A Redeployment Military Formal Ball

April 9, 2012

Military Life, Reintegration

After weeks of preparation and planning, the day finally arrived for our Homecoming Ball.

Today is the day!

My ‘Extreme Ballgown Makeover‘ was finished just. in time.

like, the morning of, with 5 hours to spare – HA!

Here are the before and after pictures!


I wore my favorite Engineer Castle pin and Army Eagle earrings that were a gift from my dear friend Amy,

along with a WWII Engineer Sweetheart bracelet I found on Etsy a few months ago.


There was a wonderful discussion on my facebook page about wearing gloves -

so thank you all for the encouragement -

I wore them along with a homemade flower inspired by pinterest and a simple wooden fan that sure came in handy!


The event was held at the Rheinlander Community Club, which has been around since before World War II.


With one of the AVLB or Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge on display with the Battalion Engineer flag.


The evening began with a cocktail hour and a receiving line in an adjoining room.
This was a wonderful arrangement that allowed folks to filter in, greet the hosting Commanders and their spouses,
visit their table in the ballroom, and still be able to spend some time socializing in the grand hall way.


Our seats were in the balcony which honestly was the best place to view the ceremony throughout the evening!


The evening began with the “posting of the colors”. or formally placing the American Flag, the German Flag,
and our Battalion Flag in the place of honor behind the head table.


We then listened to the German National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner.


Then the toasts began.  To the President. To the Army. To the Corps of Engineers.  and so on…


One of the final toasts was for our Fallen Comrades, along with an explanation of the table set for one…


For dinner I had the chicken – carefully tested by two lovely gentlemen at my table.

They wanted to make sure I didn’t burn my mouth – such chivalry!


After our meal, there were some closing remarks and the colors were formally retired.


Then the jackets came off and the dancing began…


All in all, it was a wonderful evening full of military traditions and sharing stories about the deployment.

I will say though, that I wish more folks would be aware of the amount of alcohol they consumed over the course of the evening.  Our table didn’t have any pitchers of water until after our meal was served – so I myself drank a glass and a half of wine out of thirst.  Then after a few sips from the mixed concoction called ‘the Grog’ I knew it was time to stop.  (High heels are difficult enough for me to navigate when I’m sober!)

So in closing, I’d like to add a number eleven to my “Ten things to know about attending a Formal Military ball” :

Please remember to drink responsibly.  Cocktail hour is not just for drinking.
It is not appropriate to cheer during the Chaplain’s closing remarks as if one is attending the Super Bowl.
Once the colors are retired and the Senior Leaders & Spouses set the example – feel free to enjoy yourself!
Just remember that whatever you do might be photographed and shared on Facebook the next day.

Have you ever attended a formal military ball?

What are your favorite memories and moments during an evening out with your beloved in uniform?

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19 Responses to “A Redeployment Military Formal Ball”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thats one thing I wish the guard had… =( By the time we get to planning a formal homecoming celebration it ends up turning into a cookout with nothing but drinking… =/ It was lovely looking at your pictures! Glad you had a great time!
    Jennifer recently posted..Where Did 4 Years Go?My Profile

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Looks like you had a great time! I always love going to Dining Outs and Military Balls. The only thing missing from this post is a picture of you wearing your beautiful dress!

  3. Morhia Says:

    So lovely and elegant! I am glad you drink responsibly otherwise the pictures may have not been apporpriate for family viewing. Haha laugh and blush, sigh. It was very beautiful and I love how your evening ended with a nice wrap. Good thing your chicken was heat tested. Wouldn’t want any injuries!

  4. Morhia Says:

    Yes, and where was the picture of you in your dress!?!
    Morhia recently posted..Movie Giveaway! Lets Get Some Comments!My Profile

  5. Roller Coaster Says:

    LOVE it! Your pics are awesome (as always!). Brings back so many memories of the last couple of balls I went to years ago. I don’t think I ever tried the Grog though. ;) It looks like a lot of fun. And your dress was beautiful!
    Roller Coaster recently posted..Mom, I Want to Be a Military Wife Just Like YouMy Profile

  6. Erin Says:

    I want to see pictures of you in your gown! Glad you had a blast!

  7. The New "Normal" Says:

    Such wonderful pictures! And your dress is beautiful! We are supposed to be having our redeployment ball soon, I can’t wait! I’ve never been to one so it’s very exciting :)
    The New “Normal” recently posted..I Might Just Enjoy This…My Profile

  8. Jaymi Says:

    I second the others that ask, where is the picture of YOU wearing the dress you made!?
    Jaymi recently posted..Leap Into Spring Challenge – LightMy Profile

  9. Naila Moon Says:

    Wonderful post but like others, where is you in the dress picture?

  10. Laura Says:

    I just attended my very first military ball on Friday, which was also my very first formal military anything to be precise. While I enjoyed getting to dress up and have my hair done and all that jazz, I think that the act of shopping for formal gowns while pregnant should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Thank goodness for eBay! :D
    Laura recently posted..A visit from the Easter BunnyMy Profile

  11. Sassy Says:

    I notice several tattoos showing on the ladies….perhaps I’m old fashioned…is there a a mention of this in any of your ‘etiquette’ books?

  12. Jam Says:

    I like the post. So happy to see that our army, the defenders of our country enjoys too.
    Jam recently posted..Low Carb Diets That WorkMy Profile

  13. Marie Says:

    My favorite part was that I WASN’T over dressed lol! I didn’t know anyone who’d ever been to one and was worried my full length ball gown was wayyyyyy to much but when I got to Germany and to the ball I was even more nervous I saw girls going in JEAN SKIRTS and UGGS! I was freaking out then we walked in and I realized what I wore was exactly right and I was one of the few women appropriately dressed, got lots of compliments on my dress, and made my husband proud :)
    Marie recently posted..before EasterMy Profile

  14. Julanne Kowalski Says:

    Everyone wants to see pictures of you and your hubby and I agree! Let’s see how beautiful you looked in that dress! :-) Our Mil Ball is this coming Saturday and one of our airmen asked Tim Tebow to be her date. The organizers are being very close mouthed about his response. Could be in interesting night!
    Julanne Kowalski recently posted..Foolin’ AroundMy Profile

  15. Conni Smith Says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love how your dress turned out :)

    And I love balls!
    Conni Smith recently posted..Special Army Events in Our Life & Military Monday Linky PartyMy Profile

  16. Florence18Moore Says:

    It’s lovely wow! Truly beautiful and gorgeous….
    Florence18Moore recently posted..HostGator SEO Hosting – What Are The Benefits?My Profile

  17. Jenkins Says:

    This is really great, I’ll be pinning it to my friends…
    Jenkins recently posted..used cars gloucesterMy Profile