How do I subscribe or follow a blog?

January 19, 2012

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Today I wanted to take a side step from sharing our “Deployment Reintegration Adventure” for a moment.
(Golly!  That phrase makes it sound like yet another movie in the Griswold Family series!)

As a blogger, I love interacting and connecting with each of you through comments, facebook, and twitter. has grown into an amazing online community of sharing, relating, and encouraging one another.


Which means when I learned recently that “Google Friend Connect” will no longer be supported on Word Press blogs,
I got worried.

I worried – so I decided to make some brownies and lick the spoon.

Then I worried some more while I was baking – so I scraped the bowl and licked the spoon.

Then I got really really worried – so I ate a too hot brownie and might have burned my tongue…. a little…


Just like this past summer when I moved this blog from Blogspot to WordPress.
I worried. a lot.

I was worried – so I bought some nutella.

Then I worried some more – so I ate the nutella.

Then I got really really worried – so I finished the nutella.


Are we seeing a pattern here?


So I thought maybe I’d take a little time today to ask all of you for some feedback-

How do you follow your favorite blogs?

Do you bookmark your favorites?

Did you know you can subscribe to them in a blog reader
or have blog posts sent to your email each day?

Are you on facebook? Did you know you can follow Household6Diva on Facebook?
(Be forewarned – I talk about coffee and my children waking up before dawn quite often over there!)

java cafe coffee

I’m not sure when Google Friend Connect will stop working, but I’ve decided to remove it from my sidebar in hopes of encouraging new folks to subscribe or follow my blog in the ways I’ve mentioned in this post.

So tell me – How DO you follow your favorite blogs?

And maybe share what makes those blogs your absolute favorite?


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11 Responses to “How do I subscribe or follow a blog?”

  1. To the Nth Says:

    I subscribe in a feed reader. If a blog doesn’t have an RSS feed, I am unlikely to read it regularly. Heck, an abbreviated feed is enough to ensure that I’ll skip over it unless there is something really, truly, amazingly compelling in those first couple of lines before the entry cuts off.
    To the Nth recently posted..How I Feel TodayMy Profile

  2. Lisa Says:

    I use Google Reader. I pick blogs I feel kind of connected to and / or I can learn from. I subscribe to you because we’re both milspouses and I can commiserate – except for the Nutella part. My kids cash that before I get a chance.
    Lisa recently posted..A Kindle for your Kindergartener?My Profile

  3. amanda @ fake ginger Says:

    Another Google Reader here. I subscribe to over 300 blog so I have to have something to keep me organized. :P I love Google reader though because I can access it on all my devices and it doesn’t clog up my inbox like an email subscription would.
    amanda @ fake ginger recently posted..Sausage-Stuffed ShellsMy Profile

  4. A Day in the Life of an Air Force Wife and Mommy of 2 Says:

    I absolutely love reading your blog posts! I subscribe via email.
    A Day in the Life of an Air Force Wife and Mommy of 2 recently posted..Thankful Thursday – My Bella BearMy Profile

  5. Annie Says:

    I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader. That is how I read all of my favorite blogs.

    My favorite blogs are ones in which I connect with the blog author either because I know the author in person or the content is relevant to my life.

    Thank you for sharing in such a great way. I enjoy reading your blog!!
    Annie recently posted..Happy New Year!!My Profile

  6. Sarah Says:

    I follow via a blog reader, so no worries, I will still be here! :)
    Sarah recently posted..Pink, hearts, and cupcakes.My Profile

  7. the whyte house Says:

    i do have some blogs bookmarked, but i also have a long list on the sidebar of my own blog. so even if i forget your link address, i won’t forget mine. i hope. either way, it makes it easy for me to go down the list and check in on those blogs regularly.
    the whyte house recently i know my abc’s.My Profile

  8. Fran Says:

    I use Google Reader… I hope they don’t stop supporting WordPress because some of my favorite blogs are on WordPress!
    Fran recently posted..The White Fluffy StuffMy Profile

  9. Teresa Says:

    I have my blogs bookmarked and I read them each morning early with my coffee…..unless there is too much going on, then I catch up on Saturday morning…..ummmmm…like now. I love reading your blog—–and I have really slacked on mine…..gotta get busy.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    I use Google Reader (and encourage anyone else who uses it to install the NEXT button, it is wonderful!) If a blog I read doesn’t have a feed I will bookmark it.
    Rebecca recently posted..Who me? Versatile Blogger Award!My Profile

  11. nicole Isambert Says:

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