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Black Stretch Lace Bows Polyester Garter Belts for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Stretch Lace Bows Polyester Garter Belts for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $12.34 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Stretch, Ruffled, Bow
Embellishment Lace Pattern Lace
Fabric Polyester Components Garter, T-back
Pieces in Set 2-Piece Waist(inch) M :22¼-39¼, L :23½-42½, XL :25¼-45, XXL :26¾-48¾
Weight 0.10kg

September 21, 2017
There isn't much to say about this belt. The design is so elegant and simple you wonder why no one else ever thought to make a belt like this. The price is fair for an American-made belt made of quality materials. This replaced a $50 designer leather belt around my waist. The old belt was made of cut-rate bonded leather. The materials of the Grip 6 are quite good. The strap has VERY cleanly cut and fused edges with no sharp bits to poke at you. The Buckle is a single piece and is super lightweight. It feels VERY strong and has been carefully worked to make every edge and corner SUPER smooth. It is totally worth the $35.
March 31, 2017
I bought this belt a few weeks ago, mostly because of the satisfaction guarantee. I generally don't try new things purchased online. After a week I purchased a second one. Up until now I've never really worn belts except for "special" occasions. Now I wear THIS one all the time.

For those who may be wondering, it really doesn't dig in when I sit. I have a mild case of dunlop disease, and have zero trouble with the buckle bothering me. Even on the motorcycle I'm comfortable, and barely notice it.
December 10, 2017
I have a really obnoxious allergy to pretty much all metal belt buckles. I bought this one because it had good reviews and claimed to be hypoallergenic - it isn't, the rash comes right back. Aside from that, I also find the felt clumsy and annoying to put on - I have to suck in and hike my pants up while simultaneously yanking the belt fabric behind itself to get it tight enough, which is a bit tricky. Also, it's a very simply belt - $20 would've been an OK price, $35 is grossly overpriced.

But hey, other people appear to love it. I wasn't able to return mine because, by the time the rash came back, it was too late. Oh well.
March 24, 2017
Fantastic belt! I really like the slim profile of the buckle. It is very light weight. The webbing seems to be tough but not really rigid. I was a bit skeptical that the belt will not stay in all day because it does not have any holes. To my surprise, it stayed nicely tucked ALL day long even during a very active day. I am saving money now to get more colors. The customer service at Grip6 is fantastic and hopefully will stay as personal as today when they continue to grow their customer base. The belt is a perfect alternative to traditional belts, especially as more companies are moving toward business casual dress code. I can wear this belt with slacks as easily as wearing with jeans.
January 17, 2017
I love the Grip6 belts. This is my 3rd purchase and probably my favorite (Ninja). On some of the comments on how cheap the belt feels, I was surprised at how light the belt is and it made me realize how HEAVY my other belts are! This lightweight belt is what you NEED because you will really forget that you have it on. It's not that hard to take on or off, just watch the instructional video once and you'll be set for life. Great product, might buy again to have some spares...
August 4, 2017
I've been trying to find a good belt for a while now. Not just a belt that works; I wanted something a bit different. I saw the Grip6 elsewhere on the web and was immediately interested, so I went ahead and bought the Blue Steel one on Amazon to try it out.

I'm hooked. These belts really are great. They're a bit more involved to get on than a standard belt, but you can adjust them much more minutely and it stays in place all day for me. It's very comfortable too. I unfortunately have a small beer gut from my younger days, so sometimes belt buckles can dig into my belly and cause some discomfort. Not with the Grip6, it's slim and very comfortable.

