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Heart Shape Matte Satin Pasties Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Heart Shape Matte Satin Pasties Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Shown Color Black Fabric Matte Satin
Length(inch) One Size:3¼ Width(inch) One Size:2¾
Weight 0.26kg

January 3, 2014
Works perfect! We have always had to cover the sofa with blankets which looked tacky but the Paws Away Mat has solved our problem. Our dog jumped on the mat "once" and that's all it took. I would highly recommend the Pawz Away mat.

I might also mention that the company gave good service. We received it right away..
August 8, 2014
its a waste of money. my cats learned to not walk on this but to walk around it and scratch the carpet around it which pissed me off so they didn't learn to not scratch their nails rendering this useless. it's annoying because you think you turn it off but then it makes loud sounds and you think you turn it off again and it makes loud sounds etc etc stupid waste of money
July 27, 2012
I really hesitated bringing an electric shock item into the house to deal with the pets on the furniture, but over a year later I am VERY glad I did. You can use the shock alone, sound alone or both together. It didn't take long for the pets to figure out just by the sight of it that they didn't want to touch it. I used it for about 3 months and haven't needed it since. It may come in handy now to keep the cat off the counter top. The product provided a consistency in training that I could not do on my own, especially with a full work schedule.
June 4, 2016
didnt work even once
August 10, 2009
I am now on my 4th couch in 5 years. Yes, 4th couch. Lets just say the dog thinks they are very tasty. I really wanted to buy a new couch so my visitors wouldn't have to sit on the floor and since they don't make a disposable model I needed to come up with something to protest it. I read reviews about the Pawz Away Mat and thought I'd give it a try.

It's very easy to operate and it doesn't go through batteries too quickly. My 4 dogs only attempted (that I know of) to get on the couch once. I would have given the product 5 stars if there were a counter on the pad to let you know the number of times it had to correct the animal. This would let you know if the pad was reducing the number of attempts. I also think the pad is very pricey; I had to by two medium pads just for my oversized couch. But the cost of a new couch versus the price of the pad is well worth it.
October 27, 2010
I got this mat yesterday and it works just as advertised. I am very impressed! I have a cat who has been peeing in my bathtub. I couldn't get him to stop so I bought this mat. I tried it on myself first just so I could see how much shock there was and make sure I wasn't going to harm my cat. I could certainly feel it, but it wasn't painful. I set it to pulse and tone, put it in the bathtub and waited. It wasn't long before I heard the beep and my cat came flying out of the bathroom. Now he won't go near that tub. I picked him up just to carry him near the tub (wasn't going to set him on the mat) and he jumped out of my arms to get away. He doesn't want to go near that tub. SUCCESS!!!!! I highly recommend this product.
November 14, 2017
Doesn't work on cats with small enough paws to walk between wires.
Doesn't work on huskies with fur foot protection; I just happen to have both.
April 25, 2017
fits area and dog likes
March 24, 2014
I have two cats and their reactions the first time they stepped onto this "Forbidden Zone" was PRICELESS! I have to admit, I laughed first then thought about their safety (mostly because they stepped on it as I was setting it up and I didn't have time to test it yet) >.< But I did test the shock out myself to be sure and it's more surprising and less painful then I expected.

I was initially concerned of the long term negative effects if they were to keep shocking themselves but I have yet to see them come back for a second dose so that solves that! I was also concerned about the cost especially if it wasn't going to work or if the cats were going to become "immune" to this method like they have become immune to my scholdings...

I bought this mat to keep the cats off the couch because the "stay-off" type sprays were just too bothersome to keep REapplying every 24 hours and i didn't know what the chemicals were truly doing to the couch material being that I was spraying it so often.

The Pawz Away Mat has been completely successful and well worth the price. I would definitely recommend this for any pet owner who has the issue of their pet feeling THEY are the Master of their owners. This method works even when I'm not around, forcing them to obey whether there is someone there to schold them or not. And now after a couple weeks of havibg it in place, even if I forget to put the mat back, I feel they have effectively learned that the couch is now the "Forbidden Zone". Now I don't have to be the "bad guy" always scholding them in order for them to learn and we can go back to being good company for each other but now with a successful understanding of the "Forbidden Zone."
November 29, 2015
So my cats never even look at the counter tops . . until I walk away and then it's open season. These mats fixed my problem. I confirmed with PetSafe that this version is waterproof and operates only off a single 9v battery. It has the ability to only alarm, alarm and zap, or zap only. My cats jumped up on them only once and now they stay clear. I felt it myself, provides a zap similar to the strength if you were to touch a 9v battery to your tongue. ( we all test 9vs like that, right?) I have no fear that this will harm or injure my animals.