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Long Sleeve Bodysuit Ecru White High Collar Long Sleeve Winter Jumpsuit With Buttons Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Long Sleeve Bodysuit Ecru White High Collar Long Sleeve Winter Jumpsuit With Buttons Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $20.65 USD

Описание товара

Season Winter Neckline High Collar
Embellishment Buttons Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Fabric Acetate Style Casual
Design Shaping Shown Color Ecru White
Occasion Daily Casual Group Women
Bust(inch) S :33¼, M :34¾, L :36¼, XL :37¾ Length(inch) S :28¼, M :28¾, L :29¼, XL :29½
Sleeve Length(inch) S :23¼, M :23½, L :24¼, XL :24½ Weight 0.15kg

August 17, 2017
We have a German Shhorthaired Pointer, female, that is 13 months old, 50 pounds and has a 15" neck. Since she was an 8 week old, 11 pound puppy we have been training her to be a great field dog. Part of that was heeling wihtout a lead. We were successful in training her to heel very well. The problem we had was (notice the past tense) in areas where leads were required, she would continually pull with a lot of force. She's now 50 pounds and is all muscle. When she decides to pull, she can pull. My wife especailly had problems and walking the dog on a lead was not a pleasant experience. "Regular" choker metal collars did not work and the fabric chokers collars were a joke. I friend turned me on Herm Sprenger line of collars.

We began training from scratch once we received and sized the collar. We took out two links. With a few commands and a little practice our GSP now heels with a lead on and can walk "easy" (free to roam on the lead) wthout any pulling. The collar we received was a legitmate Herm Sprenger collar as evidenced by the multitude of HS stamps in/on the metal. My wife recently spent a couple hours walking around a local festival and our GSP stayed right at her side. She had a fun time at the festival ...so did my wife since the pup was not pulling her everywhere.

At the festival, we had a couple people comment that "that's the type of collar we need to get our dog." In another small town we were visiting, we had one family look at us as if we were torturing our dog. We were sitting at a table adn our pup was not pulling, tugging or anyhting. We guessed the mere sight of a collar of this style was shocking to their conscience. Oh well....can't worry about the uninformed public.
November 10, 2017
I was soooo hesitant about using a prong collar but I'm so glad I purchased it! My dog became reactive to other dogs out of no where. This has been a life saver when we are on walks and he gets reactive when he sees another dog, I apply light pressure and turn, my dog immediately looks up at me and stops his horrible behavior. I had tried regular collars and body harness but he would literally pull me down the street when he saw another dog. I'm BEYOND happy that this was recommend to me and that I finally got the confidence to try it. If you educate yourself on how to properly use the collar you will not hurt your dog, only get their attention and establish yourself as the leader. I did have to purchase an extra ring so the collar wasn't so snug.

Try it! You have nothing to gain except for a more well behaved dog. Game changer
July 3, 2017
I'm pretty impressed by the Herm Sprenger prong collar. I have a very large (127 pound) german shepherd who is such a good dog, but pulls badly on walks out of pure excitement and curiosity. I originally had him in a Halti, but quickly realized that no amount of force on his face would deter him from pulling and I needed to try something a little more drastic. As soon as I put this on him his whole demeanor when walking completely changed. No, he didn't stop pulling completely, but I can now handle him without him ripping my arm out of its socket every time he sees another dog or other animal. He even self corrects himself when he walks out in front of me too far and feels the tug on his neck from the prongs. I'd highly recommend this collar if you want more control over your dog. It's not inhumane, it doesn't hurt the dog, and I have a more well mannered dog who gets more adventures because of it.
September 18, 2016
Initially I wasn't a fan of prong collars but my 5 month old GSD is extremely strong willed I had to do something if I wanted to keep her. It has made on leash training so much better for both of us. We both enjoy our walks now. My sole issue is that I thought this collar would be easier for me to release the collar. It's very hard to put on or take off!
October 12, 2015
This collar changed how my dog walked on the very first walk. He was really a puller. I mean we make it to the post office in like 2 minutes and it's a mile away.

