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Lapel Maxi Coat With Long Sleeves Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Lapel Maxi Coat With Long Sleeves Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $65.47 USD

Описание товара

Design Full Skirt Neckline Stand Collar
Embellishment Zipper Closures Zipper
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Special Sizes Plus Size
Pattern Solid Color Season Winter
Style Chic & Modern Fabric Cotton Blend
Shown Color Dark Navy, Khaki, Green, Grey, Black Fill materials Polyester
Type Trench Coats Note Accessory excluded
Thickness Bust(inch) S :33¾-35½, M :35½-37¼, L :37¼-38½, XL :38½-40¼, XXL :40¼-41¾, XXXL :41¾-43¼
Waist(inch) S :28¼, M :29¼, L :30¾, XL :31½, XXL :33¼, XXXL :34¾ Length(inch) S :49¼, M :50, L :50¾, XL :51½, XXL :52¼, XXXL :53¼
Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :14¼, M :15, L :15¾, XL :15¾, XXL :15¾, XXXL :15¾ Weight 1.1kg

January 6, 2015
Having climbed numerous mountains in my 30 years of climbing I am a stickler when it comes to quality gear. I own a Arcteryx Alpha SV and other high quality jackets, This jacket is certainly not designed for mountaineering, although it would certainly hold up to what ever you threw at it. Very well made jacket. The sizing is just ridiculous. My Arcteryx is a size large, should be as I need to layer up etc. I am 5'9 and 180lbs I ordered a size small in this jacket and it fits pretty good - I think I might have actually been able to get away with an XS its that big. The great thing about ordering this from Amazon is that you get free returns, so if you get the size wrong, its not going to cost you anything to send it back for a different size.
May 23, 2015
After two tough winters, I decided to purchase a super warm coat in preparation for the next onslaught. This coat exceeds all expectations even though I only had a few weeks before spring to test it. The only negatives are that the hood does not detach and the zipper is a left handed type.
June 3, 2014
Canada Goose, what more can I say. The workmanship, quality, feel and comfort
far exceed any clothing product I have ever owned.

Yes, better then Joseph Abound, better then Under Amour, better then Wranglers and
better then Asics.

Yes they are expensive, but an extension of your body should be................
December 24, 2012
I finally gave in and bought myself a Canada Goose parka. I had wanted one for years, after trying on a Snow Mantra at an outdoor goods retailer. I should add that while I didn't buy this from Amazon online, I'm putting in the review since I found reviews for this jacket harder to find than I would have thought, so as a frequent Amazon customer, I wanted to contribute.

My day-to-day winter coat is a Marmot down-filled jacket with attached hood, which is an outstanding jacket. However, if it drops past -20C, with a wind, it becomes necessary to layer up under the Marmot. I had toyed with the idea of a Canada Goose for some time but was balking at the price.

So, I finally tried on a Canada Goose (CG) Expedition and a CG Resolute in the winter of 2012. The Resolute has a few more features over the Expedition, such as slightly longer body, removable fur ruff, a few more pockets, attached "D" rings to the coat exterior and grab straps on the shoulders should someone need to grab and pull you from a fall, ice, etc. The cost is about $100 more for the Resolute, so its a question of whether you want a more "industrial" parka (Resolute) or a more moderate/urban wear heavy-warm parka (Expedition).

The retailer where I tried on the jacket thoughtfully had a table at the CG section, so you could put your coat on the table while trying on various CG jackets and parkas. Once I made my choice, I was able to spread my soon-to-be new jacket on the table and minutely check all seams, zippers, etc for any sign of concern. All was in order and once I got the jacket home, carefully removed the various paper tags (but none of the interior tags, as CG policy online is that if you remove a sewn-in tag or alter the jacket, you invalidate the warranty. I was surprised to learn that even the paper tags, such as the DuPont Teflon tag, the "Made in Canada" tag are all counterfeited!). Buying from a brick-and-mortar store is not a bad idea at all to ensure authenticity, and to ensure fit. If you buy from Amazon, you'll get an authentic item, but you might want to try this on at a store first. Its big and bulky, and its always good to see that in person. Anyways, I put this jacket on once I got home, and in a matter of about a minute and 30 seconds, I became way too warm in room temperature.

