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Black Long Pants Women's Split Embroidered Wide Leg Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Long Pants Women's Split Embroidered Wide Leg Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $17.99 USD

Описание товара

Leg Style Wide Waistline Natural
Shown Color Black Fabric Cotton Blend
Style Casual Embellishment Embroidered, Split
Note Clothes could be stretched. Thickness
Waist(inch) S :20½, M :21¼, L :22¼, XL :22¾, XXL :23½ Pants Length(inch) S:41¼, M:41¾, L:42¼, XL:42½, XXL:43
Weight 0.28kg

December 22, 2015
These pants thoroughly exceeded my expectations. I am a 32-34 waist size and the mediums were a perfect fit without any snugness, and in fact left a bit of room for comfort-ability. They are best worn with a wide winter boot as the opening at the bottom is slightly on the wider side, but by no means unreasonable. They have multiple pockets to keep your items safe while playing in the snow and they have enough comfortable layers to keep you perfectly warm in temperatures well below freezing. They also do a very good job at repelling dirt/mud from sticking to the pant. And of course the best part is the price! Well worth every penny and I highly doubt I will need to purchase another pair of snow pants for years to come.
January 17, 2016
Overall, these are good pants. They are durable, sturdy and warm. The only reason I didn't give them five star is because they are substantially bigger than expected and they're not very water resistant. For size, I am not sure if a small would have fit as I haven't purchased a pair of pants in a size lower than medium for 15 years, so I figured a medium would be good. I have a 32 waits and they are both loose around the waist and long, but with boots they pants don't hit the ground. I had to wear a belt and they were pretty snug after that. I also had some trouble pulling them off of my boots when I tried to shed layers and ended up having to take my hiking boots off to do this. I took them on my mid-January Appalachian Mountain hiking/camping trip this year and they held up as far as warmth and comfort go. I can say they kept me pretty warm especially at night where we had wind chill advisories (around 15 degrees) in the mountains. They also seem to be pretty sturdy as a I walked through many briar patches and low trees and never had an issue with the material getting holes. Overall I would rate these pants as great, a 4 star because of the loose fit and seemingly minimal water resistant capabilities.
February 2, 2017
When people say these run large, here is some clarification:

The waist and length are to be expected based on the letter size. The pattern that the maker uses for the material is *very* simple and loose. While the waist and length are excellent, the pelvic region (hips, butt, loin) is extremely round. (you could wear these backwards and not notice that the pants-butt was in the front). The legs are extremely wide and straight, basically thigh diameter all the way down to the cuff. Even "straight" cut jeans taper after the knee. These have no taper to them.

That being said, the quality is excellent for the price point. The stitching is tight and straight, the pockets (while missing on the rear) are sized well for winter activities and either zippered or velcroed for secure closure. Compared to -relatively- spendy $50 pants, these are excellent.
January 6, 2017
received them today and its 11 degrees outside, so i immediately put them on (with no jeans under) and went outside for a smoke. INCREDIBLY WARM! i am kind of shocked just how warm my lower half was outside. theyre very lightweight and not puffy at all. with my pajama pants underneath, this may become my everyday cold weather "legs coat" !!!
as far as fit: im 5'9" and 170ish. the medium is a perfect fit. i really couldnt have had these tailored to fit any better. id recommend these to everyone who hates the cold.
i dont like the cold at all, so my time spent outside is minimal in these temps and i cant comment on how warm theyll feel after hours of skiing/snowboarding, but for a 10 minute exposure theyre perfect.
hopefully these hold up to the test of time, but even if they just last a season, theyre cheap enough, and good enough to buy and use year after year.
February 7, 2017
Kept me warm and dry when I was outside for hours dog sledding and winter hiking. They did feel a bit more snug than I thought they would, but they worked and I was overall very happy with them, especially considering the low price tag.
May 30, 2017
Great quality for the price they're almost too warm but not thick and bulky like other snow pants, can be worn as your daily work pants and they are durable enough to last I just wish there was a velcro strap on the foot holes so that my pants do not drag on the ground because I bought ones that were a little bit bigger for me to fit over more bulky clothes.
December 8, 2016
I bought these for my wife & the fit appears to be accurate - they are after all snow pants, which should have some room for layering. Fairly light weight & pliable yet warm makes these great at their price. She loves the color options & chose tan as she & I are tired of most makers providing black only. A little scotchguard water proof spray should make these soak proof even more. A bit stronger construction would place these in the top especially at the price.
December 22, 2012
I had a few things I was looking for when I purchased these pants.

#1 Wind/Water proof or resistant

The upside is that these pants seem to be completely windproof in my experience. Standing in 30mile wind and feeling no wind seeping through. However, they are not very water resistant. I tested in light rain condition and after 10 mins or so moisture started to soak in.

#2 Quality of built

I have noticed some loose stitches when I first wore these. After a day's use some strings got a bit loose. I don't think these pants would last a long time, at least the ones that I got.

#3 Warmth

Very warm. If there's one thing these pants do best, it's its ability to keep your nice and warm in cold weather.

In conclusion:

Starting at 5 stars, -1 at water resistance and -1 at built. Overall 3 stars.
March 11, 2016
I have purchased three pairs of these snowboard pants in two different sizes and styles, due to poor details provided.

SIZES: The pants have a strap which can be pulled tight to fit a wider range of waist sizes. Overall, these pants run large. A size small fits a 32” waist 32” length with about an extra ½” room on the waist (with strap pulled tight) which was perfect. The medium fits a 36” waist 32” length loosely with about ¾” room on the waist. For a size 36” the small will fit but are too tight. The lengths seemed to be the same between the small and the medium, both being about 32”. The pants do have belt loops which can be used, and they do feel pretty durable.

MATERIAL: The material varies between the cargo style, and the non-cargo style. The pants with cargo pockets is a softer, thicker, quieter, nylon material. They’re much more like the pants I find in stores for almost twice the cost of these ones. The non-cargo pants are a thinner, cheaper and a louder material. Personally, I cannot stand the loud sound of snow pants swishing together, so I definitely prefer the cargo pocket style. The pants do not have any vents on them for cooling, so although they have less insulation than some others, they are plenty warm even on top of the mountain with the usual thermal wear underneath.

Overall, I think these pants are a great value especially for someone who uses them a few times a year. Hope I’ve helped you to make a more educated decision.
January 1, 2016
My husband wears a 38 pants but skinner legs. I bought the extra large and they fit him perfect. He said they were extra warm and he loved all the pockets in them and the color. He's 5'11 and the length fit him good with the snow boots.