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Black Semi-Sheer Lace Polyester Garter Belts for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Semi-Sheer Lace Polyester Garter Belts for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $8.54 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Stretch, Ruffled, Semi-Sheer
Embellishment Lace Pattern Lace
Fabric Polyester Components Garter, T-back
Pieces in Set 2-Piece Waist(inch) M :25¼-47¼, XL :26¾-51¼, XXL :28¼-56¾, XXXL :30-59¾
Weight 0.05kg

August 29, 2013
The straps that go from the front to the back, need to have their materials reversed. The stretchy elastic part that runs between the groin area and the thigh, feels like you have been wearing a sandpaper strap after just a few hours of wearing. It would be better if they used a soft cotton type of material for this part of the straps. And then use the rough, elastic part of the straps for the part that you pull to adjust them. Also, the front area that is supposed to protect your skin from the waist band strap. Is far to small, it rides up and the elastic waist strap then rubs your skin raw. I don't know how they test their designs, but they cannot be using an actual hernia sufferer, who has to wear this thing all day long. I will never buy this product again.
November 16, 2012
Everybody is right about the size chart. I bought this for my mother who is in great pain from her hernia, but now we need to have a replacement sent to us.
It's good that the company is replacing the item. However, they want you (the customer) to pay the return shipping + they charge $7.00 for the restocking fee. So now this "$30.00" item has become a $47.00 item that is taking 3-4 times longer to receive, which is resulting in the user waiting in pain until the company "fixes" the issue with a product that they market at sizes fit for Shrek and Fiona.
May 16, 2015
Works well to give plenty of support to the hernias...BUT a real pain when you need to get to "plumbing"....especially when you are in a hurry. Trying various techniques will find the best one for you. The item is very durable and rugged. Has shown no wear in 4 weeks!!
December 17, 2017
This is the third one I have purchased. They are well made and delivery is prompt. This truss allows me to increase my work load.
It is avery good value compared to price charged by local specialty pharmacy
June 7, 2011
I've had a inguinal hernia for about 1 year now, surgery will hopefully happen soon enough. I'm a 5'11, 138 lbs male; slim in figure and for me and others you have your good days and your bad days with a hernia. On good days you hernia won't pop out and you'll feel like a million dollars, on bad days.... well I got this product for the bad days, and I was pretty disappointed. After reading some reviews here I thought "wow this is what I need" Everyone had great things to say, and I dont know if they were paid to say them...

I ordered a small, and it fits fine, but when I put on shorts or pants it feels and looks like i'm wearing 8 pairs of underwear underneath! It's very bulky. Also the straps that go underneath and between your legs is kind of uncomfortable and you have to adjust them every 10-15 steps you take.

This was my first reaction to wearing the product, and I tried to be as positive as possible, thinking okay it may look and feel horrible but this is a good thing you'll feel like you don't have a hernia all day! WRONG. You know that feeling you get after you push your hernia in with your finger? (I tried it once and never did it again) Well that's the feeling I got all day wearing this product very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I thought okay, I did something wrong i need to put more padding in. well after putting more padding and tightening the straps wearing it was almost unbearable, but It did relieve the throbbing pain of the hernia by a little.

I'll continue to mess around with this product, and hopefully find something that works for me.

But I just thought I'd make it clear that this product is not a God Sent like some people are writing it to be, It's not for everyone. I'm wearing it now and I'm thinking it would be less painful having my hernia pop out then to wear this, but I've spent 40 bucks on it so I'm going to try it on for at least a week.

It's been 4 days now, and I found a solution.... MORE PADDING!
Yes, it looks like I'm hiding an apple in my pants, but I can be all day without a hernia! There are times when i crouch down and I feel the hernia wanting out, but for the most part you're hernia will be pushed in all day. the other day I was so full of energy I ran with my dog I've done this before with an hernia but it felt different I felt like I was 9 years old full of energy and without a worry.

I take it off to go to sleep; and before I get up, I strap it on. Going to the bathroom is a hassle and so is taking a shower! but this product does work.

I think anyone that is fed up and hurt by a hernia can benefit from a this product. Although if you wear it incorrectly (like i did) It can be very painful! I recommend toilet paper lots of it folded into a square and placed between the truss and your underwear.

Good Luck to all you hernia ppl.
May 26, 2015
Saying that you "love" something like a hernia belt seems odd, but this item really helped before I had my surgery to fix my hernia. Comfortable, easy-to-adjust, well-made, stands up to laundering well, and it fits invisibly under most men's garments. Having a hernia can be very problematic, but this belt helped a lot. Highly recommended.
April 17, 2014
I have purchased these over the last 5 years or so from different vendors! They all were shipped very fast, no problem with the vendors and their service but the quality of the hernia belts have gone down hill! The materials used for the elastic belt has gotten very cheap, no tension at all and the sizes are not consistent! I always get smalls and they used to be correct for a 30-32 waist but recently the "smalls" don't come close to fitting a small, more like a medium to large maybe but no where near a small! Someone connected with the maker of these needs to take note with this issue and correct it! My recommendation is go back to making them the way you used too, with better materials! The maker appears to be Fla Soft Form, at least that is what the box says!
September 27, 2015
Trying this for lymphedema in the pelvic region. So far working great. The strong velcro straps allow me to adjust the amount of pressure in the affected region. The pads are firm as needed for compression. The straps between the legs rub/chafe so am wearing them over leggings to sleep in. Would be quite hard to disguise under clothing to wear during the day as a woman (unless you wear a large/long shirt).
May 14, 2013
I have an inguinal reducible hernia that causes great pain after 5 or more minutes of walking or standing. However, after using this belt, I experienced a close return to normalcy. When wearing it, I'm able to do almost everything I used to do before the injury, excluding exercising.

The belt is true to size as I have a 34 inch waist and bought the small belt which ranges from 30 to 35 inches. It fits well. Also, I would suggest that one use it with tighter fitting underwear i.e. tighty whities and avoid loose fitting boxers. From my experience, the looser the underwear the more it decreases the belt's performance.

Overall, it's a great product and is highly recommended for folks with inguinal reducible hernias.
May 14, 2013
Soft Form belt is great, but Medlife switches what they advertise for that price, with a CHEAPER version from OTC. No response to inquiries, & I see they have been doing this since at least June 2012. Amazon.. you should do something about this!!!!