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Black Denim Jeans Women's Slim Fit Shaping Flare Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Denim Jeans Women's Slim Fit Shaping Flare Pants Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $40.93 USD

Описание товара

Type Jeans Waistline Natural
Wash Black Shown Color Black
Style Chic & Modern Fabric Denim
Pattern Solid Color Leg Style Flared
Waist(inch) S :25¼, M :26¾, L :28¼, XL :30 Hips(inch) S :31½, M :33¼, L :34¾, XL :36¼
Pants Length(inch) S:40¼, M:40½, L:41, XL:41¼ Weight 0.38kg

April 6, 2012
I really like my other 527s, but I should have paid more attention to the other reviews on here. They arrived today and they're at least a full size smaller than an identical pair I bought locally and have washed multiple times. I won't order jeans again.
October 15, 2012
For a long time I've been loyal to Lucky slim bootcuts, but now I'm buying more stuff on Amazon and decided to give these a try. Fit is personal of course, but after two days in these, I approve. Very comfortable, and they sit on my waist and shoes just right. At this price, I can get two or three for the cost of one pair of Lucky's.
January 25, 2012
I've been buying the 527 jeans for few years now (I really don't remember for how long) because I think it's a perfect fit.

It's not tight and it's not loose... it covers the shoes nicely... and the fabrics are great (although I'm pretty sure the blue one is softer than the black for some unknown reason!).

I'm not into paying $100+ for a pair of jeans, and wearing a hip brand won't make me feel better about myself... this one is just right.
February 5, 2010
I can't rock the skinny jeans cause I value my goods too much so I got a pair of 527s from the dept store a few weeks ago and loved the jeans but found a small tear on the leg that got worse after I already bought and wore them from the store. I was pissed off so I ordered 2 more pairs (sail and Indie) from Amazon. They came in 2 days and they fit perfect! colors matched the pictures dead on.Totally recommend this style if you want a tighter fit without your manhood screaming for air. Will be wearing these for a long time and probably replacing them with same kind.
January 20, 2011
These are the jeans that I love. Been wearing them for several years now and have changed very little. Being approx. 6'-2 I ordered the 32x32, because I do not like the accumulation and baggy appearance on top of the shoes. For an example of this look at the product pictures.
I need just enough extra material to cause one or two "breaks" in the pant from sitting on the shoes.

Why only 4 stars if I loved them so? Because one of the pairs I received, the indigo color, is extremely stiff and rough. They will have to be washed a good few times allowing them to loosen up and become comfortable to wear.
March 1, 2012
These are true to fit (mine are 30x34) jeans made with quality in mind, and fashion as a priority.

The fit is great! These are low waist that sit on - not above - hips. The thighs area are body tight while lower leg is a little flares (boot cut?) which makes for a great balanced look. Best part the crouch sits where it meant to be! Not too low and not squeezing too high either with adequate room.

I also tried several size 30 waist jeans before and rarely other brands are true to fit. These Levi's are!

Last but not least - the fabric looks better in real life - and the photos here don't seem to these jeans justice.
September 22, 2009
I'm typically not a jeans-wearing person, but these are fantastic jeans. I've worn everything from Express to RnR's; these are a cheap alternative to designer denim and they fit perfectly. I've bought multiple pairs in various colors (specifically 33x34) and have found that there seems to be some variation in the waist size between the colors, but I have not had any trouble fitting into any (ie, they don't run small). All the washes look great and they fit well. If you're looking for some good looking jeans but don't want to fork over $150+ for designer, look no further.

-Great bootcut fit
-Colors are fantastic
-Very reasonably priced

-Some variation in waist sizes among colors
-The de-constructed jeans have a rip in one knee I'm always afraid I will rip with my foot when I put them on (be careful!)
October 22, 2014
I ordered size 29 waist, 30 inseam. The jeans that I received were not that size, even though the label said so. They appear to be a 31 or 32 waist, and at least a 31 inseam; in addition, they are quite baggy, though they're supposed to be a regular fit. I might note that I have an older pair that are 30 waist, 30 inseam, that fit correctly. It appears to me that Levis has some serious quality control problems in their manufacturing plants.
January 11, 2012
My advice for anyone ordering online is def to try before buying. This is because the 527 are cut to fit the hip and not the waist. Back in the day when i first switched to these the numbering was waist and inseam, however they switched over to hip and inseam to create a more accurate view of whom it fits. So i was once a 33x34 and now i am a 36x34, so i suggest going to the store to try them on and find your precise size. cuz i am athletic in build and all my other waists are 32 or 33 but these do NOT fit that sort of measurement
September 29, 2009
I've worn 527 for about 5 years and I was heartbroken when EMS had to rip through my oldest pair when I dislocated my knee. Thankfully, Amazon has the same great color (Indie Blue) in my hard to find size (33-32)!

The pants are true to Levi's fit. They look even better with age, so wear them out and wash them to get you're own unique look. These pants fit me will; Tastefully low on the waist, and just baggy enough that it can be worn with just about anything. I mix mine up with classic shoes like Converse, Tigers or Vans. They fall on the shoe just right and as the heel gets torn-up, will start to take on a rocker look.

Try them out. For the price, they really can't be beat.