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Faux Fur Coat Women White Long Sleeve Hooded Winter Overcoat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Faux Fur Coat Women White Long Sleeve Hooded Winter Overcoat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $43.03 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color White, Black Pattern Solid Color
Fabric Fur Style Chic & Modern
Cleaning Hand Wash Shell Material Artificial Wool
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Bust(inch) S :33¾, M :35½, L :37¼, XL :38½, XXL :40¼, XXXL :41¾
Length(inch) S :29¼, M :29½, L :30, XL :30¼, XXL :30¾, XXXL :31¼ Sleeve Length(inch) S :21¾, M :22¼, L :22½, XL :22¾, XXL :23¼, XXXL :23½
Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :14½, M :15, L :15¼, XL :15¾, XXL :16¼, XXXL :16½ Weight 0.5kg

May 15, 2017
Love this weekly polish & top coat.
May 14, 2014
I don't have time to sit around for my nails to dry, because I am always running between work, events for my kid, dealing with my dog, chores, cooking, cleaning, washing. I have things to do, you know? I am a professional woman who just goes without manicures because they are too delicate and require weekly trips to the salon. This nail polish dries in 9 minutes. Let that sink in for a bit: no waiting at the salon, no praying you don't smudge them in the car home or that your child wants you to get something for him as soon as you get home and inevitably ruin $20 worth of manicure the moment you step in the door. I paint my nails and go to bed. No smudges after 9 minutes. It's glorious. Also, there are lots of great colors and I've been using these products for weeks and my nails have not changed. It does not make them week like Shellac and it hasn't stained them. It also goes on in a less messy fashion than normal polish. So now I'm the working mom with pretty nails who doesn't pay $80 per month for them.
December 4, 2017
Absolutely makes my Vinylux polish last about a week. This is now the ONLY brand of polish and top coat I will buy.
Outlasts other salon brands for sure..
August 11, 2015
Two weeks after my manicure (with CND "Lobster Pot Red") I apply a coat of this....and BELIEVE ME...my nails look like I had JUST HAD A NEW MANICURE!!!....Truly, people go out of their way to mention the shine of this product! It's..really AMAZING!!
A FUNNY, BUT TYPICAL happening last Saturday......I was REALLY At "RED LOBSTER"...waiting for my take-out order....when a woman tapped me on my shoulder to COMPLIMENT me on my BEAUTIFUL NAIL POLISH LUSTRE! (THE TRUTH!!! ....and, I was wearing "Lobster Pot" Red!..:) !
November 8, 2014
Love this top coat over ANY polish. Just seems to make my polish last longer without chipping . I think CND is so well know for their Shellac that it is overlooked for regular polish. I have use the Vinylux polish and I was not impressed but this top coat is a real winner. I have used over many different polishes from Korres to Chanel and always loved it. It will not wear like a UV or Led cured lacquer but does well.
July 3, 2015
Really, really keeps its promises. This is my second order, and I am very hard on my nails and rarely remember to wear gloves. An additional benefit is that my nails don't seem to break as often. I've also used the product and polish for a pedicure, and it actually lasts, without chipping, until my nails need to be cut and have grown out enough that there is a space at the nail bed.
January 9, 2014
I used as a top coat at home over my nail polish( I used my own regular nail polish not CND). It lasted 4 days without chipping which I'm very happy about. I would recommend this product.
May 15, 2017
excellent it protects your nail polish and harden your nails
November 23, 2017
Works great with any polish, even the cheap stuff. I use this and CND Stickey basecoat and can get a solid four days of wear without even a tiny chip. If I'm willing to patch a bit, I can make it through a week. Short of a full-on, soak-off, UV-cured gel job, I think that's about the best one can expect.
January 31, 2016
Don't waste time reading reviews. Just. Buy. It.
I have not a single complaint. My nail polish is still going strong and it's been 12 days.