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2 Piece Swimwear Stripes Off The Shoulder Sexy Bikini Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

2 Piece Swimwear Stripes Off The Shoulder Sexy Bikini Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $23.74 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color White Type Wireless, Removable Cups
Fabric Spandex Style Beach
Pattern Stripes Embellishment Accessories not included.
Design Shaping Note padded bra
Pieces in Set 2-Piece Components Bikini
Neckline Off-the-Shoulder Sleeve Length Short Sleeve
Bust(inch) S :29½, M :31½, L :33½, XL :35½ Waist(inch) S :23½, M :25½, L :27½, XL :29½
Hips(inch) S :33½, M :35½, L :37½, XL :39¼ Weight 0.25kg

January 28, 2009
This is a solid upper body workout, with some (less intense) lower body work, as well (plies, a few squats and some lunges). This is not a difficult workout by any means, but it is simple, graceful, and effective. I love Ellen Barrett's workouts because they always contain moves that feel SO good to do and I feel so good afterward! Even if other workouts might be more effective short-term, I enjoy this and other Ellen dvds so much that I do them over and over again and get more out of them long-term. I'm not really sure why this is billed as a "bikini-ready" workout, as when I think of getting bikini-ready my arms are the least of my worries, and the arms/upper body are what gets worked the most in this workout, but it's still a good, effective, enjoyable routine, especially for beginners or less intense days.
August 16, 2006
This is the first DVD I buy to start an at-home workout program and I must say that after 4 weeks it does deliver results. I have noticed that my thighs and buttocks are firmer and my torso -especially all the abs area- is leaner, taller and firmer. This is a great workout for overall toning and is not too complicated, does not make you dance or learn difficult routines. The only drawback is that there is to much advertising before the program starts and I wish Ms. Barrett had included more Pilates abdominal moves. Another thing that I found annoying (but my boyfriend finds funny) is that Ms. Barrett and her aids smile too much! The one named Marie does not stop smiling from start to finish and because of this my boyfriend has nicknamed her "Giggles". Nevertheless please note that this is a great instructional video overall and I recommend it for beginners and anyone that wants to have a less strenous workout during the week.
June 17, 2013
I like this video mainly because the instructor is not annoying and crazy perky. The workout is simple but for an uncoordinated person like me that's a very good thing. I've liked most of the Self videos that I've tried.
January 21, 2014
I am used to much harder workouts like P90X, but i decided to start simply since it's been awhile since working out. I will use this, but i can tell i will outgrow it fast. I don't like the lack of actual ab workouts, even for the "bonus" ab workout that's one set of exercises. I do feel my arms though using 5 lbs. So I will use this until i can easily use 10 lbs. for this video and move on to something better. I also feel that since you never get your heartrate up this has no cardio which is great for burning fat. So very few calories are burned.
June 27, 2010
This video is perfect and manageable for 2-3 times per week, along with other activities; I've been motivated to do the video for five weeks now, no problem, and feel great. Wonderful strength training! And my arms, core and abs are stronger and more toned, as well. While this video may not be as challenging for some of the hard-core exercise people, it seems suitable for almost any level and gets you moving. I like the pace and level of challenge; you can increase the weights if you like, and I may eventually, but I really don't see tiring of this workout, especially when kept in my mix of exercise. Ellen Barrett does such an excellent job of keeping you motivated, maintaining an interesting and varied workout, and working several important parts of your body. I'm interested in and would purchase other workout videos from her.
May 15, 2005
I have three other videos highlighting Ellen Barrett as the instructor (check out Crunch Pilates series). She does it again with this DVD! This DVD has 30 minutes of great toning exercises that get your heart pumping and trust me, you feel the burn. You will definitely feel it the next day, which is a great sign of an effective workout.

The video is long enough to get a good workout, short enough that you don't dread it. The only thing I was disappointed in is the sound quality since it was taped on the shores of Mexico (literally on the beach), the sound just wasn't like her other "in studio" productions (which is understandable). Other than that, this is in my regular rotation of excellent workout DVDs.

If you do not care for leg intensive squats or using dumbbells in your workouts this may not be the DVD for you. However, if you are looking for a great new DVD to work and tone your entire body, this is great.
May 25, 2009
I like this workout for several reasons.

First, it can be as tough or as easy as you let it. They recommend 2-5 pound weights but you can use heavier ones for some of the exercises (biceps etc) if the lower weight isn't challenging to you. If, as some other reviewers have suggested, you're having an off-day, you can use a lighter weight and still get in some exercise. It's also a workout that leaves you with energy, not feeling drained. so if you need to get going in the morning, this is a good one.

I also like Ellen Barrett. She cues well and tries to vary the sequences so that it doesn't get boring. I also loved the beach setting.

It may seem a bit mysterious that a bikini ready workout would have so many upper body exercises, but having a defined upper body and back gives you better posture in a bikini and helps offset the smallness of the waist. Besides, she sneaks a lot of squats in there so your butt will look good in a bikini! ;-)

This is a good workout, whether you're working on looking good in a bikini, or just staying fit!
June 29, 2016
I love this DVD. That said I have lower back issues and the first time I did it I threw my lower back out. My own fault. If you have back issues take your first few times easy so you can get a good feel for some of the movements and gauge yourself accordingly. Otherwise I love this tape. I feel like I am getting a really good toning workout (esp upper body) in a short amount of time.
February 16, 2012
I'm a beginner with working out again, and for the most part I love this workout. It's fun, it's not quite like anything I've seen before, it keeps my heart rate up, and with 3lb weights (again, I'm just starting to work out again) I feel the burn by the end. The warm up isn't quite long enough for my taste, and neither is the cool down, but they're adequate. The only complaint I have with this workout is that I never feel it in my abs. I had the same problem with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and most workouts besides Pilates and belly dance, so maybe it's just me. The actual time for this workout is about 30-35 minutes, according to my calculations. The end of the DVD has some information about healthy eating and the like.

Basically, I think if you're a beginner, this would be great. If you're not, you may like it for days you want a less intense workout, or maybe try heavier weights.
March 16, 2010
I do several yoga/pilates beginner and intermediate workout videos, so I guess I am intermediate. The two big reviewers who think this doesn't work the bum/bikini area are bikini ready already, obviously. This workout probably wasn't intended for you!

The arm movements are comfortable and flowing, and the challenge varies with how much weight you use. I have some 2 and 3 pound weights.

I don't do regular squats or aerobics videos because of knee problems, so it was a pleasant surprise that this workout full of plie moves didn't hurt too much. She also gives an alternative low-impact move for the hopping motion, which my knees appreciated. The only thing that hurt much was the single-leg squats because my bad knee couldn't take the extra load all at once, so I just did regular squats.

The next day I knew my "squat areas" definitely felt the workout. I appreciate the flowing nature of the movements and the fact that we do things several times before moving on, so a new and clumsy user like me can keep up.

I found this video On Demand from my cable company, completely by accident! I selected an 8 minute Buff Abs routine, and I guess the link is messed up because about 5 minutes in I realized we weren't stopping anytime soon. They don't have a title screen on the video, so I didn't know until the end what the name was and I searched immediately to buy it on Amazon.