December 7, 2007 – the beginning of a chapter

April 25, 2012

Military Life, Moving

 December 7, 2007.  Pearl Harbor Day.
We stepped off the airplane in Frankfurt.
Jacob was a week shy of two years old.
William was exactly 6 weeks old.


We rode a bus to Hanau. Then another to Wiesbaden.
A few hours later, long after the winter sun had set, we arrived in Baumholder.


This week, more than 4 years later,
we are beginning another chapter in our Army Life.

In January when my husband redeployed, there was a location listed on his record.
We called our family and told a few friends that we were 90% sure of where we were going.


Trust me! It has NOT been easy to be patient – but last friday my husband was finally issued his official orders!

And so, without further ado – I would like to officially share that we will be moving to…


Fort Bliss to be specific!

Which means things are going to start getting a little crazy around here!



 Is anyone else planning for a move this summer?
How soon do you tell family and friends where you are moving to?

Does anyone out there live near El Paso?  or ever been stationed at Fort Bliss?
Any and all information you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!


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32 Responses to “December 7, 2007 – the beginning of a chapter”

  1. amanda @ fake ginger Says:

    Yaay! A new adventure!

    I can’t wait until it’s time for us to move again – I love it!
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  2. Your Brother Robby Says:

    I was there for a few weeks. Weird weather. Rattle snakes and tarantulas. Very hot and dry. Didn’t see much for attractions. Cowboy country so there might be some old west stuff to do. Sand devils (twisters of sand). Rain is scarce. In other words great to have you’all back in the states. This should be a culture shock for the kids. Give me an e-mail when you guys arrive.

    Your Bro, Bro-n-law, and to the kids Uncle,


  3. Kasey Says:

    We PCSed to Ft. Bliss about 10 months ago from Ft. Richardson, and even though I really miss Alaska I am starting to like El Paso. I hope you sent your orders in a long time ago to housing because it is crazy here! Email if you need anything. :-)

  4. Kim Young Says:

    There is a blogger (and Army wife, and photography buff) in El Paso. Her blog is L to the Third. She can give you the heads up on what’s what around there. :)
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  5. Amanda Says:

    My brother was stationed in El Paso for his first 4 years. I went there twice to see him. It’s actually not that bad. Of course it being a border town there are bad parts but the base itself was nice. And it seemed like him and his ex were always doing stuff. They were building a huge PX while I was there in 2010 and the housing looked nice. There’s a mall, outlets, and lots of restaurants in the area. There’s also a Zoo that was so nice and clean, I took my daughter in 2010 and she enjoyed it.

  6. Jax Says:

    I totally just laughed because we are currently stationed at Ft Bliss! (we’ve been here a little over a year) And wow, you’re pretty much going to the opposite extreme:) It is VERY hot and dry here (it’s supposed to be 96 degrees today) so as soon as you step off the plane fill up water bottles or buy water or gatorade for everyone in the family because the minute you walk outside you are going to feel all the moisture being sucked out of your body. But the post is really nice, it is growing so fast so the number of new buildings (opposed to old decrepit ones) is growing too:) And I’m not sure if you’re trying to live on post, but the demand is very high so the wait is pretty long (so we opted to live off post) so make sure to get on the wait list asap. I’m definitely no expert but if you have any specific questions I am more than happy to help in any way I can!
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  7. Sarah R Says:

    I LOVED Ft. Bliss! We were stationed there from 2004-2007. We lived on-post, which we preferred since the commute there can be very long in some places. We are stationed in Ft. Leavenworth, KS currently and we are PCSing to HAWAII in 3 weeks!! Woop Woop! Good luck on your move! I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful photos

  8. Holly Says:

    You wont be far from Pioneer Woman! Jealous.

  9. Jessica Lynn Says:

    I know it’s not Texas, but you must, MUST go to New Mexico for the food. I went to school in Las Cruces, New Mexico (very close to El Paso) and can give you some great restaurant recs for if/when you go into NM! Congrats on getting the orders :)
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  10. Teresa Hayden Says:

    Hello! My husband is here at Biggs/Fort Bliss! I do have to say that it will be a culture shock for you and it does take some getting use to but its not bad. The weather is very dry here and there is alot of high winds, sandstorms, very little rain. There is very little green here, lots of dirt. You will be doing alot of dusting here. It’s basically the desert. The mountains are pretty and we like going to the hiking trails and watching the city lights at night. Lots of good photo opportunity from up there. There is alot to do here, you have to get out and explore. Lots of outdoor activities, national parks. There is a zoo here, its not to big but its nice. You will hear many say there is nothing here but there is. It’s like any other duty station and you get what you make of it. Shopping is pretty good and there is an outdoor outlet mall. Ruidoso, NM is only 2 hours away. Post is growing ALOT! There are SO many activities there. I think there is something going on every weekend there! There is a movie theater, shopping (they just opened a Things Remembered and there is an Under Armour store with fantastic deals. more stores are in the works to be opening), eating establishments that are not just fast food and the sports complex just opened and there is a skate park. The new housing on Post is very very nice and there is a very nice park on Biggs. El Paso is the 4th largest city in Texas so it’s not a small place. I will be happy to answer any questions regarding housing and the best areas to live in and the places to avoid. Welcome to El Paso!
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  11. Tara Says:

    I won’t pretend I am not disappointed you aren’t coming to GA. However, I am so happy for your family. I had a friend who was stationed there and loved it. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of connections there.

