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Denim Crop Top Blue Stand Collar Sleeveless Backless Studded Club Top For Women With Zipper Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Denim Crop Top Blue Stand Collar Sleeveless Backless Studded Club Top For Women With Zipper Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $28.06 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Blue Fabric Denim
Neckline Turndown Collar, Stand Collar Design Backless
Embellishment Zipper, Studded, Lace up Style Chic & Modern
Pattern Distressed Season Summer
Length(inch) One Size :11¼ Weight 0.13kg

December 14, 2015
I had high hopes for this product, but it didn't seem to make any difference for my dog. I have a 1 year old Pug who is pretty high strung, and we were planning to travel by air across country. On shorter plane rides he was nervous so I thought I would give it a try. As suggested I put it on him one week before travel, and noticed absolutely no difference in his behavior. It wasn't hurtful in any way, he didn't mind it, didn't chafe, no problems, but it just didn't seem to make a difference for him.
April 21, 2013
We got a rescue dog that was beyond hyper, nervous, and restless. She chewed and ate EVERYTHING...I'm talking she would run up and grab a mouthful of metal screws while I was repairing something and swallow them faster than I can type these words. The vet said she had probably been locked up all the time with her last owner and recommended these. If I took all day, I couldn't explain how bad she was. In addition to giving her lot's of chew toys, exercise and training we put one of these on her. Oh my goodness, she chilled out so much. We have been using these for 3 months and we can totally tell the difference between when she first gets one and after it is wearing off a month later. Our dog is with people all day and doesn't get locked up except her kennel at night.

I suppose if you expect this to fix all your dogs problems, you are going to be disappointed. You have to work with all aspects of the behaviour.
May 6, 2013
I have a 8 year old Shih tzu we rescued 3 years ago,,he is afraid of everything,,storms, 4th of July,,even when we turn the oven on,,that click noise sends him into shaking mode. We talked to our vet,,she recommended this collar and the Thundershirt before trying medicine. We are on the 2nd month of the collar and we do feel it helps alot. We had our son dogsitting for us one weekend and he has seen in the past that just turning on the oven would set him off,,he turned the oven on to make a pizza and he just layed in his bed and slept. He also hates Wednesdays,,when the garbage trucks come,,he is fine with them now. Some days now when we know there is a chance of storms,,we bring out the Thundershirt,,and the two together, helps him greatly. I recommened both products.
January 17, 2013
I ordered this out of utter desperation, willing to try anything for my little elderly terrier, who had started to bite -- hard -- when he was even mildly startled or even touched, a serious problem. He had checked out with the vet for any physical issues, and the conclusion was that this was psychological behavior. This was a pup I got as a rescue when he was about three, and had come from an abusive home, so it had taken some rehab before he eventually trusted enough to allow cuddling and petting...He became the most cuddly, affectionate dog ever, but then recently began to revert. I had no expectations that this would work (I bought the collar along with the spray), but was shocked when, a few days after the collar went on, he reacted to something that normally would elicit a bite - I reached across him without realizing he was sleeping right there -- with merely a tail wag and snuffle. It's now been two weeks, no growls, no bites, he seems fully secure. Today he allowed me to pet his head again for the first time in months. I'm a little amazed.
August 12, 2013
.the 1 year old dog is very uptight, As the breeder I bought him back from an unsuitable home. He is not aggressive but has high activity level and is very independent, reacts to noise by barking and constantly tries to engage the other dogs to play. At first he could not come inside he was so intense and unable to settle. I was made aware of Adaptil following a professional dog assessment. Since using the collar he is now able to enjoy the benefits of family life indoors each evening and can tolerate the family cat sitting on my knee. I hate to think how difficult the dog would be without the help of the Adaptil collar. He still has a way to go with some of his manners but is decidedly more manageable both indoors and socialising on walks and mixing with other dogs.
I was just a bit annoyed that the collar does not have a more robust fastener. It quickly broke from play activities among the dogs and had to be taped together which probably reduces the collars effectiveness.
November 18, 2015
This was recommended to us for use on our 1.5 year old pit bull to combat some aggression/anxiety issues. Over the course of 3 weeks she wore the collar constantly and I noticed no difference in her behavior at all.

Tonight I noticed a severe skin irritation on her neck. Her skin is red and bumpy, and it looks like there is a sore starting to form. The collar was not on her too tightly; it was actually a little loose. The vet believes it can be cleared up with a couple baths.

Our dog does have sensitive skin, as she has broken out in a belly rash because of a blanket in her kennel. I do not recommend this product if your dog has skin allergies or sensitive skin.
December 19, 2017
My vet recommended trying this. Not only did it not help, but after about three days of her constantly wearing it, she became more whiny and anxious that she was previously. Probably depends on the dog. Just know it's a gamble as to whether or not it will work.
December 18, 2017
I do not believe it really worked for us, but our dog can be an a%% when we are not home. We were hoping for a calm dog while we were away at work, didn't happen. Confining him to the laundry room did-nothing to eat off off the counter while we were gone. He's an 80# pit bull mix-nice dog, lap dog,, etc.....just gets nervous when we leave.
December 21, 2017
My three year old Staffie mix rescue dog has separation anxiety, understandably. Before trying medicine, my vet suggested the Adaptil Collar. The results were nearly immediate. I doubt Simmy (my dog) will ever want to spend time alone, but she is much more calm when I am home and when I am away (no destructive behaviors). I also give her things to do when I’m away - puzzle toys with cookies inside, etc. this combo seems to work well for us. And, ordering this product from Amazon is almost half the price. I replace the collar once a month as recommended; I can tell when it’s time to replace - Simmy’s anxiety increases.
July 5, 2012
Problem: an 8-1/2# shih-tzu/bichon mix, my precious baby, high-strung, neurotic, nervous. Alarmed by shadows/lights/noises of any kind. Absolutely berserk and inconsolable during thunderstorms.

Solution: I was desperate, and would have bought anything at any price. I tried the DAP collar for small dogs. Read the reviews carefully, concluded that it worked -- IF it worked -- after ten days, two weeks, a month. . . Put it on her. That night we got the double whammy: Fourth of July AND major thunderstorms following in the wee hours of the morning.

At four a.m., after watching her sleep through the fireworks, I sat in the bathroom (her favorite place to cower during the storms) and watched incredulously as she played with my bare toes, her tail wagging -- and thunder boomed steadily outside. I am stunned, grateful, a devoted customer FOREVER.