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Chiffon Skater Dress Short Lace Sleeve Spread Collar Stripes Layered Flare Dress With Belt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Chiffon Skater Dress Short Lace Sleeve Spread Collar Stripes Layered Flare Dress With Belt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $40.93 USD

Описание товара

Type Shirt Sleeve Length Short Sleeve
Neckline Spread Shown Color Grey, White
Season Spring, Summer, Fall Fabric Lace, Chiffon
Pattern Stripes Style Elegant, Chic & Modern
Embellishment Lace up Design Layered
Closures Front Button Note Belt included
Bust(inch) S :33¾, M :35½, L :37¼, XL :38½, XXL :40¼ Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :15¾, M :16¼, L :16½, XL :17, XXL :17¼
Dress Length(inch) S:37½, M:37¾, L:38¼, XL:38½, XXL:39 Weight 0.15kg

September 10, 2017
My partner is currently 36 weeks pregnant, but for the last couple of months she's had difficultly getting to, and staying, asleep. This is naturally part of pregnancy, but we're constantly on the lookout for products that can help her through the nights.

So, when the Babymoov Dream Belt was available for review she was very interested in trying it out.

Unfortunately, after a solid college try, starting at week 32, normal pillows and a G/C-shaped body pillow ended up working much better for her.

First, the good. It's super comfortable, soft to the touch, and features memory foam within that can be removed for easy washing of the band.

Unfortunately, for my partner, the band itself was just too big. If they perhaps made bands in smaller sizes she would have been able to get more from this.

As-is, however, the band wouldn't stay in place throughout the night. Instead, it would rotate in such a way that she'd wake up from discomfort and then either take it off, or have to get up to readjust it and then lay back down.

The band itself is held in place via velcro, so she'd end up wearing a shirt and placing the band on top of it to prevent any itchyness from the velcro.

For these reasons the Babymoov Dream Belt got a neutral three of five stars from her. It feels good when it works, but don't expect it to last the whole night.
August 11, 2017
The joy of pregnancy is tempered by the reality. Morning sickness, stretch marks and the inability to get a good night's sleep plague most moms to be. while this pillow doesn't address the first two, it goes a long way in helping one get comfortable with a growing belly. The belt itself is made of a soft stretchy material. The memory foam inserts provide comfort and support. The removable cover is machine washable. The belt adjusts via velcro. It is manageable without help.

this belt does help and it would be useful both during pregnancy and afterwards. A big belly strains the back and it provides relief in that respect too. a nicely designed accessory for moms and moms' to be.
October 7, 2017
This product is aptly named---truly a dream to use. Sleeping on my side is the only option the further along I get, so like most pregnant women do, I've been using a a couple pillows under my stomach and one between my knees. I too find it annoying to have to move all the pillows around when I need to turn to my other side during the night. The Babymoov Dream Belt let me eliminate the two pillows under my stomach. It provides the same amount of support with the benefit that it moves "with" me when i turn over, and I don't have to wake up enough to move and reposition pillows, except for the one between my knees.

I was concerned that "wearing" a pillow like this might make me too hot, but it didn't. The belt portion is a very lightweight material that doesn't add to your body temperature. The belt is detachable for washing.

The belt is adjusted to fit with velcro, so it should "grow" with me as I grow. I didn't have any fitting issues as others have mentioned, but I can imagine since every pregnant woman's body size and shape is different, there may be some variation on the fit. Overall, I love the convenience of not hassling anymore with pillows, and getting a better night sleep. Highly recommended.
August 24, 2017
The Babymoov Dream Belt is soft all around with some padding on its sides but none in the front, light grey area. I was surprised when I opened the Babymoov Dream Belt since I expected it to be more formed and have denser padding. However, it works well for a pregnant woman who has a protruding belly in the latter stages of pregnancy and who is a side sleeper - or even a struggling stomach sleeper. It is adjustable to almost every size via velcro fasteners sewn onto the back flaps.

