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Black Polyester Gloves For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Polyester Gloves For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $8.14 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Pattern Solid Color
Fabric Polyester Pieces in Set 1 Piece
Bust(inch) One Size :31¼-32¾ Waist(inch) One Size :22¾-25¼
Hips(inch) One Size :32¾-34¼ Weight 0.14kg

February 29, 2016
These used to cost more on Amazon. I was buying them for $24.99 and even though they were very expensive for dishwashing gloves, they lasted FOREVER! It fit my hand so well and again, lasted so much longer. A few months ago, I noticed the price drastically decreased, but as I soon come to realize that the gloves do not hold up as long as they used to. I am not sure whether there is a new manufacturer? But, in the past, the quality was better, it didn't rip as quickly. These gloves lasted me 3 months before a started noticing a hole. What I love about these gloves is how it fits my smaller hands. I will start looking for an alternative for my next purchase.
December 20, 2016
I have used these glove for about 20 years and I can definitely report that the newer gloves run smaller (I wear a large so I cannot upsize) and there is less or no cotton which means they are very hard to get on/off because they are too tight and they get condensation/dampness on inside when worn which of course makes them sticky because there is not enough cotton. I am looking at a pair right now, which I bought at Whole foods not on amazon and I cannot see any cotton at all actually.

If your hands are smaller then upsizing probably partially resolve this issue. I just read through the official Casabella explanation, here on this amazon page, of the changes to the product and must deduce from their defense of the new product that there have been numerous complaints about these two issues. I hope they will either change the sizing standards or increase the flocking or perhaps make and XL size (I am female by the way with large size hands. Women's large or Mens small gloves normally fit me - not mens medium or large).

Why do I care? Because I have used and loved these gloves for years and no other glove has been able reproduce the cuff. The cuff is extremely effective for water blocking and it keeps it shape/fold held out away from the body of the glove (does not stick) thereby trapping the water rolling down your arm. Other cuffed gloves have not been able to copy this and the fold is floppy so that is either unfolds or stick to the body of the glove when wet.
October 4, 2015
When compared side by side with my old ( original) Casabella gloves: 1. These new ones are a 1/4 in smaller, 2. the inside is STICKY not smooth and combine 1 and 2 these gloves are very difficult to get ON AND OFF. 3. Material much more flimsy. Missing the old glove quality and SIZING. Skip it. may as well by cheap gloves because this is what these have become. :( So very sad.
October 4, 2015
I used to love these gloves but they have changed. The usual size that I buy (med), is now far too small for my hands, making them difficult to take off quickly. They also seem to be made of a different material now... They are sticky. The gloves stick together and repeatedly pulling them apart weakens the material and the gloves have to be thrown away sooner. I used to love these and even though they are more expensive than other gloves, I thought they were worth it. Now they are still expensive but they are crappy and NOT a pleasure to use. Please bring back the old gloves!!!
August 12, 2015
I agree with every nasty and negative review written about these formerly awesome gloves, which I had been using for more than ten years: (1) They run extremely small (I made the mistake of ordering four pairs in my old size of medium; can barely get them on). (2) They no longer slip on and off with ease, which – along with durability – was their greatest virtue and most distinguishing feature; (3) The inside surface gets increasingly sticky and uncomfortable, making them even harder to get on and off.
May 24, 2015
Anyone who is buying the new version of these gloves be warned that they are now made in Taiwan instead of Greece. What this gets you is thinner latex, a glove not cut properly to fit a hand, and WAY too small. I have always worn a Med in what used to be my favorite glove. I could barely get these on and I had to peel them off my hand by turning them inside out. I tried a size up but the fit is so poor with a very strange fit across the palm. Guess I won't be buying these again.
August 2, 2015
Not the same gloves. I am so very disappointed. Are these knockoffs - mine say made in Taiwan instead of Greece? Did Casabella abandon Greece? What happened? These are way too tight, sticky, not flocked, uncomfortable. I'd rather do dishes without any gloves than use these. Soooo disappointed after waiting a year to order more.
June 14, 2015
I am so disappointed with the new version of these gloves from Casabella. Whatever changes they made, only served to make the gloves worse, not better. They no longer slide on and off w/ ease which was what I liked about them the most and what differentiated them from all others. The interior used to be a smooth almost slick surface, and now it is tacky like all other gloves- a nightmare. They now are difficult to get on and off and in addition the interior is piling or peeling and has all little balls of rubber that are very uncomfortable. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. I waited forever for these to come back into stock, they were the only gloves I used and now the new version is a disaster.
June 24, 2015
As others have said, the gloves are now made in Taiwan instead of Greece, the exterior is harder, the fit is very uncomfortable, and the internal lining is sticky and just unpleasant. The fit guide on the back of the box seems to have stayed the same, so it's deceptive -- on the fit guide I'm a perfect M, but the gloves are tight across my knuckles and are really difficult to get on and off. I'm so sad, as the old gloves almost made doing dishes pleasurable. BRING BACK THE GREEK GLOVES!
February 29, 2016
These are fakes, cheap knock offs. The original gloves have been made for years in Greece with Vrissimdji Bros. Co patents under the Casabella label. I have used the gloves for years, they are soft, smell nice, have a non plastic feel inside, and now Casabella is doing something crooked. These fakes are being made in Taiwan without the patents for the Water Stop and Smart Cuff (I have been saving an original pair when they stopped selling them to compare the box and the gloves). I just paid 13 dollars for gloves that while they are pink THEY ARE NOT THE REAL THING. They smell and feel terrible. Casabella is thinking you will buy them to get the gloves you loved, but you will be disappointed. ACK, I would pay real money for the originals, the wonderful gloves, but these are not them. Hopefully the patents will be put to good use and we can get the good gloves back from Greece. What a disappointment.