Photography tips for the playground

April 2, 2012

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I love taking pictures of my children at the playground – especially on the swings.

The problem was, standing in front of the swings with the sun behind me,
meant that Maggie couldn’t smile and look directly at the camera.

Which means I have quite a few photos that look like this.


So I changed my position by sitting on the ground, and tried to capture her face on the back swing.

I took quite a few with her eyes closed and hair in her eyes until I captured this one.

Great eye contact, wispy hair, and a little skyline…


This smile was my favorite, so I cropped it down a little…

I can almost hear her giggle…


What are your photography tips for capturing fun moments at the playground?

What was your favorite ‘ride’ at the playground as a child?

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5 Responses to “Photography tips for the playground”

  1. Chantal Says:

    I still love the swings! We have a swingset just outside our backyard so I bring my baby out there. She already loves it, and she’s only 3 and a half months old.
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  2. Tara O'Rourke Says:

    I still love the swings as an adult. I normally swing right next to the kids if there’s enough swings! This is my favorite photo I’ve taken of Emily playing on the swings…
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  3. pop Says:

    Now You Know why as children we went to the playground … ALOT !!! hehehe we sure had alot of fun at playgrounds!!! Treasured Memories that were a Highlight of my life & of any parents life!! The swings, the closest to flying one can get at a playground!!!
    Love Your Pics Ann!!! The swingride: at the topof the backswing, your floating high above the earth, your feet pointing earthward, you start diving to the ground, but you feel secure in your cockpit seat, swooping the leaves with your feet ever accelerating skyward you climb out leaning backward to gain altitude to the heavans. oh no, we lost airspeed, falling backward we feel secure in ur seat, going back to start all over again!!I LOVE the SWING !!! POP sorry I went on, I got carried away!!

  4. the whyte house Says:

    some of my favorite shots of our kids are on the playground. if they’re going up a tall ladder, i stand to the side of them as they’re going up, at the bottom and have them poke their head over the side i’m at, and then either at the bottom of a straight slide with my camera as close to sitting on the slide as possible or catch them halfway down a twisty slide. on the swings i shoot from the ground on the back swing, but my favorite is when i can stand and catch their face between their legs when they’ve kicked their legs out, or when my son is swinging on his belly.

  5. Carmen Says:

    Love it. I like the young lady riding on a swing. I am an aspirant photographer, I can apply these tips. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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