As a former staunch stomach sleeper, my growing belly forced me to sleep halfway on my side with a knee propped up to keep my weight off my belly. This is a perfect solution to my dilemma without being uncomfortable.
September 1, 2017
I started using it at 6 months pregnant and it works wonders in getting a good night's sleep. The front of the belt has a very soft fabric with elastic at the top and bottom which feels nice and comfortably hugs your belly while the sides have foam pillows that gives you support while sleeping. You can adjust the belt at the back. I sleep on the side and it fills the gap between my waist and the bed really nicely and provide just the right amount of support throughout the night. I've been using regular pillows to get some support and I am so happy I discovered the Babymoov belt.
I find it also to be a much better alternative to the big pregnancy pillows which take so much space in bed. I also purchased their travel pillow for foot or head support and love it as well.
August 13, 2017
Every woman who is going through a pregnancy should get this item. It is a must have item for any baby registry. It may make you look like a weird Pokemon character or that you are a title belt holder of some fighting federation, but ooooh the comfort. It could make me look like Barney for all I care, I put it on the moment I get home. Before using this belt I had some issues falling asleep and just feeling discomfort and would wake up super tired like someone suffering from severe sleep apnea. Now I hardly even toss and turn and have much better quality of sleep. Unfortunately it does not not magically get rid of the nausea that comes with being pregnant.
August 17, 2017
This pregnancy belt is one of those products that isn’t perfect but is not useless either, hence my middle of the road rating of 3 stars. The belt is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. It is simple to put on using a big strip of Velcro. Velcro is not usually my favorite material since it tends to get stuck on surrounding fabrics causing frustrating snags, but it makes taking the belt on and off as easy as possible so I’m ok with its use on this product. I also like that you can remove the pads inside and machine wash the fabric of the belt.

Some less than great features – because the fabric is so soft and stretchy, the belt doesn’t really stay in place well throughout the night. It twists and rides up very easily any time you adjust your sleeping position, which is unfortunately fairly often as an uncomfortable pregnant woman. The padding does provide some nice support for my belly when it is properly placed as I sleep on my side. However, that alone is not enough to keep my back and hips comfortable, so I still need to use another pillow propped between my legs for additional support. At that point a full body pillow is probably more convenient than using this belt along with another pillow for my legs.

All in all, it is a decent product that does provide some extra comfort and support for sleeping while pregnant. With a more rigid design that doesn’t move around so easily, I probably would have given it a 4th star.
August 18, 2017
My wife is six-months pregnant with our third child. She's been using pillows to try to get the support she needs in bed up until now, but her hip has really been bothering her. When I got this for her, she thought I was crazy. She even told me she didn't want it at first, because she thought the whole concept was too ridiculous.

When she first tried it on, she thought the support went too far around the side and the way it supported her side felt unusual to her. But shen she woke next day, her hip pain was significantly improved, and she decided the unusual feel of the support on her side must have been good for her. She continued to wear it every night for about a week until our housekeeper "put it away" somewhere she couldn't find it. She slept without it for one night and said that her hip was noticeably worse the next day. (Luckily, we found it before she went back to bed the next night.)

She still hates the idea of the belt, but I'd be surprised if she spent another night without it between now and November (when the baby comes). And, I'm so glad that the giant u-shaped pillow that accompanied us in bed for the last trimester of the first two pregnancies won't be coming back out again this time.
September 1, 2017
The Babymoov Dream Belt makes side sleeping while pregnant more comfortable. I'm in my third trimester, so side sleeping is my only option. I had been sleeping with a wedge pillow under my belly and another pillow between my knees for hip support. I have to rotate sleeping on each side multiple times a night due to discomfort. It is annoying to have to move two pillows every time I adjust my position. So the Babymoov Dream Belt was a perfect alternative to a traditional pillow tucked under my belly. I can just roll over to my other side since the belt has a pillow on each side (although I still need to adjust my pillow at my knees).

The belt has a lightweight jersey fabric that goes across the front stretching over the front of your belly. With elastic on top and bottom of the jersey material for stretch. Then each side of the belt has a foam pillow for support. They are removable through fabric inserts on the inside, so that the belt can be easily washed. The belt attaches with a Velcro so it is easily adjustable for different body/belly sizes. You have it on the right way if the tag on back that reads "9 months of b" is facing upwards.

Although the Babymoov Dream Belt is a good alternative to a traditional baby pillow under your belly it isn't perfect. If I make the fabric belt tight enough on my belly where it won't move at all, the pillow placement isn't in my preferred placement for sleeping. They are stretched too far over to the side. If I keep the belt looser the pillows are where I prefer them for sleeping but the belt moves up and down on my stomach too easily. Since every woman's body type & belly shape is different this belt may work better for some women than others. Despite the fact that it does move some I still find it comfortable enough to sleep with on at night. I also worried at first that sleeping with an additional fabric wrapped around my belly would make me too hot. I don't think it has. It's hard to tell since it's summer time and I'm pregnant so I'm hot every night for me.

If you haven't purchased a pillow yet for your pregnancy this is worth trying. I find the traditional belly pillow annoying to have to constantly keep moving with each turn at night. This has made some sleeping challenges easier. I still need to keep a pillow between my knees so this isn't the end all solution for sleeping discomfort.
September 1, 2017
I did not care for this and was disappointed. I am 5' tall and currently 29 weeks pregnant, my stomach is fairly large (I think) I am all belly...and I weight just about 150 right now- 25 lbs heavier than normal. This belt was HUGE on me, and says one size fits all, but even the tightest I could get it, it was moving all around when I tried laying down or sitting on the couch. Back in the box and sent back unfortunately. I was really hoping this could help me.