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Black Sweater Dress Knitted Long Sleeve Color Block Shaping Bodycon Dress March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

Black Sweater Dress Knitted Long Sleeve Color Block Shaping Bodycon Dress March 2018. New collection, free shipping.

New price: 28.49 USD

Описание товара

Sleeve Length Long Sleeve Neckline Jewel
Shown Color Black, Burgundy Fabric Acrylic
Pattern Color Block Style Comfy
Design Shaping Length Medium
Note Clothes could be stretched. Built-in Bra No
Bust(inch) One Size :26 Dress Length(inch) One Size:40¼
Weight 0.38kg

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February 1, 2015
I am not in the hAbit of buying forty dollar sweaters for my pooch. However, I was given an Amazon gift card and I said "let's splurge!" My dog is a mutt who weighs about 42 pounds and I thought the Xxl would work, but that was gravely huge. I originally bought the "monster" design but had to send it back as a refund in order to repurchase this in an XL. Sadly the monster design had sold out. First off, the folks at chilly dog processed my refund very quickly. I expected huge delays, but I was so pleased! And most importantly, and I really mean this... The quality of this item is higher than most sweaters in MY closet. (and I am not cheap with my own fashion! ) This is a thick, warm and well constructed sweater. I was so pleased with it that I bought another one for my 27 pound corgi in a roomy large. It's like they're wearing their favorite blankets out of the house. Just be aware, you're going to have to remove the sweaters if the heat is cranked up in your home. This is not the flimsy sort of cheap item that you see in your local major pet store!
December 16, 2014
Love this sweater! My 12lb terrier mix is about 15 inches from collar to base of tail and about the same around chest. Small doesn't quite reach his tail but it covers enough. I use it when the temp dips into 30s and the rare 20s. I LOVE that is gives him plenty of clearance to urinate whether squatting or lifting his leg! It bunches a little at the shoulders but I don't care because he still looks so cool and gets lots if compliments! Although a pullover, its easy with his short legs but not sure it'd work with tall dogs.
I machine wash but do not put in dryer...not willing yo test in dryer.
It came with a strong chemical odor so be prepared to wash a couple of times.
Last, the edges want to curl but I haven't explored trying tp press or dry with a weight on it.
December 6, 2012
This is a fabulous sweater but my 40-lb miniature Aussie shouldn't have needed an X-large. Sizing is way off but the sweater is extremely well made, fits perfectly, and should be really warm on bitter cold winter days. A harness will fit over it. The 'shawl' neckline is a must as most dogs like smelling everything in sight during a walk. Turtlenecks don't allow this. Riley looks quite dapper in his new winter-wear! I would highly recommend this sweater for someone looking for a well-made, wool, natural product.
October 21, 2015
I purchased this sweater for my 7 month old pug puppy. He weighed about 12-15lbs when I purchased it and the small was a somewhat relaxed fit. Now my pups about 17-18lbs and it fits him great. I'm sure this sweater will keep him warm this fall and winter. The weight of the sweater is nice and thick. It does not have a back hole for a harness but you could always put the harness over the sweater. My only issue & reason for not giving 5 stars is because the bottom of the sweater by the tushie rolls up a little instead of staying flush to my pups back.
Definitely a cute warm quality sweater overall.
February 22, 2015
What a great quality sweater! I ordered this on a Friday night, tired of hearing from my neighbor (jokingly, but not), that my dogs are freezing outside. Well, here it is Sunday, two days later and 2 dog sweaters arrived on my doorstep! Go Amazon Prime!! That said, the dog I bought the L for is a hound mix who weighs about 41-43 lbs; it fits perfectly. This is a heavy, good looking wool, so remember HAND WASH ONLY. I also bought a M for a terrier/lab mix who weighs about 31 lbs; that size fits her perfectly, so I'd say they are pretty true to size. The colors are great, the sweaters look amazing on (my neighbor couldn't stop taking pictures). Oh, you can roll the neck down a bit on these, too. The second sweater is the Little Monster in green, and it's a pretty full turtleneck, which we were able to roll in half, especially since the terrier bites her own clothes. Not so much on this one, but still a bit 'rollable', if you have a biter. Very, very happy with these sweaters!
October 15, 2015
This sweater fits my Weimaraner perfectly! Broad enough in the chest area but is even long enough to reach his tail. Not to mention it is very classy and the v-neck is perfect for a bow tie.
March 28, 2015
As you can see sweater fits perfectly, The hardest part of ordering this stuff is getting the size right. I have a small collection of stuff that doesn't fit. You try to read the reviews and people will say it fits great without mentioning what size they ordered or the size of their dog. I have the X-large sweater and Tucker is a 60lb 2yo Labrador. He doesn't like putting it on but doesn't want to take it off either. Haven't washed it yet, I'd be careful 110% wool.
November 21, 2014
LOVE this sweater and so does my Tango! I bought the XXL and it fits him perfect! I didn't measure him, I just went by the reviews and they were very helpful! Tango is 75lbs and he's a lab mix (not sure what he's mixed with, he's a rescue dog)!
November 18, 2014
I got this for our 90 lb blue rescue doberman, who has sensitive skin and patchy fur on his lower back. He loves wool blankets, so I'm glad I could find him the same in a sweater, although I have to remember not to throw it in the dryer!
The XXL was the right size, any smaller and it wouldn't fit his chest but any bigger and it would slide around. The length is just about right, but he is a very long & lean dog, so I can see how it could be too long on other breeds.
This sweater might not be warm enough for the dead of winter, but for a little romp on a 30* day it will do nicely. I'm not very impartial, but I think he looks like a distinguished stud in his sweater. Overall, a great purchase.
November 19, 2014
I put this on my pig... no joke. It was adorable and kept him much happier in the winter.