Updated, Formatted, and Published, OH MY!

One of the little known things that small bloggers face, is what goes on behind the curtain.

Last week, I dusted off my camera and flexed my fingers for the first time in months
to begin again my daily (or every other day) ritual of sharing my thoughts and musings
with friends near and far in the online community.


The next day when I sat down at my computer to flex my fingers and write,
I noticed a myriad of updates were needed for the theme, framework, and plug-in sections of this website.

And so began my adventures into code.

Updating, saving, and reformatting sidebar widths.
Spell checking the foreign language of raw wordpress code.

May I please have a Coffee, some cookies, some Mountain Dew, and a jar of Nutella with a spoon?

It was like unpacking the first kitchen box during a move.
One down, with 16 to go. How long is this going to take?

One dish pack box empty, 17 to go! #milspouse #unpacking #kitchen

This is how I felt.

A new friend who followed us home on our morning walk

So. After a few days with way too many hours spent in front of my computer looking at code
and a few wonderful friends like Annie of MamaDweeb.com (she rocks my socks by the way!)
who answer late night calls for help, I think things are finally up to date and organized.


My newest endeavor in the past few months, has been learning how to make my own cold process soap.
It’s a long story, (coming to a blog near you!), but the short of the long is this:

I’ve learned to make soap,
I’ve discovered I LOVE making soap,
I’ve had a ton of fun creating new flavors with dried herbs from my garden,
AND – drumroll please – I recently opened an etsy shop called the Yellow Rose Emporia!

So how are things going with your family this week?
Have you tackled something big recently?

Let’s catch up and encourage one another! :)

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7 Responses to “Updated, Formatted, and Published, OH MY!”

  1. Annie Says:

    LOL!!! no YOU rock my socks! And today is just one of those “I want to be the turtle” days for me. So glad you have everything all perfect and beautified :D
    Annie recently posted..Super easy Halloween ideas for the uncreativeMy Profile

    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      Feel free to borrow that turtle picture whenever you need it! :) Sometimes a picture shares a thousand words!! And THANK YOU for being there to hand me a tissue and figure out a solution to my code woes! :)

  2. Nina Says:

    The turtle picture is the coolest pic ever – love it :) And congratulations on your Etsy shop. I sure will bookmark it.

  3. Tara Says:

    Then you have done something that I have been kicking around! Only I want to make goat milk soap….

    Tara recently posted..30, The answer isMy Profile

  4. Ann Marie @Household6diva Says:

    Ooooo! I want to learn to make Soap with Goat’s milk too! But that might have to wait until we’re finished moving around for Uncle Sam! ;) I’m not sure they’d be welcome as ‘pets’ in government housing!
    Ann Marie @Household6diva recently posted..Updated, Formatted, and Published, OH MY!My Profile

  5. April Weber Says:

    LOL the government should allow pets before kids. I am about 97% sure my kids cause more damage than any pet I ever had! ;)

    I have been looking at making soap! Both of my boys have sensitive skin and my husband actually prefers homemade soaps to the store bought stuff. It seems a little daunting though :/