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March 11, 2013

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Do you have a garden? In all of the places we have lived as a military family, we have always had a garden.

Military Life - Grow where you are planted

Whether it is a narrow flower bed along the side of our four-plex,


or convincing a wonderful group of friends to start a Community Garden in Baumholder,


I’ve always felt the need to grow things – and teach my children how to grow things!


So. I’ve decided that each week, I will be posting a linky for all of my blogging friends to SHARE what THEY have been up to in their gardens each week!  Your garden can be a flower pot on a window sill or a large corner of your yard – if you have a passion for growing things, this is the place for you!  Feel free to comment on this post each week to share your garden knowledge, to ask your garden questions, or make suggestions for future “Mondays in My Garden” topics!


As with all link parties, be sure to include a link in your post to bring readers back here to Household6diva.com and share the comment love and encouragement with others! I will leave the linky open all week, so you can link up your post as it is convenient for you! I’m looking forward to a learning more about where everyone lives and what your gardens look like!

Next week’s topic: Where do I start? I’ll be sharing tips and ideas for how to plan your garden, where to buy seeds, and knowing WHAT to plant WHEN!


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8 Responses to “Welcome to “Mondays in My Garden””

  1. Tanya Says:

    I have a rose garden in my back yard and my husband planted flower seeds in the front this year. I can’t wait til they come up. We try to plant at least some stuff every year.
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    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      I LOVE trying new things too! This year I’m growing broccoli for the first time! :)

  2. Leanne Says:

    As I got ready for bed last night I realized I had a little sun on my cheeks. Not sure if it was from the day’s gardening or just all the smiling from doing one of my favorite things… getting the garden ready for the summer :)
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    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      Those first few days of working in the garden are almost inebriating!!! The smell of fresh turned earth, the warm sun – I’m sure your smile made your face glow with enthusiasm! :)

  3. Tara Says:

    Just not “spring-y” enough here for gardening, and can’t start up any inside…my three cats would eat them as soon as they appear. I don’t know that I will start one at all, as we plan on moving this summer….
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    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      Have you ever considered growing something in a hanging basket? or maybe starting seeds under a glass lid so your fur-babies can’t get to them? :) Even though you are planning to move this summer, I’m sure if you planted a few marigolds, zinnias, or even morning glories – the next person to move in would be tickled pink! :)

      And you could always take a flower pot with you! I have a ponytail palm that I’ve had since college. (It lived with my Mom while we lived in Germany!) It was in a 2inch by 2 inch tiny pot when I bought it – and it’s now grown to be over knee high! :)

      • Tara Says:

        Hanging something would be hard, the windows are not conducive to hanging things in them, they also don’t have sills! (a true pain to live in a “house” like this one…I had planted some daffodils, tulips and peonies last year.. those are coming up…in grass filled beds, (sadly, its a HUGE fight up here in PNW to keep that down..esp if you not willing to be out in the old and wet, lol)
        The issue with taking something along when we leave here is that we are hoping and trying to move back to CA, and they do not allow plants etc to cross the border…Good news is, if we do get there, we will be able to get plants from the families once we settle! :)
        Tara recently posted..Spring is around the corner, or in the case of the PNW, a few cornersMy Profile

  4. Bonnie Says:

    I got some tomato seeds started in pots in the house this week .. I was a day late according to the moon .. hope they still do good .. I also started jalapeno seeds and some lavender seeds .. tomorrow I’m starting onion, cabbage and lettuce seeds .. and then the big problem is finding a sunny window to set them all in .. to wait and watch them all sprout .. but like my g’daughter says “you have too many plants already grandma” :)