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Blazer Casual Jacket Pink Women Long Sleeve Spring Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Blazer Casual Jacket Pink Women Long Sleeve Spring Coat Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $26.99 USD

Описание товара

Design Slim Fit Length Mini / Short
Neckline V-neck Embellishment Pockets
Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Pattern Solid Color
Season Fall Style Casual
Lining Material Polyester Fabric Polyester
Shown Color Pink, Yellow, Black, Rose, Light Blue Bust(inch) S :33¼-34¾, M :34¾-36¼, L :36¼-37¾, XL :37¾-39¼
Length(inch) S :19¾, M :20¼, L :20½, XL :20¾ Weight 0.3kg

June 14, 2012
I bought this Scottevest prior to a recent trip. The zipper would not stay zipped. They have poor quality zippers on the jacket. Which is particularly surprising for a $200 jacket. I hope your experience is better, but I would NOT recommend this clothing.
November 8, 2012
I have had this jacket from the beginning and have traveled all over the world in it, carrying all my stuff in it and carrying no luggage as a result. It wears well and is spacious enough that I can choose to wear another layer underneath or not so that I can adjust to whatever climate I'm in. Really great product.
November 8, 2012
The Revolution has become my go-to jacket/vest for our numerous trips to India. At airline security I load up the Revolution with all sorts of travel paraphernalia ...keys, coins, billfold, iPad, iPod, travel docs; the jacket remains quite comfortable - not too heavy or hot. In Delhi, the sleeves zip off and the vest is a classy, comfortable protection on the train, in the taxi, or on a motorcycle ride in the Himalaya!
August 9, 2012
After buying the Scottie Vest, I fell in love with the multi pocket idea and then bought the Revolution Jacket. This jacket is amazingly warm, and I love the collar. I can fill the jacket up with all of my essentials and move through an airport scanner quickly and easily. I think the material quality is great. I love the cinch draw, the weather proofability, and the fit. I do not often spend $200.00 on a jacket, but I am glad I did. Thanks to Scottie for providing a wonderful solution to traveling comfort! I cannot wait to see the next Scottie product.
November 8, 2012
I bought the ScotteVest a few months ago, prior to my trip to see my family abroad.
The main reason I wanted it was because I hate to stuff everything in my travel bag.
I managed to put my Google Nexus7 tablet (you can even stuff an Ipad without being disturbed by it by the was), my wiimote and the classical controller extension, my Iphone, my headphones, few of my USB stick, my passport, boarding pass, and some money. The Vest was still very comfortable to wear and lots of pockets were still unused.
In the plane I took out the sleeves and stuff them in the pocket. For a week or so, i would still discover new pockets to put my stuff and now my vest is super organised, I don't go anywhere without it.
I would definitely recommend this item.
November 8, 2012
I have 3 of these jackets for different occasions.

All three will keep all my gadgets in their rightful place and always know that I have everything.

I love being able to grab my jacket and be ready for anything. When the day brightens up a bit, just take off the sleeves, and breakout your sunglasses from their dedicated pocket.

Clearly I recommend the jacket since I own 3 variations but the Revolution is perfect when I coach out in the rain. My pen and pocket-pad of paper have their location and are always at the ready. If a player hands you something to hold on to during the game, you have plenty of pocket space to help out. Need space for a whistle, notes, glasses, extra hat, gloves, scarf, phone, headphones, paperwork, clipboard (put it in the ipad pocket), whatever... you've got the room to spare.

I have:
The Revolution for rainy weather or as my outer layer in winter
The Fleece 5.0 for fall or just lazing around the house in winter.
The Transformer jacket for Spring/Summer with it's lightweight feel and quick-to-remove sleeves
November 10, 2012
From the moment I saw the x-ray view proudly displaying an IPad being stored inside a jacket I was hocked. I love having all the small pockets inside of pockets to keep coins transit tickets etc neat and in easy reach. This was a feature I never really thought about before I got the Jacket. Huge step up from my old jackets. I live in a cold climate region and I find the jacket plenty warm enough when layered with a fleece or similar supplement layer.

It is not clear in the listing but the jacket does have a pocket that goes around to the back giving lots of storage when needed. This is accessed from the second left hand exterior side pocket. The opening is slightly smallish however.

The jacket is well made and does a remarkable job masking what is inside it. I like the way the weight of what I am carrying is kept close and low to my body compared to hanging off a shoulder

One improvement I would do is in the sunglasses pocket - this pocket is way to huge and a waste of space given it key placement on the jacket. This pocket should have another zippered pocket inside or other divider to keep things organized it would be the perfect place to secure my wallet if it could be kept separate from the glasses

Lastly I use a Motorola Xoom tablet that is a 10.1' tablet and is a bit longer then the iPad and it fits easily in the tablet pocket
August 9, 2012
I've owned the Revolution Jacket since 2007, wear it every opportunity I get, and it still looks and feels brand new. Contrary to what other reviewers have stated, my zipper works just fine, and feels very high quality. I'll occasionally encounter problems when I attempt to zip the external zipper on the internal zipper track, but that's my own fault. I ordered the Large Tall size, and it it fits perfectly (I'm 6'2" and thin). It's hard to find good jackets that run in that size.

I use this jacket as a rain coat, wind breaker, or winter coat. The hood fits perfectly into the collar when not in use, so you don't even realize there's a hood when you're not using it. The magnetic buttons on the zipper flaps are amazing. If you're in a hurry, and just go through the motions of putting on the jacket, the magnets find each other and bind your jacket with just the right amount of resistance to keep it securely to your body.

The applications and versatility of this jacket continue to change my expectations on what I can realistically ask of my clothing. Compared to other jackets or articles of clothing, this jacket is light years ahead of optimizing a user's experience. There are countless little details on the design of this thing that make you realize "A jacket fenantic clearly spent a lot of time coming up with how to design the ideal jacket."

For all it can accomplish, the Revolution Jacket is surprisingly light weight and stores/folds very easily. I keep it folded up in a rectangle in the outer pocket of my backpack, and I hardly ever notice it's there. If I had to offer any ways to improve it, the only thing that comes to mind would be to somehow integrate straps for folding it into a rectangle (for easy and cohesive storage ability).
February 10, 2013
My son had this on his Xmas wish list. It is the perfect purchase for a tech guy. They have so many cool products so was glad he had the wish list to help me get the one he wanted. Excellent service.
November 20, 2012
I travel a lot, and I really get tired of having to dig my electronics out from under the seat in front of me and re-stow them for take off and landings.
I keep both my Kindle and my iPad mini in the iPad pocket.
I have my iPhone, set up with my own ear buds in one of the phone pockets. When needed I can switch the plug from the earbuds over to my other phone pocket where I have my iPod.
The conductive, see though covers on these pockets let me operated both devices without taking them out of the pocket.
I keep my ID and my credit card in the ID pocket ready for use.
I keep my ear plugs and sleep mask in the Sunglasses pocket ready to take out when I put my glasses in the pocket when I ready to sleep.
I could go on and on about how I use each pocket, but there are a lot of pockets ...