A big hug from your sweetheart

October 26, 2011

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One of the things my husband does before a separation is prepare our household for Y2K.

I think much of this is because in our 7 years of marriage whenever he is called away with the Army, I am usually pregnant, nursing a baby, chasing a small child, or all of the above. So in order to be sure we have everything we need, he makes sure there are several bags of sidewalk salt in storage, several cases of bottled water in the pantry, and a large amount of laundry soap.

This time he lined them up neatly on the windowsill.


And being a creature of habit, I just turn them around when they’re empty and leave them neatly in a row.


Today I decided it was time to part with four empty bottles and move the remaining containers to the shelf…


Thanks darlin – How did you know I could use a hug from you today?

How does your spouse prepare your household for extended separations?


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12 Responses to “A big hug from your sweetheart”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I bet this gives you incredible strenth to keep going. What an awesome husband. I would be a crying mess everytime I find one! I look forward to your love notes as well. I think he deserves husband of the year!

  2. Lauren Says:

    That is wayyy to cute! I wish my husband did things like that, but sadly he doesn’t. You have a keeper!!

  3. Shopping Diva Says:

    This touches my heart. Does the Army tell these men to do things like this. By far your husband is so sweet. I hope that while my husband is in AIT that he is told to be considerate such as this too. Thank you for sharing and hope that if we are stationed there that we will be able to meet up (=

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Every time you post that you’ve found a note, I get all teary. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones and the fact that Zack has only been home a few months and deployment is still kind of having residual effects.

    • Bella Says:

      Bonnie hang in there. My husband is three years post deployment and he is too. Be strong and brave and hang in there. Work as a team and remember how you fell in love. Hugs!

  5. Jessica Says:

    Does your husband give lessons?!?!

  6. Marta Says:

    I love your writings. Keep them up they inspire so many. Marta

  7. Bella Says:

    My husband was sure that I had almost all the forms of paperwork I needed. Once he got into training mode he sent me current orders and more POA’s. A list of emergency contacts, and the know how of being educated to do what I need to do to survive the 18 month separation. He also likes to leave me love notes on 4×6 cards and cut out Love Is comics for me :)
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  8. Grace Sevilly@Dentists Says:

    Little things like this can definitely brighten the rest of your day. I love receiving sweet little notes from my love ones too.


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