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2 Piece Skirt Set Red High Collar Long Sleeve Ruffle Top With Bodycon Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

2 Piece Skirt Set Red High Collar Long Sleeve Ruffle Top With Bodycon Skirt Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $52.22 USD

Описание товара

Style Chic & Modern Fabric Brocade
Embellishment Ruffles Pattern Solid Color
Shown Color True Red, Black Note unpadded bra
Pieces in Set 2-Piece Bust(inch) S :32¼, M :33¾, L :35½, XL :37¼
Waist(inch) S :26¾, M :28¼, L :30, XL :31½ Hips(inch) S :33½, M :35¼, L :36½, XL :38¼
Sleeve Length(inch) S :21¼, M :21½, L :21¾, XL :21¾ Shoulder Breadth(inch) S :13½, M :14, L :14¼, XL :14¾
Dress Length(inch) S:20¾, M:20¾, L:21¾, XL:21¾ Top Length(inch) S:21¼, M:21¼, L:21½, XL:21½
Weight 0.9kg

July 16, 2016
We put our beds up on risers to create storage space and needed something to hide the risers and storage bins. This worked perfectly. Neatly tailored and a good fit. I did need to throw it in the drier with a damp washcloth to get the wrinkles out but that worked fine.
September 21, 2015
I needed a longer bed skirt just to hide what's under my bed. I don't have the risers and this bed skirt isn't too long, of which I was afraid.
The fabric is a soft polyester that was easy to iron right out of the package.
I have an extra deep mattress so this is preferable to regular bed skirts that just aren't quite long enough.
May 25, 2016
The length is exactly as they've claimed. The material isn't extremely thick or anything, but I haven't had the issues with things under the bed showing through that some of the other people reviewing have complained about. The ONLY complaint I have is that the overlap on the corners of the bed aren't overlapped quite enough, so the corners of my bed frame keep popping through and I have to keep covering them back up. But honestly for the price, that's not too big of a deal.
October 30, 2017
I have my bed up on bed risers and the bed skirt is the perfect length! The material between the box and mattress is a bit rough to the touch and feels like it could easily rip.but I don't mind too much. I wont be sleeping on it and I will be carefull not to pull to hard.
September 8, 2017
Really like it! We have a bed frame and spring boxes and a mattress of different size (somehow king size has different formats) and it make it all work out together.
Now we can hide boxes under the bed and the room looks neat!
December 10, 2016
I have risers just because I love a high bed. For a while I could not find something that hides the shoes I store below my bed. This product is perfect. The white makes it look super clean!
April 25, 2017
I was in need of a bed skirt to pretty up the extra high bed frame I wanted switched to to allow for under bed storage. The standard length bed skirt left my bed looking like it a chicken wearing high water pants.

I was happy to find that extra long bed skirts existed. Now my bed is properly outfitted AND can store things underneath. I'm not opposed to a little ruffle now and again, but I appreciate that flat simple, clean style of this ruffle-less "dust ruffle".
October 2, 2016
Worked great for me. Yes it's a bit thin like most reviewers mentioned, but I just put it over my old dark brown bed skirt and it does the trick. And yes it was wrinkled when I got it but a quick ironing job solved that minor issue. Great purchase for the price! So hard to find extra long bed skirts.
August 9, 2016
This bed skirt is nice and long! I bought it to cover up my bed risers and all the crap they allow me to put under my bed. The downside is that the fabric, as others have mentioned, is pretty thin. Also, the corners open up--meaning the skirt is not made of a seamless piece of fabric but four joined pieces that easily separate. I arranged things so that they don't reveal the corners of my box spring, but it's sort of an annoying design-flaw. All things considered, I haven't thought or worried about those problems since I bought it and it is serving its purpose. No one really needs a luxury bed skirt right? lol For the price, I think this is the best option on amazon for an XL skirt.
August 9, 2016
While, at the time I made my purchase, it was the only bedskirt available in white from Amazon with a 21" drop length, I am extremely disappointed with this product.

The "platform" of the skirt, the square of fabric that goes directly underneath the mattress, is made of a very thin polyester webbing, as opposed to woven fabric. Despite having washed the bedskirt prior to putting it on my bed for the first time according to the care instructions on the package--in cold water, tumble dry on low--the webbing of the platform melted together in the drier and the platform all but disintegrated when I tried to pry the melted pieces apart, forming holes after its first wash. While these are concealed under the mattress, the platform itself is tattered and partially pulling away from the skirt fabric, and I am very concerned it will fall apart.

Moreover, the actual "skirt" itself is so thin as to be nearly translucent. While it does disguise what's under the bed, the skirt does not hold a firm shape on its own, and looks blousey and sloppy, as opposed to the neat, firm shape pictured. I've uploaded a photo of the skirt on my bed for reference.

I would not recommend this product.