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Black T Shirt Dress Cold Shoulder Printed Round Neck Half Sleeve Women's Casual Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black T Shirt Dress Cold Shoulder Printed Round Neck Half Sleeve Women's Casual Dress Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $14.24 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Half-Sleeve Neckline Jewel
Shown Color Black Season Summer
Fabric Polyester Style Casual
Pattern Words Embellishment Cut-Outs
Length Short Occasion Daily Casual
Built-in Bra No Bust(inch) S :33¾, M :35½, L :37¼, XL :38½, XXL :40¼
Hips(inch) S :35¾, M :37½, L :39, XL :40½, XXL :42¼ Length(inch) S :31¼, M :32, L :32½, XL :33, XXL :33½
Sleeve Length(inch) S :3¾, M :4, L :4, XL :4¼, XXL :4¼ Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :14¼, M :14½, L :15, XL :15¼, XXL :15¾
Weight 0.32kg

November 16, 2017
Amazing shirt with amazing quality. If you are looking for office Polos, i would buy these high quality ones. They looked same even after washing. I bought two of these. Color look same as shown in pics. Size as expected. and cheap
September 16, 2017
Excellent shirt for the money. It's a bit thin but that's what I expected from the reviews. It's not too thin, just thinner than what I usually buy. Works great for around the house and very casual wear. Not really for work or going out.
August 29, 2017
my wife says I can't shop at Walmart anymore for clothes... wait Amazon sells work shirts for cheap! I would say they are higher quality than Walmart as well. Best part: You don't have to go to Walmart.
November 26, 2017
For the price, I am very impressed. I buy a lot of polo style shirts, and the quality is all over the place. So far, for the first few wears and washes, it has worn remarkably well. It might need ironing, which other brands have not needed, but a quick touch up iron will take out the few wrinkles this shirt seems to get after washing.
September 6, 2017
I'm very tired of paying $70.00 for a polo with a logo on it. This one cost about the same as the tax on the "named" shirt and wears just as well. it fits well and looks good...i'll be buying another.
December 1, 2017
The size is a little funky. Arm hole are little small in diameter, and the width of the torso is a little big. I wear a Medium in everything and this shirt has the smallest arm holes and widest torso of them all. overall length and neck size are perfect, long enough to tuck-in without being too long when untucked. The arms stretch and the shirt will shrink very slightly, but really not that much. Quality matches the price, and it's a good shirt to wear to work and not worry if it gets dirty.
October 8, 2017
I bought one of these shirts for work a month ago (I work in a kitchen so until I get a personalized company chef coat I chose to wear a black polo) the fabric is nice and thick but not heavy or hot and the shirt is nice and long so it doesn’t ride up. The only thing I’m noticing that I don’t like is that the color is starting to fade..being that I’ve washed this shirt 15-20 times in the last month I noticed it pretty easily when oil stains started to show from the foods I work with. Im sure a little RIT due would keep up with the nice black hue of the shirt but I’m not sure about the other colors. I just bought the hunter green, navy blue, and grey so I guess I’ll see when they come in.
November 17, 2016
I've worn the AmazonEssentials several times now in my daily life and it has been through a few laundry cycles and I must say that they are holding up pretty well so far with no frayed ends or crumbled collars. The Aqua color looks nice (i've received compliments for it) , the fabric feels comfortable without feeling to warm and is soft on your skin. This T-Shirt would have been an easy 5 star recommendation , barring one major issue....

They are way too large for their labeled Size
I'm 5 Feet 10 inches tall with an average build and I wear 'Large' sized TShirts for almost all brands (JCPenny, Old Navy, Merona, Lacoste etc) and due to an error unfortunately or rather fortunately for me, I received the 'Small' Size of the AmazonEssentials Polo shirt.
- To my surprise the 'Small' Size for this AmazonEssentials Polo Shirt is actually similar in width and actually longer in length than most of my Large sized T-shirts!! I've included some pics with it side by side with one of my Large sized T-Shirts for comparison. Their Dimensions are as follows :

Amazon Basics Polo Shirt - Small : Length = 31 Inches
Chest = 20 Inches

Other T-Shirt - Large : Length = 29 Inches
Chest = 21 Inches

- As you can see from the pics and above measurements, the Polo T-Shirt is way too long and large for its labelled "Small" size , I can only imagine how large its "Large" size would be if someone had ordered it according to his regular size. In any case Its small size is too large as it fits perfectly on me (I wear Large)

The Good
- Made of 100% cotton which feels soft on your skin , has adequate thickness without feeling too warm
- Being made of cotton it glides over your skin without generating any static or feeling prickly like synthetic materials
- The Aqua color looks very nice when paired with jeans, an ideal summer color
- The collar retains its shape well even after washes
- Its color does not fade or stain other clothes while washing

The Not So Good
- Its waay oversized for its labelled size , I can see lot of people finding them too large if they order it according to their regular size
- Its SMALL size is too long for a Polo T-Shirt (Even For a Large size wearer). Its probably ok if you tuck your Polo's in , but I like to wear them tucked-out and for that its too long

Final Thoughts
There is lot to like about this Polo T-Shirt - Its comfortable, soft, looks good on you, if only it was sized properly & I was lucky in this regard that its small size fits me well however I highly recommend you to check the measurements on your regular T-Shirts and use the one I provided above for determining the right size to order
November 10, 2016
This shirt runs a bit big. I know that sounds funny considering that it looks small on me in the photo. I wanted to order a 2X but mistakenly ordered the XL. The XL seemed to fit me if I was to lose a few pounds. I think that a 2XL would have been very droopy on me so I would say the XL runs a bit bigger than standard XL shirts. This is a great thing because it makes it easier for me to fit in but because this shirt is 100% cotton it did shrink. You can see that in the photo.

The color is made well and it comes with an extra button in case you lose one. The fabric feels good and if it would have fit I think it would have looked very nice on me. There is, however, a weird smell that I noticed with this shirt. You will want to wash it before wearing it because the smell was a bit overpowering for me. All in all, if you are good at taking care of shirts and not striking them then it's a nice shirt.
November 15, 2016
I have an unfortunate case of the dreaded "dress code" at work so of course I pick the least dressy option possible: polos. After wearing them every day it's nice to see that Amazon has come out with their own version. That usually means a good value and no frills which is exactly what I want in a shirt. My usual complaints with polos wasn't an issue here as it was both long enough to tuck in without pulling out all day and has sleeves that went more than two inches down my arm.

I'm around an average (IT nerd) build and this shirt isn't too form fitting but it doesn't billow around me either; just sits comfortable whether walking or sitting. The arms are a reasonable length that doesn't ride up my arms unlike many other brands. You'd think a shirt is a shirt but there are some polos in my closet because they just have odd dimensions for their stated size. Good comfort too; material was fairly soft but I certainly wouldn't call it silky. Just the way I like it. There's also the color to consider and while I'm not a pastel/robin's egg blue kinda guy it's just dark enough that it doesn't bother me.

Honestly the only thing I didn't like about it was that it had an odd smell out of the package. A sort of new chemically smell that I assume was from the dyes or cleaning products used at the factory. In any case it was fine after a wash and I've happily worn it once each of the last two weeks. Just needed a first wash. This polo does exactly what I want it to which is be a shirt that I don't think about all day because it's just comfortable. Can't ask for more.