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Hot Sale Sexy Cost-effective Black Strapless PU Leather Corsets Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Hot Sale Sexy Cost-effective Black Strapless PU Leather Corsets Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $16.98 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Adjustable
Embellishment Grommets Type Overbust Corset
Pattern Solid Color Fabric Polyurethane / PU
Occasion Party Components T-back, Corset
Group Women Neckline Strapless
Sleeve Length Sleeveless Closures Hook and Eye
Style Chic & Modern Pieces in Set 2-Piece
Bust(inch) S :32-33¾, M :33¾-35¾, L :35¾-37¾, XL :37¾-40¼, XXL :40¼-42¼ Waist(inch) S :24¼-26, M :26-28, L :28-30, XL :30-32, XXL :32-33¾
Hips(inch) S :33¾-35¾, M :35¾-38¼, L :38¼-40¼, XL :40¼-42¼, XXL :42¼-44¼ Weight 0.26kg

November 3, 2015
Purchased it for a poison ivy costume . Fit perfect ! I went by the size chart provided and it fit like a glove . Definitely will purchase from this seller again in the future .
October 12, 2017
Holy smokes, what a great deal!! I initially purchased the golden yellow corset as a piece of a Halloween costume. So I wasn't all that concerned with quality as I only planned to wear it a time or two. When it arrived, I asked my husband to help me put it on, and he went crazy! ;) I still haven't figured how to put on a lace-up corset by myself (fingers crossed I can figure that one out!) but he doesn't mind helping me. The fit is expected, I went by other reviewers and sized up. I am 5'8" 160# (typically a size 8/M) and the XL fit perfectly. The satin was high quality, the boning did a wonderful job smoothing my bumps, and the ribbons were sturdy enough to lace it tight. My only con would be that its a little shorter than I'd hoped, but the pictures are very accurate, I just didn't pay that much attention to it when ordering. Ridiculously fast shipping (within 2 days) and even came with a pair of matching pair of thong panties...BONUS! (I'm a sucker for a freebee!) I hope this review helped you one way or the other, if so, please click "Helpful" below.

Once the costume is complete, I'll get a picture uploaded
July 29, 2016
Really pretty, a bit short in the front. Photo shows a front V shape. It's not, just a slight slight curve.
Material is sturdy.
Metal clips are a pain in the rear end. I've been wearing corsets and renaissance garb of all sorts for years and I have never had an issue until I put this on. They are so hard to clip in to each other. Once you have them in (I suggest clipping them in while lying on a bed, make sure ribbons are very loose when doing this) then have someone behind you pull the ribbons tight and tie the bows for you. You can probably do it alone, but it's not as easy, so I don't recommend it.
Makes a beautiful shape with my chunky curves.
Comes with the most pathetic pair of thongs I have ever seen.

I am a 36 D/DD in the chest and I wear a size 8 in jeans so I got the XL. Fits snug like a corset should. Full boob coverage and still sexy and appealing.
June 5, 2016
I purchased this to wear with several costumes. It's a little roomy in the bust, but I can't help the size of my boobs! The slack can be easily taken in with an unnoticeable stitch. I was between sizes, so I ordered a size up. Against my skin, it could be pulled a little tighter, but, because I plan to wear it over other garments, it works perfectly. What I really love about this corset is that there is an overlay flap on the front which prevents flesh or fabric from being seen in the space between the closure when the corset is pulled tight. There is also a vanity flap in the back, under the laces, that can easily be trimmed off if you prefer your skin or garment to show underneath the laces. I also like the fact that the laces tie in the middle instead of the top so I can tighten and secure the corset myself without needing additional help. I might re-lace my other top-lacing corsets in this same manner! This corset does not look "cheap" despite the prices. I would definitely purchase from this company again!
October 7, 2017
I can't believe how perfect this is. I ordered it expecting to return. I didn't think it would fit right because the price was so good but it nicely made and really gives you a nice shape and is comfortable. Its a little difficult to hook it up from the bottom because as you go up sometimes the bottom hook will come undone until you finally reach the top. Not a big deal as this happens with all that hook this way. I was going to use it as an experiment with crystal but now I don't wast to take a chance and ruin it. I am 5'4 at 118 and I ordered the black in Large. I normally would wear a small in a shirt so make sure you read their chart regarding sizes. Don't look at the size (small, medium, large) look at the actual bust size they list and you should get a great fit. And if you have real boobs (not enhanced) you should get chicken cutlets. even if you are on the bigger size because it gives you that extra lift. Just get cheap ones. Good luck, hope you like your purchase as much as I do.
April 7, 2015
I bought this corset for my Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite) cosplay. The "corset" the costume came with was a bit on the bigger side and the black stripes were a little off centered. No biggie, I planned on getting a new top anyways for a more fitted look. I figured I'd just buy this then either use fabric markers or sew/glue black ribbon on to it to give it the Elizabeth look..

