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Lace-up Leggings Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Lace-up Leggings Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.89 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color True Red, Silver, Black, Yellow Thickness
Style Sexy Pattern Woven
Fabric Spandex Embellishment T-Bar / T-Strap
Waist(inch) One Size :22¼-31¼ Hips(inch) One Size :27¼-40½
Pants Length(inch) One Size:39 Weight 0.20kg

June 7, 2017
I'm happy with this purchase. These are medium weight and don't feel thin or flimsy. Color is classy dark denim. Comfortable! I'm very happy with the value for the price. I am buying these because I need more stretchy clothing for my post partum body for the summer. I think the only thing I might not like is that the waist is rolling down, and then feels a little tight, but I think that's mostly because of my baby belly. I"m 5'-10", 190 lbs, and measure 44" around my butt, and the Large fits perfectly. They are also nice and long! I rolled them up for more of a capri look, but they roll down very long. With no time to shop, I'm turned to amazon for my summer wardrobe, and I'm excited to wear these with some of the cute tops I've purchased on amazon!
December 21, 2017
I pulled these on and gasped. "I'm in love." (Cue disturbed look from husband.) I'm 5'4", 27" waist, 37" hip, 22" thigh, 120 lbs. I bought size Small. These fit my tiny waist, curvy backside and thighs like they were designed for me!

Size Small = 4-6
Size Medium = 8-10
Size Large = 12-14
Size XL = 16-18
Size XXL = 20-22

The material is soft and very stretchy, and the thickness of the fabric is definitely on the legging rather than the jean side, but it seems strong enough to hold up for a while. They are pretty skin tight, so I'll probably only wear these with tunic tops and long sweaters, which is fine by me!

They're cut mid-rise which doesn't usually work for my bubble butt when I sit down, but these stretch to accommodate without revealing anything, and don't gape when I stand back up. The only other "jeans" I've found with that ability were Juniors Mudd FLX Stretch Super High Waist Jeggings.

They are on the longer side, so at 5'4" they do pool some at the ankles. The front pockets are decorative. The back pockets are big/stretchy enough to hold my Note 8 securely. Little to no riding down with these.

I would LOVE to see these made with a little bit of fuzzy lining to increase the warmth. That's the only thing that's missing for me.
March 1, 2015
I bought these in dark denim and in grey at Walmart for $15 each, and Walmart has a variety of colors. I bought them a size larger than my normal size so they would fit a little loose and look like real jeans, and not look form-fitting like leggings. I'm extremely happy with them. I prefer wearing these instead of real jeans because these are very soft and very comfortable, much more soft & comfortable than jeans. People are surprised they are leggings when I tell them, they say they look and fit like real skinny-jeans. I wear them tucked into boots, and also with ballet flats. These leggings come in nine different colors and are $17 on the No Nonsense website. I'm going back to Walmart to purchase more, but would have purchased them here on Amazon had they been a little cheaper and offered in the other colors.
October 15, 2016
UPDATE: I accidentally fell asleep on the couch in these. I slept all night, very comfortably. I wanted to make this update because I remembered one reviewer saying that they were comfortable but she wouldn't sleep in them. I'm a pea-intolerant princess when it comes to my bedding: tangles in the sheets under me tend to wake me up, and just forget lacy negligees. But these jeggings were great!

Thank you, to all the Amazonians who gave their measurements and other details. I will do the same in hopes it will help more people. I am 5'8", waist 29", very wide pelvic bones with widest fleshy part of hips 39", thigh diameter 22". Curvy, athletic, muscular build, with big thighs from heavy lifting, running, cycling. But the clothing industry thinks that my big thighs mean that I am overweight and have a pot belly. It's almost impossible to find pants or jeans that fit in all places without tailoring; if I can yank a pair past my massive thighs and butt, then the waist is usually 2-3 inches too big. I recently put on a few pounds of fat, so all the Size 4 jeans that I have altered are uncomfortably tight. I have been living--and running and cycling--in cotton Xhilaration tights from Target; the snake print is so darling and very flattering. Perhaps a little *too* flattering: even though I buy them in large so that they are a little roomy and my panty-lines don't show, reg'lar ol' tights look just this side of naked, as far as my conservative neighborhood is concerned. Searching for tights with eye-confusing patterns on them, I came across the under-advertised world of jean-style leggings. I have purchased several. If you check my other reviews you can see what I think of a variety of brands.

Based on the reviews, I bought the No Nonsense Dark Denim Leggings in medium. I just love them! They have real double-stitching along the legs and around the pockets and fake fly. The back pockets are stylishly, flatteringly (and distractingly) small and low. The legs are plenty long enough to slouch a little bit around my lower calves, the lower part of the leg is just loose enough to look like real jeans rather than tights. You can't see a panty line, even when I wear my poorly-designed Jockey For Her cotton bikinis under the leggings. They provide the camoflage that I need to look less naked in public, while...basically allowing me to be naked in public. :)

The fit is sexy-tight and smooth around my thighs and butt, and just slightly creases/bunches like regular denim jeans. I really like this look, but if you don't then you should get a size smaller than your usual and it will smooth out.

