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Black Leather Fingertips Long Gloves For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Leather Fingertips Long Gloves For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $5.06 USD

Описание товара

Type Mittens Shown Color Black
Design Stretch Embellishment Lace
Pattern Lace Fabric Leather
Occasion Indoor Length(inch) One Size:17¾
Weight 0.06kg

December 14, 2015
These gloves are wonderful for arthritic hands and thumb joints. Wear them at night when experiencing flare-ups. They work great and don't squeeze too tight. I found their size chart good. I wear a size 9 glove - large for a woman, long fingers, average size hands. The small is perfect.
August 17, 2015
I got these to relieve pain and swelling in my hands due to a medical condition. When they first arrived, they very well and provided decent pain relief. Then after a week or two, the material crapped out and they were all stretched out. I did contact customer service and they sent a replacement provided I shipped the crappy ones back. The second pair lasted longer than the first pair, but after about 5-6 weeks, they lost all elasticity as well. Disappointing.
October 17, 2016
These are comparable to the pair I bought from the Chinese website AliExpress, however I paid a dollar for those. These are not tight enough and they provide little to no comfort. The Imak gloves that I bought are far far superior.
January 11, 2017
My hand therapist recommended these to reduce swelling after trigger-finger surgery. She turned them inside out, so the seams are on the outside. The open tips mean that I can still type. They are comfortable to wear and easy to slip off when washing hands. They are machine washable, so I ordered a second pair to keep a clean pair available. The size chart suggests that I'd fit an extra-small size, but I doubt that. Although I have small hands for an adult male, my therapist recommended medium and that works just fine for me.
April 6, 2016
I've already got carpel tunnel in my right hand and have had one of these for years that my physio gave me. But my pregnancy has made both my hands hurt and swell. I wear these at night and it's really helped reduce swelling and pain.
September 25, 2016
I wear these most of the time due to Rheumatoid Arthritis swelling. I foster baby kittens that need to be bottle raised, they snag them up a bit but still do the job. I put them in a linen bag in the washer to wash then air dry them which works great. I did get one pair that didn't last a month but they were taken back with no problem.
March 10, 2014
Purchased these previously for my father (in size L) who really liked them. So when my hands started hurting, I ordered a pair for me. After carefully measuring my hands and reviewing the sizing chart, I ordered a S (was between S & M). They arrived on time and matched the pictures. I'm very disappointed, however, as I really couldn't feel any compression. They fit just fine (although the outside seams felt bulky), but didn't provide any relief. Rather than spending money to return them, I offered them to my father. He said they felt very similar to his size L (only fingers were a bit shorter). So my conclusion is there's very little difference between sizes S and L, and you need bigger hands than mine to feel the compression.
November 23, 2016
Wore a few times and the stitching started coming aprt at the fingers. I used them while typing and they are not holding up. Felt good at first but stretched out quickly.
December 17, 2013
I bought these for my mom who suffers terribly with arthritis. I had read the reviews and someone had commented about the inside tag causing problems but I thought I could simply remove it. Well, that is much easier said than done. The tag is sewn inside each glove and is literally impossible to remove because it is stitched all the way through to the outside. I even tried to remove it with the smallest pair of scissors and hem remover that I had and - nope, it didn't work. I fooled with the tags for almost one hour and never did remove it all. I eventually put a hole in the one glove during one of my attempts. I just hope that it doesn't cut into my mom's skin. I mention this because my mom is elderly and I know the elderly often have thinner skin on their hands/arms so, you may want to take this into consideration before buying.

The item arrived as described-my mom loves it. I ordered a small for her and it seems to fit true to size. She has problems with pain in her thumbs and I was concerned that she wouldn't be able to remove these by herself but she can. I have to say that she LOVES them. It does provide compression and warmth and she said it really soothes her arthritis pain.
September 25, 2016
Ordered size small. The link for a size chart, posted in first question, does not have anything about gloves or glove size, so ordered based on the size of my still perfect 30 yr old pair of Istoner gloves, which have GREAT compression but are full-fingered — not intended for keyboard or touchscreen use. The small arrived and there is only slight compression. Because there's no free return for this product, I would be out $5.07 if I returned for the extra small. Therefore, I will keep them. My mistake, of course, for even ordering them without free return. However, I naively assumed a respected brand such as Isotoner would have the same sizing for gloves thru the years, but no. Such is life.