I've been out in various weather (I do a lot of outdoors photography) and even at -19C, have been too warm in this jacket! When doing outdoor/landscape photography, you spend a lot of time standing still, and hence, a warm jacket makes outdoor winter photography so much nicer. I generally use outdoors technical clothing in layers to ski or snow shoe to a site to take pictures. If I'm moving, I'm warm, but once I'm there and not moving, I'm cold. So, for the really cold days, I use this parka. If I have to hump any distance in the snow, it needs to be -40C or I'm too warm in my Canada Goose. But once you stop moving for any length of time, and start taking pictures, standing around, its amazing being inside this monster. You feel like you're in your own house with the fireplace cranked up.

So, to sum up:

Pros: Very durable exterior (not a thin, easily-torn nylon), which is highly windproof. Huge amounts of duck down in this coat. The hood *really* protects your face. You have to experience the hood fully deployed on a cold day to appreciate this thing. Interior snow skirt, waist-cord to tighten and slim the look, wrist cuffs to cut the cold slipping out your sleeve, adjustment strap on the back of the hood, as well as tightening cords on the neck.

Cons: Bulky, fur ruff not removable (except for the Polar Bears International Expedition, and the PBI Expedition is near impossible to find), too warm for everyday use unless you live at the Arctic Circle or at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Also, the fur ruff is coyote, and while I am an animal lover, I also live in the country and know the realities of being in a certain position in the food chain and see my Native friends using animal skins regularly for clothing. The Canada Goose site on Face Book is littered with people criticizing the company for its fur use. If you have an ethical issue with fur, then this jacket will violate your principles. If you are able to live with the fact that a coyote was trapped and killed or shot and used to create part of this jacket, then the choice is yours to make. I thought I'd mention it because it was a factor in my decision making.

I have read reviews where people complain that this jacket doesn't breathe well, its not suitable for mountaineering, etc. Well, check the CG website. It rates this for -30C or colder and details that its best used in extreme climates, especially for low output activity. If you buy this and plan to snowmobile in the depths of the Manitoba winter, its great. If you buy this to use as an everyday jacket in a major urban city, or to use for high output winter activities, such as snow shoeing and cross-country skiing, well, it will most likely be way too warm. Unbelievable too warm.

Buy it for the purpose it was built--extreme cold, low-output activity--and you'll love it. Buy it to walk around Toronto in March and you'll likely be so warm, you'll be unable to wear it. The Moon Rover buggy was very expensive and would have been useless on the LA freeways, but on the surface of the moon, it was peerless. Similarly, this jacket isn't for -5C and walking around shopping malls with a quick dash to a cold car; its for long periods spent out in -40C walking and stopping and doing things. Get it for its intended purpose, and you'll love it. Get it to use for urban shopping in mild winter conditions, and you'll melt.
January 7, 2012
The package arrived from the store in a most expeditious manner. The red jacket is stunning and most visible in poor light (including the back of my closet.) I like the real fur on the hood and the many pockets -obviously well designed and researched for use in extreme climates. Putting on the jacket required a little effort to zip up the zipper, as it is so bulky. One feels like the Michelin man or Frosty the Snowman. It is almost too warm for everyday winter use. But I can't complain, I know that during January ski trips to the cabin in the Swan Valley, with temperatures of minus 20 Fahrenheit, I'll be feeling snug and cozy. A fine product indeed.
March 22, 2016
Excellent product!
January 20, 2016
Good service, good product satisfaction
January 20, 2016
very rugged product for seriously cold climates
March 8, 2016
this model is way to big on all sizes
February 10, 2014
I purchased the Expedition Parka in military green, size small and I'm happy with that choice. I'm 5' 8", 167 lbs with an athletic build and it fits me well. I own a NorthFace Down Parka and find the Canada Goose product far superior as far as material and design. I originally considered the CG Citadel Parka which looks like a slimmed down version of the Expedition, but found that the Expedition has some features that the Citadel lacks, which was the deciding factor.
In my opinion, the military green color works well with the style of the Expedition Parka. Although it's relatively expensive compared to other manufacturers, I think the quality and design make it worth the price.