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Black Cape Coat Turndown Collar Long Sleeve Split Women's Casual Ponchos Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

Black Cape Coat Turndown Collar Long Sleeve Split Women's Casual Ponchos Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $37.99 USD

Описание товара

Design Clothes Function Warmth-Preservation, Wind-Proof
Neckline Turndown Collar Embellishment Split
Closures Hook and Eye Sleeve Length Long Sleeve
Pattern Solid Color Season Winter
Style Comfy, Casual Lining Material Nylon
Fabric Gabardine Shown Color Black
Note unpadded bra Thickness
Bust(inch) S :48¾, M :50½, L :52, XL :53½ Length(inch) S :36¼, M :36½, L :37¼, XL :37½
Weight 0.5kg

September 29, 2017
My 5 year old large breed (Malamute/Rott mix) dog is definitely perkier and is not moving stiffly as she was before, especially after exercise. I’m giving it to my year-old Pyrenees mix as well as a preventative. They enjoy the taste and so far I’m very pleased!
July 31, 2015
This really works!! The first time I sprinkled this on my dog's food, he refused to eat (which he had never done before). I thought, "Well I guess I wasted my money", but I decided to go the the company's website to see if they had any suggestions. They suggested mixing a little water with the powder, and roll it in a ball so it would look like a treat. That worked! Now, I just mix the powder with a little water and leave it on the plate and my dog licks all of it up. In fact, he likes it so much, that every morning he goes to the refrigerator and waits for me to mix up his new "treat". I know that this is hard to believe, but we saw immediate improvement in our dog. He was born with hip dysplasia and has always had a hard time getting up and down, and going up and down stairs, etc. Now, he is more playful, is actually running around and is showing signs of improvement everyday. He had been taking Cosequin for years, but now we will definitely be using this product instead.
December 14, 2017
Almost identical ingredients to the Senior Missing Link product. My dog loves it but it is a powder and has to either be mixed with wet dog food or water, which makes a nice gravy that several dogs in my family seem to eat with no problem. For 2 days, when I was running low, I skimped on the 2 TBSPs that my dog requires and he was limping by the end of the 2nd day. Put him back on full dose and the next day, his limp was gone. That unfortunate experience for my dog actually was a blessing. It showed me how effective this product is and my dog will never go without it again.
March 17, 2016
This is a really good supplement for dogs prone to joint issues. We have a 10 year old German Shepherd with mild to moderate arthritis in his hips, knees and spine. The supplement seems to help his mobility and has the added benefit of increasing the shine of his coat...a great sign of overall health! We have been sticking with the smaller 1lb bag despite the cost per oz being a little higher due to how perfectly it fits on a refrigerator shelf...you must refrigerate this product due to its high flax/oil content or it will go bad! The taste also must be good...we mix a scoop with a little water and pour it over the pup's food, but he will lap it right out of the cup if we let him...nothing better than a great supplement that you don't have to force your dog to take!
December 22, 2017
Love this stuff!!!! Have a 8 year old working Great Pyrenees who could hardly get around, let alone do her job of protecting. She was on pain med but they were not helping at all (I see now) Started using this stuff in Oct and haven't looked back. She is up chasing squirrels and feeling SO much better, and no longer on pain meds. Love it. Eats the food just fine with no problems.
November 19, 2017
Missing link is an awesome product. I use it on my older dogs and they run like they are young again. I have recommended this product to so many family and friends, they all use this product! I even purchased it for my parents because I believe it works so great, I just wanted them to try it.

My 100+ lb dog had serious spinal issues and after a month of taking missing link, his issues were very manageable and he does not appear to be in pain. He is much healthier and can run with the younger crowd again. I have been giving it to him for several years now and his issues have not come back- the results are long-term!!!
September 30, 2016
I have been using this product with all of my dogs since 2002. I have never experienced any issue with the product and any of my dogs, and none of them (to this day) realize that they are eating it - and that is saying something considering my 13 year old teacup pop can smell any sort of medication or supplement from a mile away. I have also never had any negative reaction to the product. Most of all, I am glad to find this product for sale at a good price and not the extremely high price at some of the pet-store chains.
January 15, 2017
I've used both versions of Missing Link, skin and hip/joint. My dogs lap it up when sprinkled over their food and I swear it works at intended. I first used the skin version on my nearly bald mini schnauzer. It was the only thing that made his hair grow back completely! He's fine now but my female schnauzer somehow hurt her rear leg while playing with a pup. The vet thought it might be a slightly torn ACL, UGH. I bought a little brace which didn't seem to help much so thought I would give this a try. It's either been time enough to heal or this stuff is really working for me once again. She's not limping or running around like a tripod anymore. If it was just enough time to heal I still feel good giving this to her since it's full of good vitamins anyway.
If your dog has a skin or joint issue I highly recommend you try this!
December 21, 2017
When I first started sprinkling this on the dogs' kibs, they turned their noses up at it, tried to eat around it, or just stared at me, as if to say, "What am I s'posed to do with that?" Course these same dogs think dirt and what they theive from the kitty litter bin is a delicacy, so...

