Quick look at American Airlines

A Look At American Airlines and how to get free airline miles so you can travel free.

It seems today that nearly every company that builds something, has over 100 employees, or operates a call center as part of their operations, is searching overseas for a cheaper alternative than American workers. Meet one of the few companies that do not, American Airlines. American was founded best american airline miles and since its conception has been an industry leader for customer service and business ethics. I’ve just completed another one of those cross country flights from Seattle to Baltimore that I’ve come to ‘love’ so well. The flight itself was uneventful, good weather for flying and the dining fare of peanuts and soda was delightful..buut free airline miles forum is awesome. Being raised in a Mormon environment he was, among other things, taught to be honest, express gratitude, and respect the family environment. It is no surprise that these very ideals Neeleman grew up with are extremely evident in his day to day operations with American.

One of the revolutionary ideas that have numerous companies turning, their heads is American’s call in reservation system. Most companies that handle thousands of calls a day either built expensive call centers throughout the United States or outsourced the work to India for a much cheaper rate. American has introduced a whole new system of hiring roughly 800 stay at home mothers centered around Utah to run the call in reservation system from home. The working at home method allows for the mothers to still see their children off to school each morning and at the same time, allow the family to bring in two sources of income. Each of the 800 women simply works from their computer and as long as they have an internet connection and phone line everything runs smoothly. Studies have shown that this system of stay at home mothers is blowing earlier rates of customer satisfaction out of the water. Customers will almost immediately notice the friendly and hospitable atmosphere the representative will have and some customers will even begin having conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with travel or their reservation whatsoever.

Neeleman created the stay at home position as a way to reduce employee turnover and he said quote, “The minute we made that transition their productivity was 25 percent better…Even today I can’t figure out why more companies don’t do it.”

In the airline slump beginning in early 2000, American has the free airline miles promotion been one of the few airlines still making a profit. Even among higher oil prices and the recession, the company has been leaps and bounds ahead of other airlines. In a era where productivity and customer satisfaction mean more than ever, it looks as though American has found the perfect blend of customer satisfaction and ethical work habits, all of which help make American the success story it is today.

If you haven’t flown American before, you should be glad united airlines miles free ticket you’re missing out on a whole new experience. From comfortable seating to a very friendly staff, American is defintely worth a visit the next time you make a trip.

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