The prongs do not hurt him but I'm sure he would rather not have them poking at him. At first it was a little difficult to get it off and on him but I quickly learned. The instructions are vague. Be sure to get a perfect fit. He doesn't dislike it. He sits there while I put it on, not runs. German made is the way to go!
February 3, 2016
Wonderful product!! Easy to fit to my 3 larger dogs (Husky, Pit, Labx). the collar is actually very large and I had to remove 3 links to fit . This has made such a difference in our daily walks... And I have been working with a professional trainer for about 4 months on gentle loose leash walking and we had tried everything.... Tried the Gentle Leader head collar(rubbed my PitBull's face near her eyes and made them red/inflamed). Next we tried the Easy Walk front clip harness(this also rubbed her neck/chest/shoulders raw when using). So after a lot of research we finally decided to try the prong collar . I can now walk all three of my dogs peacefully. And no this collar doesn't hurt the dog if it is properly fitted and is the right size for that dog. The collar is supposed to be snug and wel fitted and it should sit right below the jaw, do not slip it over the head, this is incorrect and means it is way too loose if it slips over the head!!! Only use the actual prongs to un clip to take off and on. This prong collar has truly been a blessing!! It doesn't rub or irritate my dogs sensitive skin like the gentle leader and easy walk did!!(we are continuing our weekly training sessions with professional trainer to ensure we are using this collar properly).... This collar is not for inexperienced people, but you can learn how to use it correctly too! It's meant for training purposes only, and absolutely should not be worn in place of a regular flat collar that stays on all the time!! Don't use for tie out unsupervised or it will cause damage to your dog! Definitely recommend this product to others who are struggling with leash walking and have tried all the other training products available! But please do your research before you start using it, and consult a professional trainer if you have any questions! Please also when using this prong collar, have a smaller, regular collar on your dog attached to the "O" ring on the prong!! I attach mine with w small clip, just in case anything happened to the prong I would still have a backup collar and my dog would still be under control ! I use this medium prong collar on all 3 of my dogs and there has been a 100% improvement in their loose leash waking skills!! And they are not hurting when walking, they actually see me pick up these collars and they go crazy because they know it means we get to go for walks! and it's actually fun because I don't have to keep pulling on their leashes and correcting them!! This collar GENTLY helps them to self correct when they get too far ahead of me!
April 9, 2016
Insert series of excited expletives here. I'm extremely involved in training my dog. He was the first I've had as an adult and I went through major puppy education when I got him. He knows all of the basic commands but I tried relentlessly to get him to stop pulling. I've researched pinch collars over and over again and never convinced myself to buy one. My in laws used choke collars, so they convinced me to try that. (NEVER DO THIS.) I also tried the gentle lead, thinking it was a more humane version of a pinch collar. However he HATED it and any training that I tried to do in regards to heeling was counteracted by his intense loathing of the thing.

So finally, after a particularly nasty incident involving a squirrel that resulted in rope burn, I caved. I opened the package, fit the collar to him, and VOILA. I now have a magically trained dog. Caesar Milan himself could have trained him. He's perfect. He heels, he pays attention to me, he sits when I stop, it's like something out of a fantasy novel.

This particular brand seems to do the trick. The links are easy enough to separate and remove, it's gotten wet and hasn't rusted. I have a medium sized dog (40 pounds) and this size was perfect. But most of all, it just works.

A few notes to those who have never used a pinch collar before: There are GREAT YouTube instructionals from a plethora of professional dog trainers. Watch as many of them as your patience can manage. Each trainer has their own personality and ways of correcting behavior on a pinch. With my dog, I found that holding a stiff arm with the leash looped gently in my hand worked best. When he veered off course or tried to walk ahead of me, I would gently jerk with only my wrist. Not my elbow or shoulder or biceps. Just flicked my wrist. I also found that in order to get my dog to pay attention to me, I had to frequently vary my methods of walking. Stopping intermittently, slowing down, speeding up, etc... It was also important to me for him to sit when we stopped, so I gently tapped his bottom right before his tail every time we stopped. It took a few tries but now he has learned the drill quickly.

Overall, I don't think these collars are bad. Instead, it gives a clear boundary of what you expect out of your pooch in a way that he can understand. This is the best purchase I've made for my dog, hands down.
June 13, 2017
I am satisfied with this product! The collar is pet-friendly in style and durable in quality, and the special design of prongs, if using properly, could have an effect of correction. It is safe, practical and very easy and convenient to use. The collar is adjustable, providing a natural contact for optimal communication. Besides, when I use the item, I also use cooperatively with a dog training collar with remote. I found it is more effective to use the collar with the remote dog training collar, as it can correct bad habits effectively (running aways, barking constantly, and biting items) of my dog. Both of them make my dog more obedient, well-behaved and easy to control, so I would highly recommend cooperating this collar withPATPET Dog Training Collar - Rechargeable & Waterproof - 1960ft Blind Operation Remote Controlled Collar with Tone / Vibration / Shock Mode, Easy to train - All Size Dogs (10Lbs - 100Lbs)
April 28, 2016
What I just received is NOT a German-made Herm Sprenger collar. It is a Taiwanese collar with a Herm Sprenger store-printed barcode taped over the Made in Taiwan sticker.

The design of the actual Sprenger collar has link plates to reverse the prongs side-to-side; this does not.
January 31, 2014
I have a 50 lb. border collie and I have tried every single thing possible the last 2 years and nothing has worked. You name it I tried it. I mean everything....except this. My dog pulls like a sled dog. My kids can't handle walking him and at times it feels like the sockets are being pulled out of my arm. Every walk with him was pure torcher and it got to the point where I barely walked him anymore. He would get his exercise by me driving him to the field to play frisbee. The minute I put this on my dog he walked 100 times better. Was he walking at my side like Casear Milan teaches dogs how to do just by looking at them? No...he was in front of me but barely pulling at all - I could even see some give on the lead ! As far the the humanity goes, these prongs are not digging into the dog - just a little pinch so he knows to stop pulling...and he does. If you ask me it is much more humane that walking your dog with a regular collar where he is pulling like a nutcase - could that possibly be good for him? I bought a size a little big and simply took a couple hooks (or whatever you call them) out and the fit became perfect - I suggest if you aren't sure go bigger because otherwise you have to buy the things instead of taking them off. Oh - one more thing. Whenever I walked my dog I would say one out of every five walks (an hour each walk) he would stop to pee - he had no interest in anything except pulling to get to God knows where. Now every walk he pees 3 times! As crazy as it sounds it opened up a whole new world for him - smelling grass, trees, where other dogs went, etc. I assure anyone my dog is happier taking walks with this collar on that he is not taking any walks or taking walks with things that either choke him, strain his neck or make him disoriented.