Moving Day Lessons learned from our Movers

May 9, 2012

Military Life, Moving

This was what my living room looked like yesterday…


And this is what it looks like right now…


Ben, Freddy, and Tony will be coming back tomorrow to finish packing and load our things onto a truck.

When I asked Mr Ben (the most outgoing of the three) what he would like for lunch tomorrow he said.
“Ma’am. Please don’t take this the wrong way – because lunch today was wonderful – but please…
anything BUT Pizza would be great… “

I thought it would be something quick and easy that just about anyone would like!”

He smiled.
“It’s ok Ma’am. It’s just that everyone thinks the exact same thing!”

What have your Movers taught you about Packing day?

Tomorrow we’re going to have a large platter of veggies, fruit, cheese, sausage and crackers for lunch!


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29 Responses to “Moving Day Lessons learned from our Movers”

  1. Jen Says:

    LOL! My movers are here today, too and said they would rather eat anything than pizza

  2. katie Says:

    LOL. We got our Movers Whataburger for lunch in Texas and 5 Guys in Maryland. I don’t like pizza, so I get burgers. :)
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  3. Katie Says:

    We always give them a choice… List the five or so closest restaurants that we are willing to purchase from and let them choose and give us an order and we run and get it. They usually choose subway or another deli because so many people use McDonald’s or Burger King and get them fast food and they’d really like to have something not greasy by the time they get to our house. We also keep a cooler of bottled water on ice for them to get all day as they need it.

  4. Chantal Says:

    Huh. We ALWAYS get them pizza. This is a good reminder!
    Chantal recently posted..ObsessedMy Profile

  5. ruthie Says:

    Ha! I always get pizza one day and Jimmy Johns (if it’s available) the next. Oops. Maybe I’ll have to revise that one. We also do a cooler full of water and other drinks.
    ruthie recently posted..past in picture: march, 2004My Profile

  6. Erin Says:

    When we moved from Germany, to keep my babies occupied and out of the house I walked into our town and picked up chicken and buns from the chicken man for the movers. And when the arrived in the AM I had McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches waiting. I wanted to make them happy for a simple move!

  7. Alia Says:

    hmm, when we had movers and offered food they said they were not allowed to take it :( But i will definitely remember this for our very near future, no pizza :)

  8. Julie Says:

    We never had movers that wanted food…just beer and coke…lol
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  9. Kathie Hightower Says:

    I learned one of my most important timesaver tips from a mover…unfortunately not til the 18th move! That was to put any drawer stuff into one big zip lock bag. Ie all my silverware sorted by type into separate zip locks, the stuff in bathroom or bedroom drawers. Rather than all folded up into white paper like the movers had all done..where you couldn’t see right away what was there and it would all fall out. This way I all had to do at unpacking was put the zip lock bag into the drawer at the new place and really organize it later, or simply empty the ziplock…already organized. Although I learned many other things the hard way over the years, I could have saved myself the trouble if Sandee Payne’s book This Military House: Move it, Organize it, decorate it had been out earlier on. I STILL learned new things from her for my 19th and 20th moves!
    and always had bottled water and sodas ready.
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  10. JennyO Says:

    Good to know, my gf just PCS’d and she mentioned getting brotchen and cheese/meats for them to make sandwiches. Also she said they loved American Soda. lol go figure…
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  11. Life Lessons of a Military Wife Says:

    Was digging thru my drawers and found my stash of old ziploc bags too! I sort all legos, junk drawers, silverware…just about anything in a drawer into ziploc bags…love them!

  12. Karena Says:

    Thanks for this! Ziplocks – check. No pizza – check. Getting ready to move in July:)

  13. jennifer Says:

    It’s really great when get movers, eating delicious pizza.. LOL
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  14. Vindiciti Says:

    We totally did the sandwich thing. They loved it because it wasn’t pizza! Funny how movers say the same thing! Luckily, they’re men, and men will eat anything! HA!!

