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Denim Jacket Women Shearling Coat Faux Fur Collar Sweater Sleeve Coat For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Denim Jacket Women Shearling Coat Faux Fur Collar Sweater Sleeve Coat For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $40.79 USD

Описание товара

Design Removable, Slim Fit Neckline Turndown Collar
Embellishment Buttons Closures Front Button
Sleeve Type Rib Knit Cuff Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Two-Tone Season Winter
Style Chic & Modern Fabric Cotton Blend
Shown Color Blue Type Denim Jacket
Collar Material Faux Fur Note Fur/Faux fur collar included
Thickness Bust(inch) S :34¾, M :36¼, L :37¾, XL :39¼, XXL :41, XXXL :42½
Length(inch) S :20¼, M :20¾, L :21¾, XL :22½, XXL :23¼, XXXL :24¼ Sleeve Length(inch) S :25¼, M :25¼, L :25½, XL :26, XXL :26, XXXL :26½
Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :14½, M :15, L :15¾, XL :16¼, XXL :17, XXXL :17¼ Weight 0.38kg

August 16, 2017
this was a better idea on paper than in practice. the hood makes the hoody unwearable. it's practically impossible to wear the hood without the eye mask dropping down to cover your eyes and the neck pillow makes it very bulky and uncomfortable.

the inner right breast pocket contains the attached microfiber cloth which you feel as a bulge against your chest. the outer right great "drink" pocket is an odd shape which i suppose would be ok if you actually intend to use it to hold a can, but really, who needs that. the inner and outer left breast pockets are shallow. the inner left side pockets are narrow where a single pocket might have served better. the tablet pocket is actually great for any number of oversized items.

i wasn't a fan of the gloves, but never expected to be. if i didn't return it i probably would have cut them out.

i like the pen tho :)

overall it was the hood that ruined it. if that wasn't a heavy, awkward, saggy lump of annoying failure i would have given it 3 stars and kept it. but it had to go back.
December 11, 2016
Damn good fabric. I have this tendency of forgetting things. In past 1 year, I have already lost 2-3 mobiles, this jacket dedicated pocket doesn't let me forget to keep my things in an organized way. The best part is pocketed inside have zippers to close it and hence it doesn't come out, making it very comfortable while traveling.
July 26, 2017
The biggest problem with ordering one of these is finding the right size. I wear an XL in American Apparel/Alternative Apparel hoodies and they fit quite nicely. I'm tall (6'5"), but athletic. Sometimes I can wear a XXL hoodie, but usually they make me look fat so I don't.

I bought an XL. Nope. XXL. Nope. XXXL and finally found a fit. Weirdly the XXL is basically pretty close to and XL. The XXXL is HUGE. It's like they jumped two sizes, but also, it fits and I'm happy.

There's a cheaper version of this that has a better setup for the hoodie where you can attach the face mask to the hood so you can just wear the hood too. That would be a 5 star addition.
November 24, 2017
This is beyond a doubt the most perfect travel sweatshirt ever! I used it for a long trip overseas. It has an incorporated inflatable neck pillow, tons of hidden pockets with zippers on the inside, which was perfect for keeping passports and wallets safe while sleeping, the hood has a nice little extension that covers your eyes for perfect sleep during long flights, it's super cozy and perfectly warm for cold flights, as well as colder weather. Love, love love this sweatshirt!!!!!
August 24, 2017
I had originally ordered the Women's Large, which I loved. However, the women's hoodie is more tailored than the men's hoodie and the pocket's are smaller. I returned the women's hoodie because, after I had put my cell phone, tablet, etc in the hoodie, it felt bulky and not at all comfortable. I ordered the men's large (could have also ordered the medium and been just as happy). The hoodie is amazing and is exactly what I expected to receive. I can't wait to use it on my adventures!
May 23, 2017
You can't really wear the hood unless you want the eye shade to be down. It keeps falling in front of your eyes. The inflatable neck pillow works as advertised but it still feels a bit awkward sitting n your shoulders.... The best part is the zipper pen. Honestly - an eye shade and an inflatable pillow don't really take up that much room in a travel bag. It is also decidedly slim fit. So my biggest issue was fit, though your milage there may vary.
all in all - maybe the bomber is nice, because it is stiffer, but the hoodie didn't cut it for me.
December 26, 2016
I supported this Kickstarter in hopes of receiving it before a November international trip but unfortunately received a few months after. Instead I regifted it as a Christmas gift for my husband this year hence the delay in writing a review.

My husband was surprised and overwhelmed at the multitude of pockets. Upon first use though he noticed that the zipper was on the wrong side for men (left instead of right) and asked if it was an XL large meant for women. So while all the accessories are great, he has a difficult time zipping up the the jacket. So beware if you're super conscious about placement of zipper.
January 6, 2017
I wasn't sure about the jacket - especially the cost. However, I have spent too many days in cold airports. I decided to purchase the travel jacket and I am glad that I did. First let's talk about the neck pillow. I never use one since they make my head push forward and are never comfortable - this neck pillow is completely different! The back of the pillow is slim and makes for a very comfortable neck pillow. I took a great nap. The jacket is comfortable and warm. The pockets are very handy and don't weigh down the jacket.
January 22, 2017
This is one of the best sweatshirt I own. Only complain I have is that there is no way to keep the eyemask in, so sometimes (all the time) you are walking and put the hood on and after a few steps the mask covers your eyes so you cannot see. You have to constantly keep adjusting it.
Otherwise it is great. Great material, most of the pockets are well thought out and the neck pillow is amazing. it blows very quickly and very comfortable to use.
January 22, 2017
I did a lot of research on this product and read a lot of reviews before pulling the trigger, and ultimately I can't say I hate it, but it's not worth $150.

Microfiber is comfortable

Yep, there's a lot of them

Seems like it would stay in place well enough and comes with 4 extra tips

Eye mask:
Pretty nifty and definitely relaxing to have your whole head surrounded by fabric. I don't see problems with it falling down over your eyes unless you were running with the hood up, but this is not something you should run in.

On the wrong side for men. Not the worst problem in the world but weird getting used to

Neck Pillow:
This was kind of the make or break for me. I am not the kind of person to spend $150 on a non-waterproof jacket unless everything about it is pristine. The pillow is nice enough when blown up and when used with the eye mask it's easy to doze off. But when deflated, it's stiff, bulky and heavy, making for a very uncomfortable/awkward hood. It is detachable which solves that problem, but without having the convenience of keeping it in the hoodie at all times, why not just buy a nice hoodie and get a neck brace/eye mask for much less? The inflate/deflate impressed me and was fairly innovative, but the valve sticks out quite a bit and is hard plastic so resting your head to the side with the pillow deflated is like resting your head on a rock.

Bottom line:
If you're the kind of person who is willing to spend $100 on just a run of the mill hoodie with no extra features, you might enjoy the extra fun of this jacket and be able to overlook the inconveniences. I personally would rate the value of this jacket around $75, which makes it too hard for me to justify purchasing and I will be returning it.

P.S. if you're worried it will be too big, guess again. I'm 6'0 with a 39" chest and 180 lbs and the Large was on the edge of being too small, even before washing.