 stars

Link: KAZE SPORTS Pair of Push Up Bars

- This is junky knock-off of the Definity
- Looks like it is made of inferior metal
- Fit is NOT good -- When you attach the bars to the handle, there is a little "play" in the joint - it's not stable
- I suspect this will break after we use it for a awhile

The "H" style push-up bars are good ergonomically, but of the 3 we tested, the Definity is clearly the best of the bunch. The others will work, but not as well.
January 27, 2014
I was a bit concerned whether the screws and joints would have a little give, which can be disastrous for a push up bar.
However my doubts were unfounded. The push up bars work nicely and have no give.
I'm 220 pounds, and have no complaints with the bars over the 3 weeks, I've been using them.
I just hope the foam grip cushions last the test of time.
I've been using them on a carpeted floor, so I've not been able to test the stability on a smooth surface.

Getting one more for my office room.
August 17, 2016
I've owned a few push up bars. None of them stand up to this set. Yes, they look great. But they are very dependable.

I've owned some in the past that would bend when pushing up. Some would bend just from a little bit of weight being applied. One of the worst I've had would slip/move during a set of push ups.

Not only do these NOT bend, they do NOT move! Safety is very important when exercising. These are very safe to use.

I've also found that different bars are different heights. I find that the height on these is just right.

I'd strongly recommend this set.
July 2, 2014
I believe these are essentially identical to the ones I owned for many, many years minus a brand name which was printed on the foam (as I recall). They were an excellent product for a modest cost. I endured a pec belly muscle tear and as a result I donated my old pair to Goodwill since I thought I likely would never be able to utilize them again. Of course through intensive therapy and 2.5 years, I ended up needing them again to do "modified push-ups". This product looks and works almost exactly as my previous pair did. The only con of this version is that the foam hand grips are a pretty soft foam and chrome is a pretty slippery metal. As a result the foam constantly wants to slip down the sloped metal portions of these bars. Thus, you will need to keep adjusting them between sets. Fortunately, the majority of the time they stay in place "enough" for you to complete a set of 20-25 reps or so.

I would classify this as more of a nuisance than a real serious problem with the product. Of course I would like them to see if they can come up with a foam which is a little thicker, more firm and see if there's anything manufacturing can do to address the "slippery slope" issue. Possibly there isn't, but it is "worth a sniff".

All in all, they are a very good product and very stable. I am 6'1" and weigh 202 pounds and these work very well for me and don't wobble like you read about a lot of other similar products (possibly designed more for lighter framed women). I've done a few regular push-ups as well and these are stable for that as well.
June 26, 2015
I was able to put it together. No troubles there like missing parts/etc. They look the same in the picture above. Color & all. The only problem I had with these, they hurt my hands after so many push-ups on them. The fatty side where my palm is (by my thumb) hurts. I don't know if that's good or not. If it's something you should be able to get use to after so long using the push-up bars or not. They was able to hold my weight. I weigh 132-135 lbs. My father tried them out as well. He weighs around 170 lbs. They are nice bars to have, and you can wrap something around the bars for extra support if you wish.
October 23, 2013
UPDATE 11/28/17:

I have now owned these for 4 years, working out off and on again using these and they are still in great condition. I have literally done thousands of push-ups with these and they have not broken or become unstable in any way, even at my weight. While I still agree with my initial review that the padding on these is too thin, I have updated my rating to 5 stars simply because of their durability.

I've been using these doing P90X for a few weeks now and they support me being well over 300 lbs. The welding seams are really small so I was pretty nervous initially, but it's been around 4 weeks with no problems. I've done wide and decline and haven't fractured my face yet so I'd say they can hold a pretty serious amount of weight. I will probably fully weld these together rather than having them come apart (I don't plan to use them for travel) just to be safe, but that's more for my peace of mind than any indication the product will fail.

My only complaint is the padding could be thicker. I have Perfect Push Up ones that I used as bars previously (just kept them stationary instead of rotating) and they are much kinder on the hand.