moving = balancing stress and excitement

April 30, 2012

Military Life, Moving

Today I’m attempting to defrost some shredded zucchini from the freezer for bread…

I have this thing about not throwing anything away.

It drives my husband crazy.

Operation Zucchini bread shall commence in 5. 4. 3...

Oh and add a few more pages to the PCS binder…

Starting to build the Moving Binder today...

We still aren’t certain of our fly date, but we’ve scheduled the movers and the shipping of our car…

I hope our lucky streak continues – we’ve always had great movers…


I’m feeling both excited and overwhelmed at the exact same time.

There is a list a mile long of things to accomplish and research.

Not to mention three youngins to look after…

Riding through Hershey's Chocolate World via utube...

And a last minute bucket list to accomplish!


What is on your list to do today?

How do you balance the excitement and the stress of all the details with moving?


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9 Responses to “moving = balancing stress and excitement”

  1. katie Says:

    We are moving overseas and I am a wreck. I should have taken on certain things myself, I’m not so much of a Hope you finish your bucket list before you go! I am making mine so I get started right away. :)
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  2. Life Lessons of a Military Wife Says:

    Oh goodness! You are making me NERVOUS! Even though we are just moving to the country next door, we just did our EFMP screening and have one more thing to do before they will cut our orders…hoping everything falls into place shortly thereafter!

  3. Laura Says:

    We make a list (on a large sheet of paper or dry erase board) and hang it in the kitchen/office with the things that need to be done for us to move (update poa, car, medical, dental, immunization records, school records). All have a box next to them so when it’s done, it goes in our binder and gets checked off the list. That way both me and Greg are on the same page and we know what has been done and what still needs it. For us, I do as much of the out processing as possible (bring your poa for that!)… Mostly because I’m a little anal and need some sort of control and knowing that things are done. Plus it takes the stress off Greg. And it keeps me busy so I’m not feaking out over what’s next – the unknown.

  4. Carol Says:

    I balance my stress in moving by packing all things by group. Hey your post is really good :)
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  5. Karyn18 Says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your moving experience.. It’s less stressful when you pack your things 2 weeks ahead before moving..
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  6. Lisa Says:

    We will be moving this summer after being at our current location for 4 1/2 years. For the first time, I am nervous about moving. We have become so settled here and this is where our kids have grown up for the first 3 and 4 years of their lives. But the thing that gets me through the stress is knowing that no matter what, we are in this together and it is a new adventure that we will experience as a family. One day we will look back and think, “Wow, we really have made it through a lot together!” I guess it’s better to expand our horizons than to just sit idly by and not have much to say for our experiences when we are old and gray.
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  7. Heidi19 Says:

    Great article to read! leaving the familiar for the unfamiliar is difficult for all of us. But if you organized your lists, and checking things off/getting things done will help you to move forward. Thanks for sharing this with us!
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  8. Sharon Painter Says:

    I love your beautiful bowl you use for thawing out frozen items! We live in the UK right now and there is a local pottery shop I have been meaning to visit! It gives me a idea of getting a beautiful piece that I can use (plus a “souvenir” that I can use) daily! I love buying things that I can use from each duty station, as a reminder of where we have been.

  9. Lora Colin Says:

    Stress and excitement emotion will take place during moving. Stress in doing all the packing and all the necessary papers to accomplish when moving. Excitement to experience about the new home.
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