Instagram Haikus

April 23, 2012

Encouragement, Family, Photography

Spices and taters
make my mouth water a lot.
BBQ I love…

BBQ chips thou art tasty

Dirty socks and such
seem to multiply by night.
Laundry I abhor…

Laundry thou art my nemesis

Windowsill flowers are
cheerful. Geraniums are
ones that make me smile…

Flowers thou art my inspiration

Mother daughter time
is stolen during nap time.
Painted toes I love…

Painted toes thou art mother daughter bonding

What is making you smile today?

Does anyone else have a snack food weakness they would like to share?

Do you Instagram? I’d love to see your pictures too!

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3 Responses to “Instagram Haikus”

  1. Kim Kravitz Says:

    You know I instsgram!! lol @iamkimkravitz

    And what makes me happy today? I finally finished the last session I had to edit. Now I can start on images from Paris!! :)
    Kim Kravitz recently posted..Yes, I’m still hereMy Profile

  2. Julanne Kowalski Says:

    Hi Ann Marie,

    I love the pairing of the Instagrams with the haikus. Perfect.

    Since last June I have posted an Instagram on FB every day, except for a week when I was out of the country. I’m a photographer and am always taking pictures but found that I needed a way of making myself “see” every single day, not just when I decided to grab my camera and deliberately go out to shoot. I always have my phone with me so Instagram was perfect for this. I was also trained very classically, years ago, in B&W, no cropping, etc. so Instagram has opened up a whole new world of photo shooting for me….with the filters, borders, square format, etc. It has brought fun and spontaneity into my photo world.

    Do you have Camera+ on your phone? I often use it for taking my pictures and then use Instagram to post them. Fun stuff!

    I’m julannek on Instagram.
    Julanne Kowalski recently posted..Things That GrowMy Profile

  3. Stacey Says:

    you can find me at slburke95 on Instagram

    what makes me happy ~ tomorrow is WeeBit’s 4th birthday …. what makes me sad ~ her daddy is on the other side of the world