I really like this corset, it feels nice, it looks nice, and it's good quality for the price.
However, I do feel it runs a little large. Though I know you aren't suppose to go based on what you actually wear, here are me measurements: I usually wear a medium in tops and between 8-9 in jeans. I'm 5'3" and about 130 lbs. I also wear a 36C. And based on my measurements (36x30) I ordered the XL. With the corset completely tightened up, I still have plenty of room and I have a lot of spare room in the bust (which I'll have to figure out a fix for).

Also though it's not a big deal, the privacy panel on the back is just under 4.5 inches (advertised as 5 inches). Not a big deal to me seeing as I didn't need it anyways, but for other customers who may need it. It came with two sets of ribbon to tighten the top and bottom separately, which was nice. And there is more than enough ribbon.

The thongs are kind of a joke. I don't wear them anyways, I usually just toss them. But they are really stiff and have a really weird shape and feel.

And it arrived rather quickly (just a couple of days).

I give the corset a 4 star, because of how much bigger it was. But I would recommend.
And I will be back to get the black one for my Ariel cosplay this fall. :)

I also bought the black corset (also in XL mainly because I was wearing it over another shirt and a waist-high skirt).. And the corset is perfect for what I need. The only (not really an issue) issue is that, for me it made me look flat in the chest area. But I'm not really one to bring attention to those parts of my body, which is why it's not really an issue. But for some it may. Especially wearing something underneath.
November 6, 2013
This is an excellent deal. It fits and looks great and i found it to be quite nice quality.
I have been reading some people's reviews on here and I'm going to clear up some concerns people have about this item that made them give 1-3 stars.
1) it doesn't fit properly? That's because corset sizing is different from regular sizing? Corset sizing is about 2 sizes bigger than your regular size depending on how comfortable you feel. In stores I am a L/XL and the corset is a 2XL.
2) clips or ribbon broke? Make sure you put it on properly. the easiest way to put it on is to undo or widen the ribbon by a substantial amount make it too big for you around the back before you do the clips then fasten the ribbon after. It seams like a lot of work but believe me if you try to clip it up without doing the ribbons you are bound to break it. After all a corset is designed to be tight around your body and ultimately ... Hold in the fat! :)
3) If you did buy it too small, they do a great return policy and I'm sure they would exchange it for a bigger size for you to try again, don't get weird that you have to have a bigger size, REMEMBER corset sizing is not the same as regular.
4) sizing info and other info is written on their page! Complaints about sizing etcetera made me laugh because there is a sizing chart and a comparative chart as well, MAKE SURE you always read the info before purchasing just to be sure!
Thank you and enjoy your corset, I certainly am :))
August 11, 2016
A little hard to put on but thats ok, it looks great with my renaissance angel costume and i am soon happy with how it keeps that hour glass shape! It also came with a thong lol, i didn't expect that but it doesn't seem like a thong anyone would actually wear. Looks just like the color shown! awesome price so a great corset!
May 8, 2015
I'm 5'9"-5'10", 195lbs, a full D, sometimes DD, and I wear a 12 in NY &Co pants. I ordered a 3-4XL. It completely closed in the back, no gap. To close it I started in the middle and button up, then down.
It seemed well constructed
The material was smooth and didn't feel too hot, unlike the other one that I tried.
It did seem to cinch me up well
The ribbons to tie it were cute
It didn't stick out at the breast level
It was easy to tighten after I laid down on the bed to snap it closed hahaha

It wasn't long enough. It came to about the top of my hips
It made my breasts "pointy"
I wouldn't work well under clothes 😢😭

Maybe I thought it'd be different. This is my first time trying a corset! If you found this review helpful, please click "Yes" so other tall women will see it. Thank you!
October 23, 2015
Fits me perfectly, wife says it matches my stellettos perfectly, and the beard really ties it all together