    My crazy moving time isn’t for another year after a year without hubby. ;)
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  12. Katie Smith Says:

    It seems like everyone will be at Fort Bliss. We’re heading to Texas this summer but we’re going to Fort Hood!

  13. Conni Says:

    Fort Bliss!?!??! My dearest friend is moving there next month from Germany as well! If you haven’t already found her, check out this blog: She is there at Bliss, and has blogged about all of the wonderful things to do around there…and just found out she is staying there longer.
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  14. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting Says:

    Woohooo for Texas! Fort Sam here, holla! Can’t wait for you!!
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  15. MaryBeth Says:

    We’re moving to Texas this summer too! Our move will take us to Ft. Sam instead of Bliss… oh, and this will be the first military move we’ve made since having our 4 children. My husband was active duty when we were first married, then went into the Reserves. He spent a year in Iraq and another in Afghanistan during his time in the Reserves while the girls and I were here at home. Now he’s returning to Active duty for a ~2 year school so the girls and I are going along this time. Here’s to a grand adventure!!
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  16. KelleeLyn Says:

    My husband grew up in El Paso and most of his family still lives there so he knows tons about the area! Email me if you have questions or we can be of any help :)

  17. Amanda G Says:

    We were at Fort Bliss for 10 months….it is definitely HOT! Abby is currently there and Mariah is at White Sands I believe. 9-10 hours from Fort Hood…..come see us!

  18. Jessicaelle Says:

    Well I haven’t been to Ft Bliss but I grew up in Arizona and have spent lots of time in New Mexico and El Paso as well – it will definitely be an adjustment from beautiful Germany. Get ready for the heat this summer, I know in AZ we like to flirt with 120 every summer it seems. Water and air conditioning are going to be your new best friends. Some people get stir-crazy in the summer because they can’t stand to go outside, make sure you take the kids swimming so you guys can get out of the house! It will help with your sanity. If you have any questions about scorpions or rattlesnakes or anything else you can email me!

  19. LinLori Says:

    Oh, wow! We were in Nevada for three years – and just moved to Virginia this past summer! Good luck on your move!
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  20. Navy Wifey Peters Says:

    I wish we were moving this summer! We moved last spring, so I still have at least 2 years here in hot Georgia. Good luck with your move!

  21. Adrienne May Says:

    I have been to Fort Bliss but never lived there. I have heard all sorts of great things about it though! I am excited to keep reading about your PCS adventure for the summer!
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  22. Anne Says:

    Hurray for TX!! Are you excited to come back to the states or are you going to miss being abroad? I hope you do a post on all the pros and cons :)

    You have lots of fun things in the horizon!!
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  23. Kristi Says:

    We’re on year two in the SW just N at Holloman. It has really been a great place to start! We’ve travelled all over out here and I think that you’ll enjoy it. Check out the travel tab on my website! Lots to see and do here!
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  24. Bonnie Says:

    So exciting! We are moving to our first base in February….and we’re heading to TX as well! I will pray for you and your family as you set out on your next adventure!

  25. Jennifer Says:

    I’m at Fort Bliss and I have to say that it’s growing on me! I miss the water and greenery, but there is a lot to do here and the post is truly one of the nicest that I’ve ever been to – the shopping area is amazing!! Please let me know if you have any questions and if there’s anything I can do to help you out!!

  26. Melonie K. Says:

    I have a friend there – I’ll ask her to get in touch! :) Happy PCS – we’re waiting for our orders right now. Woot!
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  27. Abi Says:

    Congrats on getting the orders – hope the move planning goes well. I am in the middle of moving craziness to come your way very soon. I grew up in Texas and just got back from visiting….I think it will be a lot different than what you are used to in Germany! Flip flops and t-shirts most of the year. But hopefully a fun change for your family!
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  28. Teresa (scraptab) Says:

    Awesome! I am not in El Paso, but I am in West Texas! Welcome!
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  29. cassy Says:

    We lived at Ft. Bliss for 3yrs. We moved to Colorado from there just over 2yrs ago for my husband to go to to seminary. We made the most of our time there and enjoyed it overall, but it was not our preferred place to be. You have gotten a lot of feedback above so I will not repeat everything they all said because what they said is all true. I hope you enjoy the new PX and buildings. We lived there during most of the construction (NOT fun), but never got to see the completion. I hope you enjoy your time there. It is hot, dry, & a culture shock. :)
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  30. silver star Says:

    I know a few years ago when my husband was there for training, he complained about the sandstorms. He also mentioned a tire factory on fire across the border, it had been on fire for a few years at that time, & may still be burning to this day. While Germany has sounded like a lot of fun, I’m sure it will be really nice to be back in the states, much closer to family. Welcome back!

  31. Dawn Hudson Says:

    I grew up living near el paso. Even now visiting home el paso is the airport we use. I am sure you will have lots of questions answered in that area. But do a search on white sands, cloudcroft, Ruidoso, Roswell, and the luminaries in tularosa. Email with any questions about Alamogordo and those areas. :)