After a few servings of it (drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for their coats), they went crazy for it. Just had to convince them to see it in a new light, so to speak. I no longer have to bribe them with healthy oils, they officially LOVE this vitamin supplement now and bounce and go all cross-eyed, they get so focused on the crinkling of the bag now.

I bought this for my 12 yr old German Shepherd/Malamute rescue (who lived a wild and crazy life and whose arthritic joints like to remind him of his earlier bad decisions) and my 7 yr old GSD/Husky with true hip dysplasia from a young age. :'-( The shorthair just gets jealous of anything the pointy-eared siblings get, so she gets a sprinkle too. So far, I can't say I've seen a major difference, but...

*** In my experience, supplements like this are subtle and gradual, so you don't really notice unless its a major, distinctive signal or you remove the supplement and they then go downhill (or - hopefully not - improve). By a "signal" I mean, if your dog had been dragging his nails on the pavement on your way home from your daily walk and now he's pushing you to go further and further, and prancing up to the house after. Or suddenly she is jumping into the car on her own again, etcetera.

By the latter, I mean that because you are so close to them, you don't notice the little changes, until you do. If one day you looked in the mirror and realized you had grey hair. Then imagine if you stopped drinking coffee and your hair returned to its natural color (sadly that would never work and was a terrible metaphor, but hopefully it made enough sense). You would realize the coffee had been giving you grey hair. With pets, you don't often notice those little changes, either improvement or deterioration, until they become BIG changes. But if you reverse the cause, you may well notice the reversed result. Does that make sense?

The moral of that is that you probably will NOT see some magical, overnight return to puppyhood in your dog. In fact, you may not even notice a difference at all, but it could absolutely BE THERE. Watch those subtilties in your dog. Do they walk a little longer? Want to chase that ball a few more times? Jump in the truck without a boost again? Stand up a little quicker? Not groan so much when they lay down?

THAT is my goal giving my dogs this supplement. And while this is only my 2nd bag, I believe these guys are feeling a bit younger and happier. The eldest is obnoxious about squeaking his toys again (bless his youthfully annoying heart) and the youngest is jumping in the car by herself. Is it the supplement? I don't know, but I'm sure not going to stop giving it to them now.

This product is $$$, but all the ones that are safe and truly have the potential to do what they claim are $$$. I won't even try anything questionable on these guys. Read the ingredients on the back. The protein and flaxseed and breakdown of goodness in this. Its much better than many comparable products. That is why I bought another bag. I want my dogs to have quality of life straight thru their entire lives. If that means coercing them a bit to eat healthier food and spending more to get it, so be it. They are worth it.
October 8, 2015
This supplement changed my 5 year old pitbull's life. Ryder is unfortunately the product of inbreeding (commonly seen in pitbulls) and has horrible hip and other joint problems already in life. Even a walk around the block would leave him limping for the rest of the day and into the next. Because he couldn't exercise, and because of my hesitation to conjur up the painful side effects of walking, Ryder was about 7-9 pounds overweight (a lot for a dog). A couple days after sprinkling this onto his high quality dog food, I took note of how much more alert he seemed than usual. After a week, I noticed he would stand around the house instead of sitting. After about two weeks he was bouncing and frolicking about the house as though in a newly found puppy-hood. I cried with delight when he jumped into the car by himself for the first time since he was a puppy. Ryder has been eating Missing Link for about 3 months now, and I will never take him off of it. Ever. We are walking at least a mile every day without any painful limping or soreness the next day. He can now easily jump up onto the bed (only on special occasions) with ease! He climbs steps like a champ! Ryder has lost 5 pounds because Missing Link has enabled him to have an active lifestyle.

This stuff is really inexpensive on Amazon. The 5-lb bag lasts me over two months when feeding to two pitbulls between 60-65 lbs. once everyday. Be sure to store it in the fridge after you open it!

*Update 2017

My boy is still going strong thanks to Missing Link. It's worked so well on my dog, my father even took notice of his improvement and started using this for his aging chocolate lab.

We took the dogs on vacation with us to the beach last summer- something I don't think Ryder could have handled with his knee and hip issues three years ago. A tablespoon a day for us keeps the joint aches and arthritis away!

The price on Amazon has increased by about 35%- sad to see, but, I will never take my dogs off this product after the changes I've seen. I have been able to find it cheaper at locally owened pet stores in my area, on occasion.