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Black Cut Out Leggings T-Back PU Leggings for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Cut Out Leggings T-Back PU Leggings for Women Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $13.88 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Black, Purple, True Red Fabric Polyurethane / PU
Components Pants Pieces in Set 1 Piece
Pattern Solid Color Bust(inch) M :31½-34¾
Waist(inch) M :36¼-40¼ Length(inch) M :37½
Weight 0.35kg

February 2, 2016
No, just no, I don't know how people using them as workout tight feel okay about them. They are transparent, seriously, when I bend over it feels like I am exposing my whole butt and panties to the whole world. Its like nothing there covering my bottom and my bottom is screaming for attention. The compression and stretchiness are great though. but I don't know how to wear something so transparent to the public. These are not leggings, these are technically tights.
September 13, 2015
Great leggings, but somewhat sheer above the thigh, especially when bending over. I won't wear these without a long shirt or tunic, but they are awesome otherwise. Great support, lightweight and smoothing. I'm 5'4 and wear a size 8 in dresses and jeans, and I ordered a medium and large because I wasn't sure which would fit better. The medium fits but is a lot more sheer than the large, so I will keep the medium size to wear under dresses or as another layer when it gets cold. I ordered another size large because they look great and are comfortable and I wear them a lot!
April 16, 2017
These have changed. I have two pairs of these from over a year ago. I recently ordered a third pair, and they are completely different down to the material and style. The 'old' ones used to be silky smooth, incredibly stretchy, and the waist came up very high--up to the bottom of my bra. These new ones are not silky. They are really thick and constricting, and come up maybe 4 inches above my waist, and roll down. Nothing like before. :( These were my go-to leggings. Please please please change them back!
October 28, 2016
I bought a pair of these 6-8 months ago and loved them. Loved that they don't fade, don't stretch out, look nice and smooth, waist doesn't roll down. I can't speak to the transparency of the butt area because I don't try to wear them as pants, I wear them under tunics or long dresses. Anyway, I lost some weight and wanted to go down a size, so I ordered another pair. Got something different! Same brand but different fabric, different style, different length! Decided to try them anyway; they're awful. The new fabric looks like it will fade, texture is different, has a different waist band that ROLLS DOWN ALL THE TIME, and they creep down while I'm wearing them! If they're going to keep selling these they should update ALL the info in the listing since they are now advertising something they aren't selling!
November 2, 2016
Very unhappy that these can't compare to the great Self Expression (also by Maidenform) that I found in my closet, put on, wore all day, felt great, never a roll at the waist. I was in love, so naturally wanted to find some more. Searched and searched. Found on the website Herroom that they must have discontinued the Self Expression leggings in 2013. They still have other Self Expression items available, even here on Amazon. I decided these Flexees must be the replacement, so ordered them to compare. Visually, they look the same. But when I put them on they just didn't feel the same. Not comfortable in the same way. And a day's wearing found them rolling at the waist all day long. Why Maidenform would discontinued a terrific product, I don't know. But I can't even find them on Ebay. Too bad, because the Self Expression ones made me feel terrific and slimmer all day. I just hope the pair I have can last a long time.
September 16, 2013
UPDATED 9/26/16 -- I've ordered these several times over the past couple of years and have always loved the ones I received. However, I just repurchased these leggings and the item I received was NOT what I've ordered in the past. All of my previous pairs were product number 82455 and were made of a microfiber fabric with an extended tummy control panel. In my most recent purchase, the leggings I received were a cottonish blend and did NOT have the large tummy control panel -- only a thicker waist band. I ordered a size large from Under Moments (the Amazon seller). I understand that this product used to be called "Flexees by Maidenform" and are now being called "Maidenform Fat Free Dressing Leggings." Perhaps, the product itself was changed too? But if so, Amazon hasn't updated the product description. Fortunately, I did find the original version of the leggings via Walmart. This is the product link: [...]

I love to wear leggings and have tried many different kinds. These pair are the BEST of the BEST. Even though the picture shows that they go to mid calf, I'm only 5 feet tall, 140 pounds and I bought the Large and they go to just above my ankle. If I choose to have them shorter, I can just pull them up a bit and they are at my mid calf -- and they look good either way. My favorite part is the tummy panel. WOW. These leggings really hold everything in place, but yet are incredibly comfortable. I love the feel of these too... perfect leggings to wear under tunics or long shirts. I personally think these are too thick to wear under pants or jeans. They have a great feel to them... just enough compression to make my legs feel energized and the material is soft and as just a slight sheen to it. For the price, you cannot beat these.
December 4, 2015
Like most women, I don't want to spend money on anything I don't love. These leggings do not disappoint!! Glad to have found these on sale here.

Excellent shaping, through the stomach especially! I like that these feel firming without the tight feel of most compression type wear which I don't care much for. Waistline is above the belly button.

For reference, I'm 5'2" and wear a women's size 6, curvy and pear shaped. I ordered according to the size info and went with a Medium. I have 38" hips and fit is great all over and amazingly comfortable to boot!

