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Black Lace Thong Semi Sheer Club Underwear PU Leather Patchwork Panties For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Lace Thong Semi Sheer Club Underwear PU Leather Patchwork Panties For Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

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Описание товара

Shown Color Black Fabric Lace
Design Semi-Sheer Embellishment Lace
Style Sexy Pattern Lace
Season Summer Waist(inch) M :24½, XL :28¼
Pants Length(inch) M:6, XL:7¼ Weight 0.09kg

November 3, 2006
Big and tall kids who don't have nighttime bladders used to suffer in wet beds but now there are finally products to make children and parents able to sleep all night. I wish they had these when other children in my life had use for them.
December 2, 2008
Just got three packs of these for only $10 each here at Amazon. Great deal. Much cheaper than at the supermarket. Does not leak.
January 30, 2010
These are the best 'overnighters' on the market. Super absorbent but not too bulky and are pants so my girl doesn't feel like a baby using a nappy.
thankyou HUggies - terrific.
April 22, 2013
Daughter was 6 and still peeing at night and these seemed it hold it fine. Happy to say I think we don't need them anymore :)
October 30, 2011
My 3 1/2 year old still wets at night. These overnight pullups work great. They're easy to put on and have never leaked. Hopefully we won't need them much longer, but until then ... they're great!
August 1, 2015
Work well. My go to brand.
December 31, 2010
We recently switched to Goodnites from Pull-ups at night for our nearly 3 year old toddler twins and find that they do a wonderful job keeping them dry at night. While they are a little big and hang low in the mornings, there is no leaking. Prior to the switch, we were using a Pull-up with an overnight diaper over the top. Cumbersome and a total pain. Highly recommend this product if you find the Pull-ups aren't working for you.
September 1, 2013
This is for the up to age 14 group of children. It comes in boys and girls styles. I am reviewing the girls because it is the only one I use. It has really cool graphics for the older child, like butterflies and hearts for girls. It is absorbent, has a comfortable fit, is made of soft and quiet material. The brand has an online site for help, advice, and information for parents of children who use GoodNights, which provides encouragement and let's you know you are not alone. I'd like to add that this brand has a sister item called Goodnights dispose able under pads that go on top of the bed sheet under the child. Sometimes it's needed, but always provides assurance.
November 14, 2012
My daughter had an allergic reaction to this product--a rash on her lower back the morning after she wore the Goodnite the first night. We tried again the next night, and the rash became worse (she stayed dry all night both nights). We tried using the Goodnites a few nights after that, putting a pair of underwear on her first and then putting it over to protect her, but the Goodnite caused a rash anywhere it touched her lower back where the underwear wasn't protecting her. Just want to add that my daughter has never actually had an allergy to anything before that I know of, and we've used a lot of different brands of diapers.
Also, don't be fooled that this will look like underwear in any way, this looks like a soft fluffy pull-up. When we took them out of the wrapper, my 2 year-old said "that's a diaper! that's a pull-up" and my 4 year-old was only willing to wear it because there is a picture of an older girl on the package.
March 29, 2011
I have a 10 yr old who occasionally wets the bed at night & the regular pull up's dont hold the amount of urine these can. We have had only 2 leaks in a years time with using these. No rashes like other brands. They absorb well, & the odor is controlled. I only buy these goodnites & Underjams because THEY WORK