From the Red Carpet to GI Jane in a few easy steps

May 23, 2011

Humor, Military Life

Things have been so busy around here,
I’ve barely had time to download photos from my memory card!
Last week there was a Volunteer Appreciation “Oscars Night” dinner
The event began with a red carpet entrance and the photographer Paparazzi.


This was my Sassy date – she rocked that carpet!


We had an opportunity to take silly pictures – I was all about the feather boa!


And even a dear friend of mine who had ankle surgery a few months ago was out on the dance floor!
It took a little encouragement, but we had a blast ‘chair’ dancing – can you do the lawn mower?


Saturday was the “Spouses Challenge” – kinda like GI Jane for a day.
We were given a heavy vest and a pretend/practice weapon to carry around all day.


Here is my rock star team playing the air guitar with our gear!
I’m not quite sure what I’m doing…. Ummm can someone help me with my cheek sticker?!!


One of the best parts was participating in a ‘turkey shoot’ at the virtual range.


Here I am with an M4.  Let me just say I have so much respect for our service men and women!
To wear all of that heavy gear and still have an accurate shot while laying down was very very difficult!


But all play and no work means I had A LOT of laundry to catch up on over the weekend!
(Remember this note from my husband?)


Oh yeah and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the “cereal bandit.”


How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?
How do you balance fun activities with running a household?

Oh yeah – and does anyone have some Motrin?
I’m still feeling a little sore from that obstacle course!

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