Length is at my ankles but these are stretchy and can be worn shorter or longer depending on your preference. Like work out or yoga stretchy type pants, except without as much of a sports apparel type of look.

The feel of the fabric is soft and smooth. Not necessarily airy but also not as warm as anything fleece-lined or hot like anything shaping like Spanx. Perfect for around the house and are quite versatile.

These leggings are made in Indonesia. They appear to be well made and arrived without any loose seams or snags. Overall, the look is flattering and flawless!

I machine washed them in cold water, in a lingerie wash bag, prior to wearing them, and hung dry. If you're interested in getting some that are sold here, I recommend these and they're currently a good value, Allove Set of 4 Premium Micro-mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates, Sweater, Bras, and Organizations(Allove1402) (I've reviewed them with photos on the product page there and they're holding up well.)

Here is my recommendation for washing darks... I used to sell this at an appliance dealer and it works. Your old faded blacks can look new again and your new stuff won't fade. I love it!! The European brands don't have the yucky fillers so you pay more but don't need to use much... It's worth it. (They make great detergent in general.) Reliable PERWOLL-BLACK BLACK FAB. DET. 1.5L

Overall I think these leggings are excellent and I'd definitely recommend them to others. I have a feeling these will last a long time and won't likely be pilling up anytime soon (I'll update this review if they do though)!

Uploading some photos so you can get a closer look. Also included are wash instructions. Smile. Hope this is helpful!
November 28, 2015
I can only imagine that everyone who gives these rave reviews received a totally different product than I did. These are tight in the calf and they feel like they would be supportive for your belly (I can't say since that isn't where I need it), but provide virtually no support in the thigh/butt. DEFINITELY not compression or support wear. They are not as supportive as any pair of nylons I own, or my cheap Target Asset leggings, or my actual workout leggings, or even the cheap cotton leggings I got from Forever 21. They are also totally see-through. "Leggings" are a pair of clothing you can wear on their own... these are not. Unless you want the whole world to see your underwear (or your lack of it), cover these up with a tunic or dress. Plus you wouldn't want to wear these as-is because the crotch gusset and seam are poorly connected and despite being so saggy and baggy that they were nowhere near my actual crotch, they gave a grotesque and extremely noticeable appearance of a camel toe.

The only decent thing about these is how silky the surface is, so I thought maybe I could salvage them as an extra layer under pants during winter. Not so! After wearing these for one work day, the giant cheap seam running up the leg had dug so far into my skin, it was excruciating to take them off. I mean I don't have any kind of freakishly large calves... and as I mentioned these were not even tight in the thigh/butt area. Just poorly made, poorly sized, NOT leggings. Whether you need shapewear or leggings, these are NOT what you want.
February 28, 2017
I could never understand how women wore leggings as pants. Now I do. I won't...nobody wants to see me in them but these are comfy and I actually didn't look as hideous as I thought I would.

I purchased these as a long leg "girdle" to wear under pants that I have; I'm hoping to smooth out my hip lumps and bumps. I think these will help. I'm menopausal so I'll probably have heat stroke but when they strip me down at least I'll look decent.

Im 5'3" and 225. They fit perfectly. I wish they came in beige so I could wear them with lighter colored pants.
April 3, 2013
I have spent hundreds of dollars in the search for the best leggings to work out in. I have based my review on these factors: quality, slimming capabilities, seamless"ness", comfort, durability, and most of all comfort and movement.

Here is the problem with the others: Spanx hit the back of my knees in a funny way and were too tight, while the next size up were not tight enough. They also don't offer a calf length crop. Lululemon has that horrible seem right in the middle of the butt. Also, in case the guys at the gym didn't tell you; they are see-through when you bend over. Others were either too jersey feeling and didn't offer the amount of compression I was looking for, while others were too athletic looking and had a shiny, spandex sheen to them that made me look thicker. Others looked great but as I ran, they would either ride up, or creep down. Others would hit too low and create a bulge at my waist, even though my stomach is flat. Others would completely pile or the seems would get frilly after one wash.
I would get so excited about trying out a new pair of $100 leggings, hoping that they would be my new go-to"favorite pair", but would always be disappointed for one reason or another. The whole time I realized that I kept going back to these Flexees ones. I would run to put them in the wash after working out so they I could wear them the next day, as my $100 ones sat in my dresser. I guess because they were cheaper than the others, I kept writing them off subconsciously. But the truth is, they are excellent. And I have washed them more than any other pair and yes, I put them in the dryer every time. And they are still perfect. The material is completely opaque, yet not too matte or shiny. I can bend over in yoga class while the sun comes through the window and not have my underwear on display....believe me, I have tested it. The level of compression makes me look slimmer than the Spanx leggings did, while still being able to be comfortable without cutting off my circulation. The waistband isnt too think, mor too thin to cause any crease in my waist. They also stay completely put when I run. Because the material isn't too athletic or jersey, you can wear these to the gym as well as dressed up with a tunic top. It also doesn't stick to other fabrics like the jersey cottony leggings. 5 stars!!! Don't be fooled by the price. These are better than any of the the yoga boutique, $100 leggings, all the way around.