Homemade Shamrock Shakes… with Schnapps!

March 3, 2012

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Remember the other day when I was tweeting, pinning, and therefore understandably craving Shamrock Shakes?

Here’s the problem.
McDonald’s in Germany?
Yeah, they don’t make Shamrock Shakes in March over here.

Now don’t get me wrong. I looooove me some McDonalds in Germany…


Chilli seasoned fries… and Nutella Crossants… and their Lattes to go…

Nutella on the go

But no Shamrock Shakes?
This calls for a creative intervention!


Unfortunately (or fortunately HA) we couldn’t find any Peppermint Extract.

Annnnd apparently – peppermint extract is no where to be found in all of Germany.

No really… I asked…

I even tried using charades in one of our German grocery store to describe it to three women.
“Do you know Vanilla? For Cookies? You make like this?” (pouring liquid motion) “Do you know Peppermint?”

“Nicht im Deutschland” = Total Bummer.

I felt utterly defeated while searching for a “Peppermint Substitute” — until I saw a reference to schnapps.
Schnapps? Oh yes. I’m serious. And? Our local Shoppette carries Peppermint Schnapps!


Confession: We used egg cups to measure shots.  Sacrilege.

Next we have a loooooovely big bowl of vanilla ice cream.


Here is hubby using a hand mixer in a large pitcher to blend the ingredients.


Add a few drops of green food coloring

**Insert imaginary picture of familiar little green bottle of food coloring here**

We added milk a little at a time until it was the desired consistency.


Num num…


It was good.  SO good.

But don’t take my word for it.

You can ask Bob.


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Have you ever tasted a Shamrock Shake?

What is your favorite flavor for homemade milkshakes?

Final recipe: Half a container of vanilla ice cream. 2 shots of peppermint schnapps.
About a half a cup of milk. 5 drops green food coloring. Blend until smooth.  Drink and enjoy!


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15 Responses to “Homemade Shamrock Shakes… with Schnapps!”

  1. Stacey Says:

    I love peanut butter milkshakes … sometimes I add a squirt of chocolate syrup … seriously considering a Nutella shake soon … hmmm

  2. New Mommy Confessions Says:

    Very creative! I used to love the Shamrock shakes, but when I got one the other day it tasted…off. I don’t know why but it just didn’t taste right. Maybe I’ve outgrown it? If so, the alcoholic version sounds like a plan, I might have to try this. :)
    New Mommy Confessions recently posted..DIY Tutorial for Men : How To Replace Toilet PaperMy Profile

  3. ruthie Says:

    Oh, hello new shake that I must make immediately. Thanks for sharing!
    ruthie recently posted..what i’m loving lately: yellowMy Profile

  4. Conni Smith Says:

    Shamrock Shake with Schnapps – try saying that 3 times fast! LOL
    Conni Smith recently posted..Slow-Cooker Caribou and Andouille ChiliMy Profile

  5. Conni Smith Says:

    Oh, and I can feel your pain – I am on a search for Hazlenut Extract…..nowhere to be found in Fairbanks, Alaska :( I’m about to go online and search for it!
    Conni Smith recently posted..Slow-Cooker Caribou and Andouille ChiliMy Profile

  6. AnnaLou Says:

    Oh how I love to create my own shake…I am not that sure if I can try this by weekends…Great ideas!
    AnnaLou recently posted..martin place residencesMy Profile

  7. Lisa Karlson Says:

    Mmm… McDonalds milkshakes. Too bad the nearest one is three hours away. But thank you for the inspiration of making them at home – strangely I never thought of that.
    Lisa Karlson recently posted..Why Do I Sweat So Much?My Profile

  8. Tara McMillan Says:

    My 11 year old daughter likes o write down recipes, and she wrote this one down. I had your page up the other day. I left it on this recipe, and she had to write it down, even included”schnapps:- I have to explain it to her, that SHE can’t make this. We will try the kind with peppermint extract. I had mailed a friend in Czech republic a bottle of extract bc they didn’t have any either, must be a European boycott.
    Tara McMillan recently posted..We belong togetherMy Profile

  9. Rose37 Says:

    I really wanted to try this one…This looks fabulous and very unique…This is actually the first time I have heard about this shake…
    Rose37 recently posted..second hand cars stroudMy Profile

  10. Queenie20 Says:

    I really love the Spongebob straw! :) Shamrock Shakes sounds really great to hear for this hot season.. Thanks for sharing this very easy way to make one.. :)
    Queenie20 recently posted..Shaun is PerfectMy Profile

  11. Simone Says:


    Very innovative, indeed.

    What you were looking for can be found in Germany….but not in the grocery store.
    Ask for “ätherisches Pfefferminzöl” in a pharmacy. Not every pharmacy will have it, but give it a try.
    Oh, and most Germans will not know vanilla, either.

    A German
    Who was desperately looking for a lot of things while in the US

    • cookiecat Says:

      Ah … nope, I don’t think “ätherisches Pfefferminzöl” would do, imagine pouring this stuff into a milkshake … icky >.< Peppermint extract must be something different.
      Greetings, another German

  12. omosmom Says:

    A recipe I made up for shamrock shakes — can be ‘adult’ or kid friendly:
    Blend togehter
    Mint chocolate ice cream
    Godiva chocolate liquor (if for adults)
    Thin Mint Girl scout cookies


  13. swtor saviour guide Says:

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  14. Angela Watts Says:

    I had a penpal from over there while in high school. We used to mail her all sorts of fun things (and hope she got them). I imagine such extracts are made by hand and not bought. Couple sprigs of peppermint and some vodka should make a nice extract…

    …will have to bookmark this though. Need to add whipped cream and a cherry to match the fancy shakes at McDs these days. I remember when they were still thinner and didn’t come out needing a spoon to eat. Mmmmmmmm
    Angela Watts recently posted..Seeds to SowMy Profile