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2 Piece Bathing Suit Ocean Blue Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Floral Printed Bikini Swimsuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

2 Piece Bathing Suit Ocean Blue Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Floral Printed Bikini Swimsuit Cheap clothes, free shipping worldwide

New price: $18.99 USD

Описание товара

Shown Color Deep Blue Type Wireless
Fabric Spandex Style Beach
Pattern Printed Embellishment Printed
Design Clothes Pieces in Set 2-Piece
Components Underwear, Panty Neckline Straps
Sleeve Length Sleeveless Bust(inch) S :30¾, M :32¾, L :34¾, XL :36½
Waist(inch) S :23½, M :25½, L :27½, XL :29½ Hips(inch) S :34¾, M :36½, L :38½, XL :40½
Weight 0.25kg

March 5, 2017
A very disturbing story but one that has you unable to put the book down. I would recommend this book.
March 31, 2017
As always Patterson kept you on the edge of your seat from page one right up until the end. A book that would make a great beach read (or anytime really). Definitely perfect murder mystery with all the gory details included!
December 6, 2017
November 4, 2017
not as good as his other books
September 24, 2017
Good, easy read. Rarely miss with James Patterson.
February 7, 2017
Good bio, sus penultimate kept me at the edge of my seat great way to spend a rainy after noon
July 14, 2013
On a trip to Maui in 2007, the privilege was all MINE, to stay at the Marriott Hotel on the Island where the "reporter" and investigator in this novel also stays, while beginning to investigate the disappearance of the models. Actually, the hotel is a very nice resort, called the Wailea Marriott Hotel and Spa, so although the novel does not fully portray it as being quite as "nice" as the one where the models are staying, my interpretation was that "their hotel" was actually fictitious. As usual, the "peepers" are the so-called "upper crust" who get their kicks, by watching the unfortunate demise of those less fortunate, the ones who are caught in a precarious position, no matter how beautiful and lovely and young they might be. Well, nobody ever said that having a lot of money actually is consistent with having class. This is an irresistible novel -- one that is very difficult to put down, and a page turner that leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen in the next chapter. It s actually also on my Kindle Reader. The intelligence and cunning that goes into the acts of a madman of this caliber, is what will really keep you awake late at night, trying to figure out how he can live with himself, after what he has done to those beautiful young ladies.
August 7, 2017
Airport book. I have read many of the Patterson books in my flying days. This was a selection from my book club that frankly surprised me since we don't usually read this genre of book.
August 17, 2010
I won't retread on much of what I've seen from other reviews, but this book was probably one of the most "un-thrilling" thrillers that I've ever read. The book had 122 chapters and I think that the air was let out of the book by chapter 15 or so. I kept reading imagining that there had to be something more that would take place to bring some level of "WOW", but chapter after chapter left me saying "so what..."

The book had a lot of potential, but one of the biggest points to a suspense book is drawing you in and connecting you with the characters and there was never more than a surface level connection with any of the characters. Additionally, it's safe to say that anything that was supposed to be intense on any level was underwhelming to say the least.

I don't feel that as a reviewer that I should recap the book, but more so share my impression. My impression of this is that it needed to be totally re-done before it saw the light of day. Definitely not the worst book that I've ever read, but certainly a waste of time. Skip it...
July 14, 2013
I love James Patterson's books. I have read all of his Alex Cross novels and the Women's Murder Club novels, his drama based novels like Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, and I always enjoy them. Swimsuit was not my favorite book however I really enjoyed how the story focused mostly on the killer. Most murder mystery stories focus on the detective and the families of the victims so I loved that this allowed you to really focus on the twisted mind of a psychopath. However I rated this as a 3 star book because it left too many unanswered questions. The second half of the book starts to jump back and forth between the two main characters. There were two different versions of Henri's life and why he does what he does but there is never confirmation as to which one is the truth. The end of the book gives little to no closure. This is a quick and easy read, that despite its flaws I still enjoyed very much and would pass the book along to family and friends. I wouldn't place it high on recommendation list but I would also not deter anyone from reading it either.