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Black Motorcycle Zipper PU Costume for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Motorcycle Zipper PU Costume for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.52 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black Design Slim Fit
Embellishment Zipper Fabric Polyurethane / PU
Pieces in Set 1 Piece Style Sexy
Group Women Season Summer
Bust(inch) One Size :31¼-32¾ Waist(inch) One Size :22¾-25¼
Hips(inch) One Size :32¾-35¼ Weight 0.30kg

October 28, 2015
There was no stop built into the zipper. Therefore when you unzipped the costume to put it on the zipper constantly came off. Then you spend 5-10 min trying to put the zipper back on and having the grooves line up to close the costume. Seams of costume in the back near the zipper are starting to come out. I will have to reinforce the stitch myself and fix the zipper. This is not something I wanted to do for a expensive costume. On the other hand my child loved it. He was a hit everywhere he went.
November 2, 2015
It was cute. He was wearing it to a school event and Halloween. We received it on the 29th of October. He had it on for 15 minutes before the fan pack fell out of the costume. Amazon couldn't send me a replacement and would only refund 15% (what??). We spent the two events super gluing the pack numerous times. Think twice before ordering.
November 9, 2015
We were a little disappointed at the mask that it didn't look like a straight line because of that Eye cut outs, but doctored it up and improved it. However, The man did not work well. Both the string for around the head and the mesh for the face repeatedly came unglued. it was very frustrating. Another big disappointment was the fan. it stopped working. we replaced it with another fan and that stopped working too. Not a battery issue, think something with the design. Waited it at three because he still loved the customer, but it was very frustrating from a parental point of view.
November 5, 2016
We loved this costume! Everywhere we walked all we heard was how great his costume was.

The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because the fan pack fell off halfway through trick or treating. We were able to get it back together eventually.
October 31, 2015
Adorable idea but seems cheaply made despite high price. Zipper broke at first use rendering the costume unusable since it inflates. We repaired it but had trouble with the motor acting intermittently despite fresh batteries. Speaking of, when it is working as advertised, you will go through batteries very quickly-which require a smaller Phillips head screwdriver to access batteries. So for trick or treating you'll need need to bring a large pack of AA batteries and a screw driver with you and for a battery change you have to open the suit, retrieve the battery pack, detach it, unscrew it, replace batteries and reverse process. Hey, had this been sold for 20 bucks, you grin and bear it but not at this price. Again, it's cute when working but is high maintenance and low quality
December 20, 2016
This costume is pretty cool and my son loved it, until the fan stopped working the second time he put it on. Luckily, my husband is handy and he was able to open up the fan and switch some wiring to fix it for Halloween. It did make my son hot and uncomfortable after a while due to how tightly it fits around the neck and wrists. It has to be that way to keep the air in , but it's something to keep in mind. All in all, it was okay. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to spend time tinkering around with the fan to keep it operational. My son is seven and the size fit him fine.
November 25, 2017
Great costume, but as others have pointed out the fan conks out! After, minimal use we had to change the batteries (as expected) I think they only run two hours, which is perfectly reasonable. The problem is after you change the batteries (and no we didn't use cheap ones) you have to keep fidgeting with the fan to get it to run again. In the end, it was totally dead on Halloween and turned out to be a big disappointment. The whole point of this costume is that it inflates! We could have purchased a regular Baymax costume if we knew what a fail this one would be.
December 26, 2015
My son loves Baymax. He is a very tall 13 yr old who has autism. This costume for him great brought great cheer when first put on. We bought him white sweat pants and sweat shirt to wear underneath. The zipper on the back of the very flimsy and cheaply made it broke after 3 uses. I had to walk behind my son and hold his costume closed so it would stay inflated. It looks awesome inflated but very expensive for such poor quality of a vital part. We live in Northern Michigan trick or treating is cold. In our small town we have to drive our kids walk around a few houses clustered together and then drive to the next grouping of houses with porch lights on. This requires frequent zipping and unzipping as fully inflated bay max it's too big for the car. The other down side of this costume is that it comes with a cheep face mask. The real baymax has a full white helmet. We both get a white ski hate and put the face mask over it. The costume gloves were too small for my son so we had to buy white knit gloves for him. All in all this costume was way too expensive to need so much additional purchases and to break so quickly.
December 9, 2015
Bought this because my son absolutely loved the adult one I wore for Halloween. The costume came opened, and clearly used. With animal hair on the legs at cat height, residue on the inside of the mask from a previous wearer, dirty gloves, and parts missing from the battery pack. Contacted the vendor who pulled the not my problem card, blamed Amazon. Amazon didn't have a replacement. My son asked me not to return it, although Amazon was completely okay with and offered several times. So I cleaned it up, disinfected it and built a battery pack from one of the last RadioShacks around me.

The fit. My son is a 4T. The legs and arms are nowhere near short enough for kids his size. I'd say by about 6" on all extremities. The mask/helmet needs nose foam to keep the eyes where they need to be. There needs to be venting put into the mask. I recommend on the sides of the mask. Like if you're looking at the face, at the 430 and 730 positions near the seam. And vent holes in the very top of the mask/helmet. That way cool air gets drawn in from the bottom and hot air vents out. Plus, it allows for better hearing.
September 11, 2015
This item was purchased for my 6 1/2 year old, as the description reads children ages 4-12. It could easily be worn up to a 12 year old's size, and perhaps a smaller adult size. You will need 4 AA batteries for the battery pack that attaches to the waist band of whatever you will be wearing under your costume; fan is on the back of the costume. The mask is plastic with an elastic band allowing it to be adjusted slightly in size. 'Puffy' gloves are included in this, however there is no costume 'sucker' (just wanted to clarify as the description didn't outline this but the picture showed one).
The puffiness of the costume will allow the person wearing it to walk like Baymax, and it was quite entertaining to watch. Although my picture makes it a bit more challenging to see, the patchwork appearance that is showing in the product picture on this page is accurate. There is also the small part near the heart where the card went as in the movie (it is just an image of this, not a functioning part of the costume)
I would definitely suggest white under the costume, or it appears more translucent than it really is.
Best of luck to all, hope this helps you or your younger personal healthcare companion