How to make a fake faux fireplace


Here is my top secret project revealed!

(along with two lovely matching red chairs from this weekend’s junking adventure!)


About three weeks ago, I fell in love with some pictures of fireplaces and mantel decor on pinterest. SO – I started looking for creative ways to build my own faux fireplace! The challenge was, as a renter in military quarters, my fireplace could not be a permanent fixture… and yet, I wanted it to look (at first glance) like it was – hence the off-white paint.

I started with an old coffee table and a dresser, both of which I found via a curbside shopping adventure.
First I took the legs off the coffee table to create the base – Jacob loved helping with this part!


Next I removed all the hardware from the inside of the dresser, and took apart all the drawers.


And then I thought…. hmmm that looks a little too tall…
(Please ignore the spooky Halloween decorations!)


So I cut 12 inches off the bottom – which is NOT an easy task when you have a cheapo hand saw!
Next I spray painted the inside of the dresser with flat black paint and the outside with white.
The dresser itself didn’t look half bad, but once I attached the drawer faces?

Um… yeah…

I went and bought some off-white paint and a brush…


So after letting everything dry over night with the windows open… TA-DAH!!!!


For inside the fireplace, I’m using glass jars that I’ve attached to candlestick holders with hot glue.
I’ve also poured some table salt into the jars to help keep the tea lights level.


I do have two VERY important bits of advice about this project.

1. Fire is dangerous. Do NOT leave candles unattended. ESPECIALLY if you have small children.

2. Be sure to have some sort of lid for whenever you blow the candles out to contain the smoke.
Because the small amount of smoke they produce could set off your fire alarm.
Not that this happened to me.
On a weeknight.
At 10pm.


Do you have a fireplace in your home?

Where do you hang your stockings on Christmas Eve?

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40 Responses to “How to make a fake faux fireplace”

  1. Amanda Says:

    That is ridiculously creative, Ann Marie! It looks fabulous. Great job!

  2. Tina Says:

    You are so clever , great job, it looks wonderful !

  3. Nicole Says:

    This looks just beautiful! Great job. Can’t wait to cozy up to your fireplace sometime soon with a hot drink and good conversation! :-)

  4. Adrienne Says:

    OMG. That is flipping amazing!! I love it!! Definitely maybe one day, I would love to do something like that! AMAZING!

  5. Trooppetrie Says:

    i love this idea

  6. ruthie Says:

    Such a great idea! Good job, and I’m filing it away in case our next rental doesn’t have a fireplace :) It’s hard to make a house feel like a home when you rent as a military family.

  7. Teresa Says:

    Awesome—Love the new fireplace, love the new chairs. Now just one more thing—-when can I schedule you to come re-do my living room. :)

  8. The New "Normal" Says:

    Oh I love this idea! I actually was just looking at fake fireplaces at the store the other day and wishing they weren’t so expensive! I may just have to try this…although my do-it-yourself projects always turn out looking pretty homemade! :)

    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      It’s worth a try! Let me know if you DO make one – I’d LOVE to see it! :)

  9. amanda @ fake ginger Says:

    I *love* this. I am SO not crafty or I would be trying this.

  10. Tara McMillan Says:

    Awesome- I have a dresser that I have to get rid of- but I am def. going to do this instead.

  11. Rose Says:

    Phenomenally beautiful…I did not picture that at all –a real WOW!
    So Proud of you!

  12. Penny Says:

    What an awesome job, Ann-Marie!! Very clever.

  13. amy s Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! great job ONCE again!! xo

  14. Heather Says:

    Amanda told me I had to come check this out – and I’m glad she did! It’s super cute!!

  15. Kelley Says:

    Awesome and inspiring for this Grammy! I think I will use the battery powered “candles” for when the grandbabes are around :)

  16. Allie Says:

    SO COOL!! I love the idea, you did such an awesome job!

  17. Juls Says:

    This is amazing! what a creative thing to think of. OK…I might have to knock this off for my bedroom :) Fabulous. Just fabulous.

  18. Julie Says:

    That is SO cool!

  19. Kelly Says:

    That is SO creative! Love love love the idea!

  20. Sarah Says:

    Wow!! That turned out great!! I would have never thought to do something like that. GREAT idea. =)

  21. Heather @ That Uncomfortable Itch Says:

    This is SO amazing and creative. It’s frugal, resourceful and such a lovely asset to your room! I am inspired. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  22. Andi Adams Says:

    This is fantastic!!! I am really want to do this!!

  23. sarah Says:

    Thank you for adding to my honeys to do list. Though this will be a family project!Now to find a good consignment shop!

  24. Jennifer Says:

    I love this! Now I have to go find an old coffee table and dresser, lol. Thanks for the amazing idea, I wish I were this creative!

  25. Kristi Says:

    Beautiful! This is our first Christmas without a fireplace in many years. I would love to do this but I have two barriers. No junkin’ weekends in NM and my husband is not deployed so I can’t make a big mess. :)

    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      My husband was deployed when I made this! (And I have three children 6, 4, and 2!) Just get the pieces together and do a little at a time! :) Besides – life is no fun if you don’t make a few messes now and then!

  26. Sarah Says:

    Wow, I totally missed your post on this! I only saw it because of your post on the candlesticks! I really love how easy this seemed to be to make. We also live in military housing and so obviously cannot have anything permanent. I’m soooo tempted to try and make something similar, but our current living room is tiny and our TV is HUGE so we’d need a really large faux fireplace to hold it (because there is not space for both). :/ Still, you have me inspired!

  27. Nancy Says:

    Hello. I love this…. Is the top attached to the coffee table with screws or something or is just resting on there? You did a great job!! Thanks

    • Ann Marie @ Household6 Diva Says:

      It just sits on top! :) I DID use the right angle brackets from the drawers to attach the drawer faces to the sides of the dresser. Other than that – it wasn’t really that difficult to make!

  28. Gina Says:

    Wish you could help me build a fireplace

  29. Ginger Lowery Says:

    Great idea!! I have been looking for months for a solution to a fireplace for my small space! I love the fact that you made this pretty inexpensively!!


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