Edeka Neukauf, I shall miss you

One of my favorite places to walk to with our children is the Edeka Neukauf.
This little store is part grocery, part drug store, part bottle shop, part clothing and stationary store.

I like to think of it as my little Target.


Aren’t the flowers lovely? Every year I buy a few for my windowsills and balcony.

But the major highlight of the trip for our kids?

is a 50 cent ride in Batman’s Batmobile and Batgirl’s Batcopter.


This trip, I bought two large bags of my husband’s favorite chocolate musli, some pretzels for an
afternoon snack for the kids, and two lovely lightweight cotton scarves for mama.


How often do you take walks with your family?

Do you have a favorite little store within walking distance of your home?

(I think this is one of the things I will really miss about Europe!)

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9 Responses to “Edeka Neukauf, I shall miss you”

  1. Korey Says:

    One of our favorite places to go is the Tesco Express in our neighborhood. It is wonderful to be able to pop in and just get milk, or fresh bread. Love that about Europe!
    Korey recently posted..Mother’s DayMy Profile

  2. Tara Says:

    We are just now getting good weather here. Usually, we get rain, rain, and more rain.

    That being said, we are not able to walk much where we are, (rural) so we are starting to load our bikes and head over to a repurposed railroad track. It runs about 13? miles, but we ride it about 5 to the next town. They have a nice little picnic area with a bathroom just past the 5 mile marker.
    Tara recently posted..Best Weekend here to Date….My Profile

  3. Conni Smith Says:

    Oh, I loved the E Store in Schweinfurt!!!!
    Conni Smith recently posted..Salute To Our Military Parade! | Military Monday Linky PartyMy Profile

  4. Cindy Says:

    Those 50 cents rides were my favorite when i was a kid. I’m thinking of buying one and putting it in the house. But maybe that would take away the sweetest part? (waiting for it)

    And maybe i would secretly ride it at night…and that would be emberesing. (but still worth it!!)
    Cindy recently posted..Online Degree in NutritionMy Profile

  5. Rebecca Says:

    We live on base so there isn’t much to walk to, but right off base there are tons of great shops, coffee shops, and grocery stores were we love to buy interesting looking food!
    Rebecca recently posted..Mother’s Day Weekend RecapMy Profile

  6. Bernard Pal Says:

    I miss getting on those little carts. I didn’t know they still have that except in malls. Those flowers are lovely, by the way.
    Bernard Pal recently posted..Discounted Light Blue PerfumeMy Profile

  7. Azslyn Cole Says:

    The flowers are so lovely. In fact, I want to live on the place that full of flowers. Your kids are enjoying playing on the play cars.
    Azslyn Cole recently posted..Man’s Erection: How to get Hard Longer and Longer NaturallyMy Profile

  8. Crys Says:

    My hubby and i have made several space “a” flites to germany. We were stationed there in the 50′s and i left a part of my heart there so i envy you getting to be stationed there now. Anyway , our way of site seeing is not the usual, we by pass the usual famous “must see ” places and end up stopping at every german markt we see so if we get the chance to go again this fall we will check out edeka nuekauf and all the others, including the ones for furniture and housing materials, it gives us a glimpse into the way the natives live and also makes me all the more “homesick” for germany.