I think they look pretty great, too. If you're willing to give the Grip6 belt a shot, I think most people would be pleasantly surprised.
December 3, 2017
Definitely a great belt!! I’ve been on the hunt for a while now for the perfect belt...bought the popular tactical belts on amazon that you see pop up on the first page. Seat belt styled ones, and just the typical tactical buckle. I also tried a dickies belt. I liked one of them, but it was just too bulky and didn’t fit in all my pants. Decided to try this one, and I think my search is over. Very good quality. The metal is cut beautifully, and is very comfortable. Other belts would sometimes snag my belly hair lol! This one you don’t know is even there. When I first opened it I questioned the simplicity, but once you get the process it really does work great. Also another thing I hated about tradition belts is you can sometimes feel them digging into your waist. The material on this is a lot thinner and doesn’t do that at all. You really can barely tell you’re wearing it. Do yourself a favor and pick this up and be done with using crap leather belts that never last.
January 17, 2017
The Grip6 belt system is great, I love it. I had been looking for a good belt replacement for a while but just never found anything I like, mainly hung up on the style and color of the belt. I came across Grip6 on the internet by chance and was intrigued by the look and the functionality of the belt. The system works off of an interchangeable belt and simple, extremely lightweight, buckle and works off of tension and grip instead of normal buckle and holes. The extra end of the belt sits behind the belt and is a very clean and polished look. It is a very simple and elegant design that is stylish for any type of outfit that I would wear. As I said, it is extremely light and is also very comfortable to wear, no pinching from bending over like with a normal buckle.

I am looking forward to buying more belts and buckles for color combinations!
December 15, 2017
When I opened the box I thought this was really awesome. When I first tried it on I immediately hated it and was already considering returning it. After I cut it to fit and put it on and off a couple of times I immediately liked it a lot. First, let me say that I've read the negative reviews and I immediately understood some of the complaints. Had a buddy of mine not already owned (and loved) this belt I may have sent it back. But I gave it a chance and "figured it out." Time will tell how well it holds up but so far I'm liking the belt. It's easy to use and the company stands by their product.

So why 4 stars? I have another "no holes" canvas belt FAIRWIN Tactical Web Belt Military, Web Holster Belt Nylon Tactical Equipment CQB Instructors Riggers Belt(Classical Black) that uses thicker belt webbing, tightens up tighter and costs less than $10. It's actually a very good belt and seems very well made. In comparison, the Grip 6 doesn't tighten up as tight and will never tighten up as tight due to how you use it. So why use the Grip 6 at all? First, how tight do you need a belt to be? The Grip 6 does get "tight enough" and is probably tighter than a typical leather belt with holes. Second, this is the first belt I've owned that fixes my biggest pet peeves with belts. The belt AFTER the buckle is tucked behind the belt so nothing is visible. It's such a clean look. Third, that other belt wore a hole in my pants at the bottom corner of the buckle after only a few months. Fourth, Grip 6 is American made. I'm not sure if the webbing is but the company is and the buckle is. Fifth, you can swap out belts and buckles to match your clothes. Sixth, NO MOVING PARTS.

So with all of those advantages, why only 4 stars? The belt isn't perfect and some won't like the way it works. I also think for the price the webbing should be thicker as this is a bit thinner than I'd like. It kinks easily where it tucks in the belt but hasn't been a problem yet. The *ONLY* feedback I would give Grip 6 to improve the belt would be to use thicker/better webbing and maybe bring the price down a little. But those are being nit pickey. I really like the belt and have zero regrets that I purchased it. I ordered a 2nd belt so I have my brown vs. black covered.
March 30, 2016
I own 2 straps and 5 buckle colors, therefore I have 20 belts. Yeah, I know that 2*5 = 10, but you can also reverse the strap. One side generally has the highlight stitching, the other has muted stitching (not sure if that's true on all straps, but it is on both of mine.) I bought a simple one as a trial and loved it so much that over the next 2 months I bought another strap and 4 more buckles.

What I love:
* The look. I love being able to throw in a splash of color (i.e. I wore a green buckle on St. Patrick's Day) but also being able to play it down if I'm feeling more introverted that day
* The function. In an office setting I rarely have to adjust. They claim that these don't slip, and MOSTLY they don't, but I don't find I'm re-tightening a couple times per day. In an active setting, like throwing the football around last weekend it didn't keep up nearly as well.
* Works with my jeans or my suit (unless you are my mom, she didn't think it was "suit worthy")
* No holes! Sometimes I'm bigger than other times. This belt ALWAYS fits. There's no oscillating between holes depending on time of day or what I ate for lunch, it just always fits.

What I don't love as much
* Even though they say it won't slip, it does a little bit, but only when I'm more active. For instance, I haven't touched it in 5 hours and it's still just fine here at work.
* ... yeah, that's about it.