  15. Adrienne May Says:

    Haha! I can definitely see that. When I was in college every event tried to lure you in with a promise of “free food” and trust me, we were all broke college students so we were hardly ones to complain, but on week 3 of freshman year the lure of free pizza was no longer quite as strong. It took me a whole year off of pizza altogether before I started thinking that it sounded tasty again.
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  16. Annie Jones Says:

    I learned this from my dear friend Suzee Spencer when she left Germany so I did the same when we left Germany in ’99. I made a huge pot of taco soup and served it with chips and cheese, and hoagie sandwiches on the side. It was a big hit with the guys. And none of our stuff was broken when we got stateside, including a huge mirror and six dish barrels of Polish Pottery. Just saying :)

  17. Bonnie Says:

    I’m not military (but sure appreciate y’all) .. I had 5 moves with United Van Lines and for each move I gave the movers a choice of 2-3 nearby restaurants .. and usually I found a philly steak sandwich place because that’s what I wanted .. and at one of my unload moves I had an in-ground pool in the back yard .. and when I offered .. they jumped in .. to cool off !!! :)

  18. roxann Says:

    I cleaned out the freezer one time, and offered the movers meatballs sandwiches. They loved it! (bag of frozen meatballs, tomato sauce, buns, cheese, done)

  19. Christy Says:

    When we moved over here, we had donuts for them and water, they brought their own lunch so they passed on our offer to get them lunch.
    When our stuff was delivered here in Germany they had already had breakfast, but did drink the pop/soda, and we offered lunch and they said it was against their company’s policy, and they ate lunch in their truck cab.

    When the dreadful day comes that we have to leave Germany, I plan on getting sub sandwiches from the commissary (ours call them Patriot sandwiches and they’re huge and only $5.00…one can feed 5 in my family) then I’ll have some chips, and cokes.

    A friend of mine does the ziplock thing. We have tons of footlockers and I intend on packing all our towels and clothing in them and labeling each (each for my kids). We have enough footlockers we will hopefully have very minimal cardboard boxes to be used.

  20. Nolie Says:

    we learned coffee and doughnuts to start off the day and pop throughout the day goes a long way.
    Nolie recently posted..Super Moon (Wordless Wednesday)My Profile

  21. Cassie Says:

    If {and hopefully not} something gets broken or lost report it right away. Our last PCS move they broke our bed and we were given a card with a number to call. I should have called it that day but waited and called a few days after we got settled. It took almost two months [and sleeping on a mattress and box spring} before we finally got are bed fixed :(
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  22. Julanne Kowalski Says:

    I always buy lots of lunch meats, some great bread, cheeses and condiments and the movers always love it. And for some reason BBQ chips are always a hit too! They love building great big wonderful sandwiches!
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  23. Jamie Says:

    We’re PCSing for the first time on the 21st & I’m so glad I read this! Our movers are coming next Friday, and I did NOT know we were supposed to provide them lunch. Thank you!

  24. Andrea Merrigan Says:

    Wow I feel horrible now because I have never offered professional movers anything for lunch, except when we move ourselves and have friends help.
    Andrea Merrigan recently posted..Fitness Friday 4.27.12My Profile

  25. Laurie Says:

    We are moving soon (our 9th in 15 years) and are thinking what to feed the packers. Our first and second moves we had little disposable income so they got the $5 pizzas, now there is a Subway near our house that I will get the first day. Our problem now is we have so much stuff they have scheduled 3 days to pack and load on 4th, so 4 days of lunches!!

  26. Jennifer Says:

    I have a couple of go-to “Meals.” I get the trays of Stouffer’s lasagna, a couple bags of salad and froze garlic bread for lunch one day, for lunch the second day, I do the Stouffer’s Mac N Cheese and the pre-made tubs of pulled pork with salad. The third day we do subway because I’m cleaning the house by then! For breakfasts, I grab a couple of tubs of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and disposable foil pans for easy clean up. It sounds like a lot, but I promise, I can buy all those groceries for less than a fast food run on day one!

    • Sue Ann Says:

      We are getting ready for our 23rd military move. I use zip locks for all little items. I use plastic bags to empty dresser drawers (label who’s & what drawer) then movers are not touching all our items. they just box them up and on the other end I know right where everything goes. I have 30 footlockers. I keep christmas decorations in some. camping gear in others, scuba in another, scrapbooks and keepsakes in others. each child had one that they packed with their treasures. The footlockers were great for storing the items and keeping things together. Mover never had to unpack them.
      it is usually hard to find time to go out and pick up food for movers…so always plan ahead. I have rolls and lunch meat in disposable containers with fast food packets of condiments. Most movers prefer water. so have disposible cups and water availible