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Fluffy Black Coat Faux Fur Long Sleeve Women's Winter Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Fluffy Black Coat Faux Fur Long Sleeve Women's Winter Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $42.09 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Style Chic & Modern, Casual
Cleaning Dry Clean Only Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Embellishment Faux Fur Occasion Daily Casual
Thickness Bust(inch) XS :33¼, S :34¾, M :36¼, L :37¾, XL :39¼, XXL :41, XXXL :42½, XXXXL :44¼, XXXXXL :45¾, XXXXXXL :47¼
Length(inch) XS :28¼, S :28¼, M :28¾, L :29¼, XL :29½, XXL :30, XXXL :30¼, XXXXL :30¾, XXXXXL :31¼, XXXXXXL :31½ Sleeve Length(inch) XS :22½, S :22½, M :22¾, L :23¼, XL :23½, XXL :24¼, XXXL :24½, XXXXL :24¾, XXXXXL :25¼, XXXXXXL :25½
Shoulder Breadth(inch) XS :14¼, S :14¼, M :14½, L :15, XL :15¼, XXL :15¾, XXXL :16¼, XXXXL :16½, XXXXXL :17, XXXXXXL :17¼ Weight 0.9kg

May 11, 2017
This stuff works well. Little messy but no big deal. I was putting this on a 3" thick slab of western larch that I milled for the mother in law. If I would have done it again I would have definitely painted on a coat first to seal up any cracks. I sat there with a torch popping bubbles for about an hour after pouring because they just kept coming out of the litte cracks and imperfections in the wood. Just expensive for what it is I thought...
June 27, 2016
I did not buy this on Amazon, but at Menard's at slightly less than the Amazon price. I have been using high gloss epoxy resin as a final top finish for art-design-painted furniture for 10 years. I have used two other brands of epoxy. I bought Glaze Coat and used it just this week. Here are my initial thoughts:
#1 - The instructions are very well written. Follow them exactly for best results. Interestingly, other brands they say to mix for 3 + 3 minutes (not 6 + 6) - this seems to indicate great care in this company to ensure quality end result.
#2- This resin is a little thinner than two other brands I have used. THUS: plan on likely needing two or three thin layers vs a nice, settling thicker coat that is gained by other brands (ie: UltraClear Epoxy)
#3- It never mentions this in the instructions: MAKE SURE what you are coating is absolutely level (use a level instrument) as the epoxy will slowly settle and move toward the lowest side.
#4- Also not mentioned in these instructions: DO NOT use windex type cleaner, and preferably not a spray wax-based polish to clean when cured. The best thing to use is simply lightly soapy water. (clouding can otherwise occur).
#5- Note the shelf life on the instructions says 1 year. Well, that's probably short. But after 2 years, throw out what you haven't used. If you put the open bottles of this on the shelf to use in three years the resin slowly thickens, softens and will not result in the longest lasting clear finish you want.
January 7, 2009
The "dry" time is a little long and allows too many bubbles to form. It does put down a nice shiny finish.
June 18, 2015
Great stuff
August 30, 2015
just what I needed
October 3, 2016
It did exactly what I wanted it to do. I used it to restore damaged antique ceramic tiles. They look even better than I hoped. The mixing directions must be followed exactly. The heat gum is essential for eliminating tiny bubbles to give a really glossy clear finish.
June 19, 2016
Package arrived on time and I loved the product!
April 13, 2013
We tried it is too easy application. Excellent product. Worth to pay . I will buy more for my all projects
October 17, 2017
This product doesn't work well. I followed the directions to a T and now have a table top that is a sticky mess after curing for over 72hrs. Unfortunately, this is one of the only products on the market that creates this type of finish. I plan to contact FamoWood directly about the issues. In all, I would not buy or recommend this product.
October 6, 2017
Must have if you use unicorn spit paints. The high gloss brings out the vivid colors and wood grains like nothing else. I find it very easy to work with. I did put a polyurethane (rub on) on the table top before I put this glaze just to assure that there would be no bubbles. I did not have a problem. Easy to use.