On me, probably because the drop between my hips and thighs is so big, the waist is a little looser than I would prefer, resulting in a 3/4-inch gap in the back when I sit down; still, not nearly as gappy as normal jeans, and the material is thin enough that I can easily take in the waist a little. I'm sure I could get into the Small and they'd probably be comfortable, but on me they would look a lot more like tights and less like skinny denim jeans.

The material is more substantial than I was expecting from leggings. Some of my real skinny denim jeans are about this weight. I can ride my bike comfortably in these, but they would also provide moderate protection on a woodland path.

What would make these leggings even better? Fit-wise, since they are *leggings*, not jeans, I feel that the waist band should be smaller. Cosmetically-speaking, I don't like the obvious sudden halt between jeans-look detailing and the old lady stretchy pants solid waistband; I can only wear these with a top that covers the waistband--what about my crop tops? I'd prefer that the contrast double stitch illusion continue into the waist band. I think at least one fake brass button on the waist band would look awesome; in fact, I think I will add one myself. Belt loops faked with stitching would perfect the look; real ones would be very useful for women with a big hips/waist drop. Just because they are stretch pants doesn't mean that a blank waistband has to give that fact away. I wish they were available in more fades, washes, and distressing. Soon, maybe?
September 11, 2016
I cannot tell you how long I've been looking for a decent denim legging/jegging. I'm 6' tall and generally a size 18 and I have tried soooo many brands and sellers, even just for leggings to wear under a tunic, but always kinda hoped for comfy-but-sturdy jeggings that I could just wear normally and I FOUND THEM!! <3

These are fantastic. They're comfortable. They're well-made. They're not see-through. They're long! (Even on me!!) They feel like the perfect blend of legging and pants and I bought another pair JUST because I love them so much!

I only wish I could buy them in black too, but they're out of my size (XX-Large) in black right now. (Hint, hint, seller!! lol)
October 20, 2016
I have 41" hips and a 37" waist. Ordered the Large in black. The fit well. A little baggy around the front fly area and the knee and lower leg, so I might have even been able to go MD but didn't want to risk that "too stretched out" look - where you can see the glimmer of spandex - not a good look. These are very very long. As you know, all women are supposed to have the same length legs, so that's why we don't have different length pants, but I unfortunately have very short legs. I'll have to have about a good 6" chopped off of these, but that's nothing new. These are nice quality, thick, REAL BACK POCKETS!, nice stitching that looks like real jeans (deep yellow thread). 100x better than ones I had purchased at Walmart (Faded Glory brand maybe?) where they almost always have that stretched out look where you can totally tell they're not jeans.
The black is borderline black - could almost pass for just a really dark wash denim, which is fine by me.
Absolutely worth the price!
September 23, 2016
I ordered a large and should have ordered a medium. I am returning these but for nothing that is wrong with the legging itself, just a misjudgment in sizing on my part. I am 5'5 154lbs and usually wear 30/31 or size 10 pants. I have belly and hips but not really any booty or leg meat SO! that being said, I can't speak for other woman in the same height/weight class as I, but for me, these fit loosely with a bit of sag that just didn't look appealing. I think getting the size right makes all the difference in this particular brand of legging, so hopefully this short description and pics will help. No other issues - nice material, very comfortable, the waist didn't pinch the skin, seemed well constructed and I may just order these again except in the right size. ;-)
April 6, 2017
These jeans are exactly what I was looking for. Lightweight, very thin (but not see through), stretchy, but still have a jean feel and look. Its the perfect balance between leggings and actual jeans. The stretch is perfect. They bounce right back. I only wish the pants came a little higher. They sit right at my belly button, which is good enough for covering the belly. I just like that extra security. I am 5'9, 260..the xxl fits perfect. The only other con, was it does not have "tummy control" to smooth the love handles or belly flub..but for the price I cant complain at all. Will be ordering more!
May 17, 2016
This leggings is really awesome good fit..i am 5'4 and it hits my ankles..its high waisted so i get tummy control..i ordered the XL.. i wear 16-18 pant size..it does have stretch.. i definately will purchase another
December 9, 2015
I usually get somewhere between a Medium to Large bottoms (size 8 pants), thus I brought a size large hoping that it would be fine and not be too big since I wanted a slightly snug but comfortable fit. The fit isn't too shabby however it was still a little bit loose, especially at the hip area however the thighs fit just right. On the more positive side at least it doesn't give me love handles! It sits like 1.5 inches below my belly button. For reference my hips are 38 inches and thighs at the widest are 21 inches.

Pros: The material is of good weight (not see through like other brands that I could name) and the price point is acceptable. It does actually resemble skinny jeans and feel like you're wearing comfy leggings.

IMAGE attached shows some of the detailing that make it more believable as jeans like.

I like these enough that in the future I would probably order them from another site since they have a more array of colors and slightly lower price (walmart) and I would order a size medium instead so I can have a snugger fit. But these do for my needs for now.